Why hasn't there been another 9/11 attack?

Every time I pick up the paper (yes, I still read things written by moveable, printed type) I read some story about how vulnerable this country is to another terrorist attack. It seems like any terrorist group with some money, expertise, and desire could poison our water supply, gas our cropland, sabotage our nuclear plants, blow up the Alaska pipeline, launch VX into a football stadium, and STILL take planes hostage and fly them into the Sears Tower or the Space Needle. So why haven’t they? If America is so hated, if we’ve really stoked the fire with al-Qaeda by our latest actions, if they are so clever and so determined, and if we’re so vulerable, where is the attack?

I’m of the opinion that 9/11 was a fluke. The United States simply doesn’t have nearly as big a terrorist problem as some people would like us to believe. Despite all the people we’ve detained and arrested, despite all the leads the FBI has sniffed out, despite all the additional surveillance, we’ve not found a single operational terrorist cell in the US. And while many groups love the idea of hitting Israel or a US embassy or barracks, they consider a direct attack on US soil to be incredibly stupid. Al Qaeda gained few friends or sympathizers in the Muslim world after 9/11, and many organizations known for terrorism distanced themselves from the group. So IMO, it happened once, it was horrible, but concerns that another one is right around the corner are wildly exaggerated.


Answer #1

“Our debt to China, the Middle East, and India lowers our standing in the world.”

How so? China’s own national debt is now 200% of its GDP, far higher than ours. They borrow heavily to finance their own investments in the United States, which they depend on getting back in the form of US purchse of consumer goods. China has used much of this cash to try and stave off their impending energy crisis, as well as go on a spending spree for raw materials and technology they do not have. They are as dependent on us as we are on them. The Middle East has thus far failed to use its massive oil income to diversify the economy, and as the world looks for alternate sources of energy, their squandering of their natural resource will come back to haunt them. Once again, they depend heavily on us. As does the rising Indian job market, which has used contact with American consumers to employ hundreds of thousands. Economic hardship in the US translates into economic hardship for these nations. If our standing is lessened, so is theirs.

Anyway, I don’t agree that AQ has satisfied its objectives by the 9/11 attacks, unless you consider them a Pyrric victory. Despite the policies of the US government, we still have a lot of cooperation overseas tracking down AQ cells and operatives in many parts of the world, as well as their affiliates. It hasn’t benefited the organization in the least. To say that AQ has grown more powerful as a result of the Iraq war is also false; they were growing very powerful even before 9/11, all through the late 80s and 90s; their momentum has not changed one way or the other as a result of this war. AQ is hated in Iraq right now, with both Shiite and Sunni organizations and ordinary people now openly fighting them (some with the hopes that will end the US occupation).

And American economic and domestic policies aren’t exactly a victory for al-Qaeda either. WHile it’s true the war in Iraq has caused hardships for the US financially and morally, it has not even come close to helping AQ achieve their objectives. AQ’s objectives are: the end of US military occupation in the Middle East, break US support for Israel, and bring down the moderate Arab governments that are “infidel allies”. Not a single one of these objectives has happened since 9/11. Not even close. AQ is no better off now than they were before the attacks.

That being said, it still doesn’t appear to me that this country faces a serious terrorist threat any longer, or that we ever did in the first place.

Answer #2

AL QAEDA is bovine excrement, a few jumping off points:

“WHEN OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS TIM OSMAN” go here: http://www.aci.net/kalliste/binladen_timosman.htm

“AL QAEDA CLERIC EXPOSED AS AN MI5 DOUBLE AGENT” go here: http://www.timesonline.co.uk.printFriendly/0,,1-3-1050175,00.html

“BY WAY OF DECEPTION” (phony Palestenian Al Qaeda cell’s Mossad handlers) go here: http://www.antiwar.com/justin/j120902.html

“NEW VIDEO BY AZZAM(Azzam the American or Adam Yahiye Gadahn)THE BLACK PROPAGANDA OPERATIVE” go here: http://www.propagandamatrix.com/articles/September2006/040906Azzam.htm

“FROM MUJAHIDEEN TO AL QAEDA”(Ana raicha Al Qaeda” is colloquial for “I’m going to the toilet”) go here: http://www.fact.com.pk/archives/sept/feng/opinion.htm

“AL QAEDA–THE DATABASE”(full of mujahideen rebels, KLA operatives) go here: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=BUN20051120&articleId=1291

Al Qaeda is nothing more than handlers and patsies, nor America, come to think of it.

Answer #3

“I don’t believe that depending on other countries is wise from a national security point of view. Our expensive invasion of Iraq has left our economy weaker and more vulnerable than it was before.”

I agree, I guess my point was that globalism has weaved an interdependent web. China loathes the idea of a recession in the US, and it shows how vulnerable they are as well.

“Our National Intelligence Estimate says that Al Qaeda is stronger and presents a greater threat now than it did prior to 9/11/01”

But that’s my point. These same estimates said in 2003 and 2004 that another al-Qaeda attack was imminent, on a scale larger than 9/11. We’ve been hearing these warnings about AQ’s impending strikes for years now. Maybe it’s time we realized that AQ is not as powerful as we think.

“It weakened the US, strengthened Al Qaeda, lowered US national prestige and respect, and greatly raised the visibility of Al Qaeda.”

True, although I would say that the administration was behind more of those things than the attacks themselves. As for Iraq, I really don’t think AQ saw the Iraq invasion coming. They saw an opportunity in the chaos to take on US forces and gain a stronghold in Iraq. But now it’s backfiring on them.

The organization is weak and full of bluster, and it’s ability to launch terrorist attacks where it pleases are grossly overstated by our government and intelligence agencies.

Answer #4

Even though China’s debt is half of ours relative to the size of their economy is larger than ours we still depend on China for some of our foreign debt. Were China to stop buying our debt it would have serious consequences for our economy. I don’t believe that depending on other countries is wise from a national security point of view. Our expensive invasion of Iraq has left our economy weaker and more vulnerable than it was before.

Our National Intelligence Estimate says that Al Qaeda is stronger and presents a greater threat now than it did prior to 9/11/01

Al Qaeda may be hated in Iraq but they are operating there were before they weren’t. Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were enemies.

Bin Laden’s stated goal was to get the US military presence out of the Middle East and especially Saudi Arabia. It is true that he didn’t achieve this objective. However, 9/11 still lowered US national prestige and increased the visibility and strength of Al Qaeda. I did overstretch when I claimed that 9/11 fulfilled all of Al Qaeda’s objectives but it was still a very successful attack on the US from their perspective. It weakened the US, strengthened Al Qaeda, lowered US national prestige and respect, and greatly raised the visibility of Al Qaeda.

If anything is a pyrric victory it is our “success” in Iraq.

Answer #5

There is no need for another 9/11 attack as it fulfilled all of its objectives.

We have lost many of our freedoms because the first thing we did after the attack was to surrender our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms with the Patriot Act.

We attacked Al Qaeda’s enemy Iraq so now Al Qaeda can operate there.

Our presence in the Middle East has increased funding and recruitment for Al Qaeda.

Now that America tortures its prisioners or sends them off to nations where we know they will be tortured we have lost our moral high ground in the world. Nations who used to look up to us as leaders for human rights and civil liberties now think of us as thugs and torturers.

Now when Bin Laden releases a tape it is world news where before 9/11 few people even cared about what he said.

The wild spending on our war has left our nation bankrupt (financially as well as morally). Our debt to China, the Middle East, and India lowers our standing in the world.

Answer #6

You shouldn’t believe everything the media tells you. Our country is not vulnerable security-wise. Our economy is probably vulnerable, but there hasn’t been an attack because our security is the best right now.

Answer #7

You don’t recall the Aqua Teen Hunger Force scare last year? Proof positive that we are still susceptible to a terrorist overtaking. Seriously, Al Qaeda is b.s. 9/11 false flag. 7/7 false flag. Check out WHATREALLYHAPPENED or ChristopherBollyn’s page. Just a start.

Answer #8

Right now China does depend on us, but for how long? And yes, sucesses in alternative energy would diminish mideast influence. Too bad there have been zero progress in that area over the last 7 years.

The question really should be, what more could be achieved with another 9/11 type attack? They all they could from the attack already. They survived our overthrow of the taliban, and they knew Bush would be stupid enough to go after saddam, and completely destroy the coalition we had created, and cause the region to become destablized.

Bush then did concede to the major demand of OBL that lead to 9/11. He capitulated and pulled out all troops from Saudi Arabia.

I agree, there is little threat of another large scale terrorist attack.

Answer #9

I don’t know… I dont think it’s going to happen agian, and I pray to God it doesnt! We’ve heard many times from Osama saying that he was going to do something and he hasnt yet, to me its all talk… but I tell you this, if it does I will join the military, and help fight with my country, Im so proud of this country and anyone who isnt needs to get out… We need to support our troops its not them who decided on the war but they are over there busting there a and get a lot of sh for it!!! But I doubt it’ll happen

Answer #10

As filletospam said, AQ achieved what they wanted. If the shrub had not invaded Iraq, they would have been completely destroyed by now. Right after 9/11, we had the whole world behind us, including most of the middle east. And they all supported our going after the taliban and OBL. But Bush had his eyes on Iraq long before 9/11, and jumped at the chance to invade. Their greed has done more damage to this country than people realize.

Answer #11

not sure, I know they’ve tried. But if they really wanted to do another one they could. So in theory im not sure if they think they do it again we’ll never leave the middle east. I don’t think any of em expected us to take over Iraq after the 911 attacks, so now they want us out of there. And another attack on U.S soil wouldn’t be the best idea for that. either that or there planning something huge again. The 911 attacks took years to plan

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