Why does every guy alive hate Justin Bieber?

I dont like Justin Bieber, but I dont hate him. I dont like him for dating Selena Gomez. They are both being idiots, I think. They can both can get someone WAY better, JB can get a model! SG can get an athlete. But, I have never met a guy that likes JB! Why do they all hate him? Jealousy? :O

Answer #1

I honestly think it’s jealousy, there is no legitimate reason to hate someone whos never done harm to you and who you’ve never met. I think guys just dont like that all these girls think he’s so hott and that he’s made it so far and is so young. Jealousy is an interesting thing haha. But really there is no legitimate reson whatsoever to hate the kid, he’s just a lucky young man who made it big.

Answer #2

yes, that and most guys really just dont enjoy his singing, i personally like justin bieber but that dosent mean i stalk him on facebook or listen to his songs 24/7 i think alot of guys dont like him because of the way girls act about him, always screeming his name haveing posters on their walls i think that could slightly afend them, that or you could go with what every other girl on youtube says = that their just jelouse and wished they could be him

Answer #3

Just seems like everyone is hating him so it seems like the normal thing for people to do.

Answer #4

Not all guys dislike him, I know guys at my school who like him. I also know girls who hate him. I don’t really think it’s anything to do with gender, he is just one of those singers sterotyped with having loads of fangirls.

Answer #5

. I’m a guy and I like him at least as much as the vast majority of other kids his age. In fact more than most other kids, because he actually attempts to entertain people and do the best he can with his talents - which are adequate to have made him world famous long before the almost all of his contemporaries. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #6

actually i know a couple guys who like him but the guys who dont…its just jealousy because girls think hes hot (including me) and how crazy girls go when they see him. they wish that they had talent and money and that selena gomez was their girlfriend:) hes a great singer and they want to be him so they hate him just for that :(

Answer #7

ive never liked justin beiber ….coz i dont listen to that kind of music that he makes ….but that does not mean that he is not talented ….he is immensly talented ,its just that he exposed his talent pretty early ….let us take an example of lets say chester bennington he always had talent in himself but he exposed it at the rite time…i think that if beiber would have waited for two years or so maybe more people would have liked him….n ya of course there maybe a jealous factor with some guys… \m/

Answer #8

You have to understand that there is a type of male performer who has tremendous appeal to young girls. They usually still have a baby face and are not threatening to pre- and early- teen girls. This is the largest segment of Justin Bieber’s fans. Some men can keep their appeal to young girls into adulthood like Bobby Sherman and Ricky Martin even after it is obvious that they shave. This type of performer doesn’t usually appeal to guys except Ricky Martin had as big a following in the gay community as he did with adolescent girls.

I don’t dislike him. He is tremendously talented. Thing is, he is a kid who hasn’t had a lot of life experiences and doesn’t sing about anything that I can relate to or care about. When he sings about something that resonates I might start liking his music.

Answer #9

top reason is probably jealousy and how his name, his hair, his songs… ect ect are brought up or heard on the radio/by girls far too often and honestly, too much of anything can be annoying!

but there’s no reason to hate really, i know some guys that admire his young success! they don’t like him as a singer but admire his past and how big he’s become and how he uses his fame for the good, he’s quite the humanitarian!

Answer #10

I’m a girl and i personally hate justin bieber not just because of the type of music he sings but because of the fact that he is so much of a “pretty boy” and once his voice actually drops he’s going to be forgotten about just like all the other boy singers before him

Answer #11

You hate him because he is “pretty” and his voice is going to drop ? (personally I think it probably already has). I guess you must hate all men unless they are ugly and their voices are never going to drop then. Makes me wonder who you don’t hate - Hmm maybe Lady Gaga and Quasimodo. Course Gaga might be forgotten eventually so she’s out, but I doubt that the hunchback will ever be forgotten after all this time.

Answer #12

His kind of music, or perhaps the fact that seemingly every teenage girl is in love with him (definitely not me).

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