Why is it so hard for athletes to lose weight?

Im 15 and I play basketball almost 3-4 times a week, I’ve been trying to lose weight this summer but it hasnt been working. I excercise and eat right. I just want to lose atleast 5 pounds

Answer #1

because they usually dont need to and/or have NO weight to loose theyll most likley have more muscle and little fat and that little bit of fat is needed to survive so your body doesn everything it can to make sure it stays there

Answer #2

if anything ull put on weight. I play lacrosse and I’ve gotten to 155 with a little chunk, but I recently lost 10 lbs so im at 145 now, gettin rid of my fat. im about 5’7

Answer #3

athletes have mussle mass, instead of fat. mussle mass weighs more. so if your an athlete your probbly just mucely. not fat or anything like thathome I helped ::)

Answer #4

you have muscles!!!

Answer #5

…because you probably don’t need to… 5-lbs is NOTHING.

And why are you generalizing about athletes?

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