Why isn't my cat eating?

I have a cat (Hazel) that is about a year old. She just stopped eating and drinking for about a week now. I tried locking her in the bathroom with her food and liter box and still… nothing. She hasn’t even used the bathroom. I’m really worried that I’m going to find her dead one of these days, and I feel sooo bad because I don’t have the money to take her to the vet right now. The whole time we had her so always been real scared of everything and would hiss at you. Now she hides but I don’t think she’s hiding because she’s scared becuase she will let me pick her up now before she wouldn’t. She she’ll lay with me she cling on to me. When she walks her balance seems thrown off and the other day she tried jumping on the bed and she couldnt she stuggled to climb up. She used to be able to jump up. She hasn’t grown really at all she still looks like 5 months old to me or something. I’m thinking she may have worms because last time I saw her stool which was prob 5 days ago I saw little things in it. I gave her some dewormer stuff but I don’t think it helped any because she still isn’t eating. I’m really worried about her.. Any advice?

Answer #1

have you tried giving her some tuna or chicken to regain her appetite? the food you’re giving her, is it her favorite? did she lose weight? “She hasn’t even used the bathroom” for how long? try giving her milk, it might make her use the bathroom, but it’s better than nothing… and try feeding her with your hand, she will like you more and she will also eat… what have you been doing this last week or month? were you like, ummm, away from her or something? and is she meowing a lot? if she is maybe she wants something, when my cat used to meow all day, the only thing that stopped her from meowing is getting her married :) and she might have heart problems or something dangerous like canser maybe, I dunno, you really should go to the vet as soon as you can… ask your parents for money, you really don’t want to lose your cat, it will be really hard for you to lose her (I’ve tried it)

fun mail me if you have any other questions about cats… and don’t forget to tell me how things will go with you later on, good luck…

Answer #2

My cat still ate and drank normally when he had worms. You absolutely HAVE to take this poor animal to the vet, if she has not eaten for a week she is going to suffer and yes, die, sooner than you may expect. The longer she goes without eating, the harder it will be to get her to eat once again. She may have injured herself, or have another serious problem on the inside. We cannot help you, you must take her to the vet for her own health and safety.

Answer #3

Honey, I think you’re looking at something pretty bad for your kitty…any animal that goes off food, is sick…one that stays off food, is really sick. Possibly kidney disease, or leukemia (when this happens with a cat)…Call the vet, and tell them what’s happening with her…also, tell them you don’t any money to “pay up front”…they may just let you bring her in. If they will make payment arrangements…even if it’s just to put her to sleep…YOU PAY! This is the one way to make sure that in the future, they’ll let you come when you need them…money or not…


Answer #4

I have tried giving her tuna chicken turkey can food and she does not eat it. Right now I did take your advice imme and she actually drank some milk but didnt take the food from my hand.She didnt drink much milk but some. I havent been staying away from her just work tues-fri but nothing different. She doesnt meow constanly or anything but sometimes she does a real weak meow which she never used to meow at all just hissed! I will take her to the vet hopefully soon. Thank you so much for your advice!!

Answer #5

My cat is eating less and less. Her food intake has gone down to just a few bites/day of what she used to eat. She IS still drinking a little water. I took her to the vet on the 4th day of this, and her blood tests came back normal. I got the results yesterday. Also, she’s still acting normal. She’s just as playful as ever. Is there ever any ok reason that she’d stop eating?

Answer #6

My friend has a cat who fell over in the hallway and peed on the floor. A few days prior do that the cat would eat fresh cat litter not a lot though lie dogs do when with the grass when their tummys are upset. Since then the cat has not ate or drank anything. He is no longer going to the bathroom in anyway. HE is getting real stiff and cant even walk. He is all shaky when he walks and he is cold. Im prey sure the cat is about dead now the tounge is turning blue. Why whould this happen.

Answer #7

my cat, Sushi is acting a little sick.When she is just walking around she does this sort of squat and she meows all the time. I am worried about her and she also sleeps a lot more than usual…got any tips???

Answer #8

My cat also has not eaten or drank for about a week or so now but she seems generally quite anxious. I went on holiday and someone came to feed her when I was away and she has acted strange since I’ve come back and has not been the same also I have had a lodger move in so I am putting it down to adapting to change or anxiety. I think its worrying if they are not going to the toilet and especially if your cat is presenting as week or lathargic then she needs a vet asap it could be something simple but the longer you leave it the worse it could get. Mine has just had some milk which I read from the advice so I’m gona give it a couple of days and if mine doesn’t start eating then I will take her to the vet. Hope your cat gets better soon defo at least ring the vets for some advice!xx

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