Why do I feel Satan inside me?

Why do I feel Satan or a demon that controls me inside?

Answer #1

satan is not gonna bother with a puny human he doesnt have the time for that lol youre just trying to get attention by putting a stupid question like that up here

Answer #2

you may feel “satan” inside you because you have been masturbating. I know you have if seen you, you better stop or you’ll go straight to hell!!!

Answer #3


Answer #4

ghey f*ggot is ghey

Answer #5

Hey CASH Putting 666 on your body don’t do nothing. it looks really cool though

Answer #6

I feel Jesus or some angel that controls me inside. Maybe we should fight.

Answer #7

im not sure, maybe you should go talk 2 a counselor or someone.

Answer #8

you’re either emntal, paranoid or messing around.

Answer #9

oh, you guys need to be niced. whats the point of being able to ask questions openly on the internet if people fear of getting made fun of… it’s just a question… no advice? don’t say anything… not trying to be rude. :) maybe your depressed… try thinking of the good things in life… instead of saying how bad something sucks… look on the bright side… point the good out in everything… doesn’t have to be out loud… in your head is good… just how maybe you look super cute one day… or it’s really nice outside… or you get a really good grade on assignment. don’t waste your time on the bad… keep your chin up… talking to psychiatrist might help as well. it doesn’t mean your crazy… it just means your trying to find what’s good in life.

good luck <3

Answer #10

Here is a very good place to post a prayer request…


God has the power to deliver you.. from what ever you are experiencing… Go to him in prayer, stating that you want to be free… asking him to forgive you for everything that you can think of, and especially if you have been involved in any form of the occult… or it could have been someone in your generational line.. some sins.. follow the bloodline, for 10 generations, so , if you are experiencing demonic trouble, it is because Satan has found an inroad.. you can close this door, by, coming out of agreement… with what ever opened it… whether you know or not.. God knows… and he can deliver you… and when you are free.. do not again be intangled with what ever brought this about… fill your self with Gods word, and his spirit, because the bible says that if the house is cleaned… but, not filled.. Satan can return… and it is worse than before… Call for prayer first…

Let us know how it goes…


God loves you… and he has all the power you need…

Answer #11

If there is any comfort in having new friends who can help, RUN to them, not the ones you are with now who may have led you to this. All satan wants to do is kill, steal, and destroy. Pray, as others have mentioned above, “In the Mighty Name of Jesus, give me discernment, that I may be delivered from evil, Father, purge me from all unrighteousness, forgive me Lord for I want to know you more by Your Holy Spirit, and to follow You and Your ways, save me Jesus.” Thank Him, find some supportive friends, family, other people who care, and find a Christ centered church, where you can go and get counsel, get plugged into a small group for support.

By all means, cry out your prayer in faith and the devil will flee!

Prayers for you, indeed. Folks out there reading this…commit this person to prayer! It has been 11 months give or take. By praying even now, even if it is in arrears, God moves in powerful ways.

Answer #12

my answer is turn to islam

Answer #13

Well first thing is first. There is probably not a demon controlling you. You are divorcing your own feelings from yourself and making them an outside entity. Human nature is seldom as pure and sweet as you may wish it to be especially oneself. Everyone has inner demons that lurk underneath our daily calm composure. They eat away at your mind and you may find yourself thinking,

Can I possibly be thinking something so horrible? I’m not this type of person. But this feeling feels kind of good

Completely normal. just got to figure out what is making you feel the way you are and decide the best way to deal with it. It’s natural to feel like there is a demon inside of you. Everyone has inner demons that we fight on a daily bases.

Well that’s my silly advice for the day remember opinions are like armpits everyone has them and they all stink

Answer #14

Dear Friend, There are many people in the world today that either play down or ignore the fact that there is a chief devil/demon whose name is actually, “Lucifer” or “son of the morning”. He and 1/3 of the angels in heaven rebelled against God and Christ and were thrown out of heaven a long time ago. Satans sole purpose is to destroy the one thing God loves the most. Humanity, (you and me included). This is why there is so much war, plagues, death, hatred, despair, pain, because Satan is trying all he can to get people to think there is no God, there is no hope, there will be no peace. I, like you, had a very real encounter with Satan when I was younger. Is he real? You better believe it. Can he manipulate you or possess you? Yes he can, but only if you let him in. If you have a bible handy or know of a good bible believing church in your area seek it out. As to why you may feel Satan may be inside you I’m not sure. But let me assure you that as I found out Satan is a defeated foe, Calvary’s tree proved that, so does the resurrection of Christ. I pray that you will ask Christ to help you because He will and has for me and many others. Don’t let Satan take hold on your soul my friend. Fight back in the power of Jesus name. Try this. Say that “Jesus Christ is Lord” Satan will flee like a cockroach in sunlight.

Answer #15

You’ve let it get that far. The only way the a deon can enter someone is to be asked in. By believing that it’s in you, you’ve invited the spirits in. Same as asking Christ to be inside you, the only way is for Him to be invited in. Maybe you do need to see an exorcist. Or go to a church and see what happens.

“And no Satan cannot control you from the inside. He usually does it from the outside by presenting circumstances to you where you would do something displeasing to God.”

That’s not true unless you are a Christian because darkness cannot survive in the light. As a Christian, if you are, you are the light of God. If you aren’t, you’re in darkness. Satan has power, he can control you. Just as Jesus can.

Answer #16

Without knowing the specifics of your situation, I’d suggest that you first get a complete physical checkup to rule out anxiety/depression and hormone imbalance. Then I’d go to a counselor and see if any behavioral therapy is needed.

Whatever the case, your situation is natural and you aren’t the first to suffer from this. It can be treated and overcome.

Answer #17

maybe we are all posesed with deamons. that makes us who we are, there are some good ones, some bad ones and some who just want to live a normal life. My deamon is called lilly. It could be true. let me guess, you’re a goth. dont want to read all the long answeres.

Answer #18


Who ever is discriminating against Goths, or any ‘clique’ shut up please.

Being “Goth” does not mean ANYTHING.

The one who asked this question please Message me.


PS: Who ever said it is because she is Goth you are very immature….

Answer #19

Read more about Satan to have a better understanding of him. You can’t just say he’s controlling you without knowing who he really is…not just some evil spirit/demon. It might be a “creepy” thing to be reading about, but wheather something is creepy or outrageous [the News] you still gotta know about it, so you won’t be too ignorant about Satan. ahem…then I suggest you read about a religion/faith you would like to follow or most beleive. I chose Islam. I’m not forcing you to beleive what I beleive but read about them all [Christianity, Judaism, Buddism, Wicca] and chose what you feel is your best fit so you won’t get that possessed feeling anymore! Be spiritual to whatever God u’ll worship and prey He blesses you…Good luck =P

Answer #20

Jesus loves you, and the Devil is a DIRTY, ROTTEN LIAR, who wants only to steal, kill and destroy.

I would be more than happy to help you personally on this, feel free to contact me about it. A lot of people are offering good advice, but it helps to have someone walk you through it or it doesn’t make much sense!

God bless you hon, Bekky.

Answer #21

It depends on what you mean by “controls” you. If you are honestly feeling that your actions are being influenced by some outside entity (ie, you are physically doing things without having wanted to do them), you should definitely speak with a licensed counselor.

Answer #22

your social orientation has nothing to do with it… neither does religion…(in the end you will only be let down…sorry) you need psychiatric help… if you need any help you can funmail me best of luck! :)

Answer #23

Welcome aboard seekingtruth. First time? Need to enter somewhere, and you jumped right in! Good to help others in time of need.

Many things we do not comprehend, that is why we leave it up to the Lord for deliverance.

Answer #24

You don’t! You don’t feel Satan inside of you. Do yourself a favor and go to the library and get the book called, “The Origins of Satan” by Elaine Pagels. Read it and you’ll get a better idea of what Satan is all about. BTW, it’s only 184 pages.

Answer #25

Jesus loves you so much that he died on the cross for you so that you could be freed from sin and death.

And no Satan cannot control you from the inside. He usually does it from the outside by presenting circumstances to you where you would do something displeasing to God.

Have faith in Jesus and earnestly invite him into your heart. Cast your burden on to him And he will give you respite.

God bless you and be with you always.

Answer #26

Here is a link that might help, and also, type into your browser, Christian deliverance, or Christian Warfare, or spritual warfare… to find out more…


There are ministries that specialize in deliverance…

Answer #27

Friend, listen to me, this is very important! You need to get exorcised! It’s not easy. It’s not quick. The best way you can do that is to read a book that will tell you how to get the demon(s) out of you.

I highly, highly recommend “The Demon-Haunted World” by Carl Sagan: http://www.amazon.com/Demon-Haunted-World-Science-Candle-Dark/dp/0345409469

Read this book before it’s too late. Read it before the demons take over your mind and you’ll be powerless to get them out.

Answer #28

Being goth has nothing to do with it! Grrr, some people are so annoying Demonic possesion is real I hate to sound like an old nutjob but you could always try an exorcist

Answer #29

maybe we are all posesed with deamons. that makes us who we are, there are some good ones, some bad ones and some who just want to live a normal life. My deamon is called lilly. It could be true.

Answer #30

I dont mean to be rude but teens are naggers and picky humans …go study , work , get with family ,bbq’s , library, movies , read ,,,stop the partying and drugs

Answer #31

Being a ‘goth’ has nothing to do with it. Seek counseling. It could be a depression issue, or the precursor to a multiple personality problem.

Answer #32

I feel satan inside me. He helps me do things that I never thoguht I could. He sortof pushes me to the boundaries of my emotional and physical ability to overcome problems. Wether this is for good or worse it feels good. Sometimes this ends up with bad conciquences but most of the time he just reminds me of what is right to do in MY mind not in others.

Answer #33

YOu guys seriously shouldnt say some of the stupid crap you do. Maybe you dont have a demon in you but a darker power this power might have a mind of its own but can be controled. I experience this with myself its no demon of any sort cause I’ve never lsot control of myself when I felt the feling manifest the only thing that happens is a speak in a sort of distorted way now you skeptics and what not can take it for what you want believe me or think im just looking for attention but there are plenty of things in this world that people dont comprehend or even know about.

Answer #34

Why do you feel Satan?

Because a woman ate an apple?

No! because god was stupid enough to put the tree there in the first place knowing what would happen.

No? How about because god failed at all his attempts to save us all. First he tried killing everyone with a flood, then he tried smiting cities, causing plagues, and killing 2,000 pigs, then took human form and killed himself. Pity the last one didn’t work.

Oh, AND he wrote numerous contradicting books to explain his will to his most loved creation so that we may be saved from his vengeful and everlasting wrath.

…or maybe it’s all a load of bullshit?

Answer #35

well I think its because your goth!I have amny goth friends and its okay to be goth!some of my best friends are!I dont judge!im friends with gay people!but if you feel weird like satan is inside of you then he probibly is,and if you dont want that I would be carfull!

Answer #36

I mean, whatever… Satan lives in all of us.. here in our hearts its that little voice that tells us not to go to work, or school… to Lie… and to tell the people we dont like to Effe off! I say work with it, thats how I ended up an Awsome Bassist… Muahahaha!

Answer #37

It’s not Satan, what you feel is Angst.

No don’t do happy dances and look on the bright side, that will just make you a drone. I’m a Satanist, and to tell the truth, Satan doesn’t live inside you…

Get real.

:: Kosmische ::

Answer #38

erm maybe its the goth of you thats talking there your all mad but I suppose that if you really do think the devil is inside you then you should go to see a psychiatrist or something bby_chaz xx

Answer #39

maybe youve just got a case of the mondays…

Answer #40

oh wow. that’s not good. why do you feel this why?

Answer #41

whaaa ooo your goth that explains it weird people you are hahaha

Answer #42

well maybe because you’re goth(not to be rude) or unless you really are possesed by a demon.

Answer #43

just let the good in you prevail

Answer #44

because every1 does now and again

Answer #45

go watch SUPERNATURAL and call Sam and Dean Winchester they’ll save you


Answer #46

you must unleash the jesus within

Answer #47

just don’t put 666 any ware on your body and keep god in mind always.

Answer #48
  • I rebuke the demond that is insode of you in the name of the Father son and holy spirit. REBUKE the demond in gods name with GOD POWER!! Pray to GOd to deliver you from this- pray to god to cast this demond out of you- and then PRAISE god for all the good things that he has done for you!! WORSHIP GOD FOR EVERYTHING! REBUKE (cast away) this being!!! I will pray for you!!! I will ask GOD for the forgiveness of your sins and the salvation of your heart!! OEY what GOD is calling you to do- don’t igonore him he has a plan for you!!! GOD is good he is not what everyone says that he is he is good!!! GOD IS WONDERFUL!! and if you ask for redemtion just get on your knees and CRY out to the father cry out to him and he shall come and save you and cradle you in his arms!! he will come and rebuke this demond that is causeing you greif he will SAVE YOU!!! God bless you!

Dear god, “FAU” is having such a hard time now father in their life in their heart and in their spirit father, Lord come! You have delievered so many people from hard times in their life father- you have come in so many ways- and saved those- people that didn’t think that they should even be saved father. You have saved those from theirselves- lord you have even came and saved peole like me- people that have loves you and worshiped you since they can remember- religious epole. Lord I pray right now that you deliever this evil spirit out of “fau” fahter and show her the power that ou have in her life and in all of our lives father. lord we pray tongiht that this be a changign day in their life lord and they worship you until the ends of the earht father. Lord you are always there weather we want you or not you are the great I AM you are everything father and you mean the world to me. Lord I pray that FAU and everybody that is reading this right now father that they just cry out to you lord you break their hearts and then you renew their hearts fhater so that more and more people are saved! That everytime that someone feels liek they arn’t good enough or that they just cnat take it anymore that they feel like they CAN because you asked us father you seld us to cvome and place every sigle one of our burdens onto you! Lord and we oby properly! Lord I take your hand right now and I plce it on “fau” and anyother person in this world that is just looking for answers right now fahter- I take your hand and I want to share it with everyone father. Lord you know the temptations that we have father and you know what a hard time that we have father with following you fahterbecause we live in such a world of sin- be we ask that you rip the chains off of our hearts father and renew them lord LIVE WITHIN US becuase if you there- satan is no where around- and if we trust in you we cant trust in anyone or thing else. Lord our hearst go astray sometimes but lord we know thats why you sent you son to die on the cross for us! so that we would have a second chance! thank you father for that wonderful gifft!!! I pray in your holy name that those chains are ripped becuade the onyl thing that can destroy pur eveil is pur love- and thats none of us father- that YOU! I pray that you heal us fahter heal the world and heal our hearts- that you take away this burden that fau is carrying right now- that you heal their heart! thank you so much father for the world and the support that you fgive us eeach and everyday! lord thank you so much for the little things that you do- that remind us that you are always going to be there and that you will never forsake us! thank you father! Remind us that the only way tto the father is through jesus christ- and may everyone that knows of jesus run to him and follow him! I pray in you precious and holy name!


Answer #49

Get Saved


Answer #50

me TOO. I’ve been recently noticing that there’s some voice or some weird feeling inside of evilness. when I was watching Haiti after the earthquake with people robbing and looting, something inside me was LAUGHING as if I was HAPPY. I was shocked at that feeling because I was crying the other day at the victims suffering from the earthquake and this weird feeling was soo evil. My only explanation is Satan is inside me and I hope he gets bored with me because I will never sucumb to this evilness.

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