Moving bouganvilla plants that have grown into ground

I recently moved two potted bouganvilla plants from the front yard to a more sunny spot in the back yard. The roots had grown into the ground on both pots and are now sticking out of the bottom holes about 3-4 inches. Should I repot these into larger pots? OR Should I cut the roots off? Will they be OK if I leave them in the containers that they are in?
Thanks for your help - Marilyn

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I'm guessing that the plants have "outgrown" the pot...and the potting soil is probably old. So they'd appreciate being repotted or planted in the ground... They will freeze and die if it gets frosty where you bring them inside if you're in cold climate , then repot in spring... They'll rest over winter. If you're in a warm area...plant in the ground, as they get very large, and have big root systems. OR repot, prune the root and the top growth...and make them more bonsai type ...

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I think you should repot them. If their roots are growing out of the pot underneath, they may not be getting enough nutrients from the soil in the pot or enough water.

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