Why is there flames in the picture?

I was having a talk with my dad about the house, I only live with him. But we've both said we can hear footsteps around the house in the night, he thinks its the cat, but I said its too heavy and loud to be a small cat. Also I hear scraping of furniture in the next room?!
Anyway, I woke up this morning, looked at my phone and I saw a photo taken yesterday... but I didnt take any photos yesterday..!
In the photo, it shows flames, yet no fire? Could this be a fault? Has it got anything to do with a ghost kind of thing, I've heard about orbs in photos, but flames?!?!?! Please help, thanks.

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o dats scarey don't tell me you ar leaving in a hunted house if you ar better leave because I av watch such movies, girl d ending is what you don't want to b told.

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I cant see it :(

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can we see the pic?

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