Why is Twilight cosidered great?

Can someone tell me why people think Twilight is considered amazing? I haven’t read/heard anyone saying anything that showes why. Please don’t say ‘because Edward/Jacob is hot’.

Answer #1

I like the movies, but they definitely get waaayyy too much credit.. I mean, Edward is not attractive at ALL.. Jacob is smokin though ;)

Answer #2

I like the books. the thought that there is that pure and deep romance that they share. and in every romance there are problems like the wolf in twilight. how do you love the one you love with all you heart but not hurt your best friend who is so much a part of you? it gives readers a sense of real, all-out-there, good or bad, romance. I think every one wants to find that person that they just cant stand to be away from and would give their own life to see that person smile. it really is hard to find that one person who’s hand fits perfectly in yours and cant imagine another day on this earth without him/her. the books give people that vision of true love and the struggles with it. (not saying killing vamps is a part of any normal relationship) it just shows that there are things that will go wrong but you have that person to lean on and find help with them to fix any problem… now im my opinion again the movies were horrible I understand people think rob is hot but really? I mean I remember my first crush but I never screamed over him. lol

Answer #3

It’s not a very well written book. Some of her characters lack depth, and some are almost caricatures. But, it is a girl’s fantasy after all? Having one guy so utterly devoted to you, that you can do anything and he’ll love you anyways.

Answer #4

its about the romance. there is always a beauty in every story and a hero to rescue her, in this case two heros. its every girl’s fantasy.

Answer #5

I tin thatsame twlightis a good moie a te whole saga I hopeit s but theooks are really boringis like a relocoster that ever ends. And in the last bok you come to realize I stays the same and it says THE END I so anoyig!!

Answer #6

Yeah, from high school musical to twilight :/. I know it’s a fad but I want the twilight lovers opinons. Why do they see it like that?

Answer #7

I actually dont think the films are any good…

teenage crushes are what its about

the film only pleases devoted fans and people that class themselves as devoted fans havent even picked the book up..

Answer #8

I wondered the same thing I think its just because there is actually a vampire story geared towards teens mainly. but I agree its just a fad, in a couple years they’ll find something else to obsess over

Answer #9

It’s just a teenage fad. Girls fall all over the “cute guys.”

Just like back then you had girls obsessing over Elvis Presley. This is basically the same thing.

Answer #10

girls love it because they like the idea of this kind of thing happening to them, I’m a HUGE fan, me and my mate were talking about how we wish our lives were like that! lol the books are really good, mainly for people who have patience! its also the kind of book you wouldn’t see someone with a low english level reading, it made me feel smarter after the first book! lol you should watch and read them :) eclipse is out on the 20th July apparently! x x x

Answer #11

Never seen any of the Twilight movies, have watched the trailers and it’s rather gothic but can understand why people enjoy watching them.

Robert P is definitely fugle (slang for not hot or attractive) and has the sex appeal of a toilet brush. ;)

hahaaa, strapping paddings and cushions on me… I can feel a mad rush of huffs and puffs from his loyal supports coming towards me. ;)

Answer #12

It’s actually a decent book. I liked the idea and concept.

But the movies are utter crap. I don’t think Stewart (Bella) can act, and I don’t find Jacob or Edward very attractive, and they chop SO much from the book.

It’’s just a fad to those who watch the movies. But if you talk to anyone who reads the book. They won’t be all OOOH Edward this Jacob that -.-‘ Ugh. I wanna smack fan girlies upside the head…

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