Why is everyone so hateful towards Justin Bieber?

Well everyone hates Justin Bieber. I’m not a fan of his either, and I agree he does sound like a girl, but thats no reason for people to HATE him. I mean, I understand opinons and such, but serious he’s a “fag” he’s “gay” even if your going to insult why even mention”gay”? How in the world would he be gay if all he sang about was girls? He’s fricking 16, let him be a kid. Last time I checked was there some law against being a kid? And he’s a cancer survivor, and I found that cool. And he put his dreams to work, and look where he is now. I think we should find him as a inspiriation. I don’t like the genre he sings, and I don’t necessarily think he’s “hot”, but I at least think we should respect him. I thought of it and I think people hate him because their jealous. And seriously it’s really annoying when people complain about how “gay” he is, I mean I dislike other singers too, but I don’t go around bitching about it. Give me your opinions :)

  1. Give me your opinions :)
Answer #1

they are jelous because all the girls want him so bad and cause he is a singer and they are not

Answer #2

I agree with you. I don’t know why everyone hates him. I am also a 16 year old guy and a lot of my friends make fun of him and it’s pretty dumb…I also don’t love his music, it’s ok but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to make fun of him. They are all just jelous. And he seems like a pretty cool kid… I saw him on Saturday night live the other day and he was funny. Anyway people should stop hating the kid…

Answer #3

I personally hate no wait loath justin becauce I feel like he is a little too over confident and also very rockstarish but he should know that if his fans could keep him up then they could put him down as well so just a little advice justin “don’t fly too high justin cause one day or another your dreams will burst for sure”…

Answer #4

people are just jealus that he is living his dream and here sitting here obsessing over it. the thing I dont understnd is why people waist there time obsessing over someone they dont like. if you dont like them why would you want to spend your time talking trash about them? I think guys are jealus because some girls “love” him. and I just think that evryone needs to get over the fact that hes famous and there not. and live there dreams. and not waste time worrying about other peoples.

Answer #5

because he is helping destroy music… music is all about image and money. he is “cute” so he sells the music. no one would like him if he wasnt “cute” it just shows how messed up the music industry is.

Answer #6

Yes, I think Miley Cyrus scarred some people… Lol ;P

Answer #7

I’m not jealous nor do I give enough of a crap about the kid to say I hate him but his music sucks. But then hey, I’m above the demographic I’m sure he’s aimed for, and when you grow a certain age you listen to different music. I don’t know if he can sing everytime I heard him it sounded like autotoning bs the whole time so unless he talks like a robot all the time I’m sure I’ve never heard that groomed little brat sing. But he’s taken advantage of that and he’s cranking in all kinds of lunch money so good for him I guess.

Answer #8

Nothing’s wrong with the kid. Nor Miley Cyrus, nor Selena Gomez, or whoever. What’s wrong is the people that blow their careers and talents out of proportion.

Sure, Justin can sing. Sure he’s a teen heart-throb. Sure, there are a lot of good things about him, and lots of other famous people.

But at some point we have to live our OWN lives and stop the obsessions over people we’ll never have any kind of relation with. Let’s admire the talented for their talents and give them adequate praise for doing so. Let’s take a chill pill, shall we?

Answer #9

lol miley is only famous because her dad..and their (nasty “family” pixx -.-) I think he’s cool and I like him…lol so hey he still makin money whether he sound like a chipmunk or not lmao

Answer #10

I love that song “one time” by him and people hate on anyone they can;; he’s young and coming out;; its been a while since anyone young that can SOMEWHAT SING has came out..lol unlike miley cyrus

Answer #11

people think to much =_=;’’

Answer #12

everybody gets hate on, get over it, its nothing new. you may not know it but people may hate on you.

Answer #13

Jealous like Green Jello.

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