Why do girls care so much about looks?

why do girls think they need to lose weight when they only wiegh 144 why do girls wear so much make-up when they don’t need it why can’t people realize that they are beautiful in every single way words don’t shouldn’r bring you down

Answer #1

I know, I really dont know the awnser tothis but I am a girl and I hate when girls care so mutch about what they look like I mean who cares!!!

Answer #2

it’s all about the outside influence–fashion mags, friends/peer pressure, tv shows and all that whatnot.cause of all this influence some girls think they look ugly, but actuallly, they’re not.all they need are some good friends who will always be there for them.I know I have those friends, cause they always tell me I look good, even w/o makeup and all that tosh.

Answer #3

Everyone cares how they look. Period.

Most of us may not be extreme about it, but how you look is how you present yourself to the world. If you choose to look trashy, others will view you as trashy..etc.etc.

Answer #4

I am a girl and I DON’T care about my looks =).We are all truley bueatiful with or with out make up =).So it’s probably the media forcing girls to do this.Btw Liberty that’s so true! I hate the way media done this.

Answer #5

men (sorry im kind of insulting myself) have come far in technology these days. and how they appreciate their car or tv or cell phone is not how it looks. its how it runs. its got to be fast, compact, and minimal manageable. thats is te exact opposite of how they treat women. they want even turn there head unless she looks like a who*e, has a big chest, the waist that should be on a starving child, and a ton of slutty friends who he can, once hes finished with her, hook up with. so the girls do this so they can pretend that they fit in. but they dont. todays guys are mostly those big jocky ones and im not bein mean, just realistic. and they only like the ones thatre, face it, gunna b livin in a trailer park in a couple of yars with 2 kids and no husband. girls seem to do it to find a guy who likes them for who tehy are so they use it to attract them. now, if you are a preppy type (not stereotypin here) have you ever seen that shy guy who sits in class writin poetry or just tellin a joke to close friends? you think hes a nerd and you focus back on the jocks. but later in life your like, I just want a sensitive guy whose compassionate and cares about me. than you remember him and he had a crush on u. but you turned your nose up at him so another girl saw him and nu he was the perfect guy and your screwed because you always cared about looks. wow I went into a bit of a rant there. srry bout there. hope I helped. =^^= joe =^^=

Answer #6

brtremblay, Its all the media. They see models on T.V and want to be like them. Yeah they usually look gorgeous, but they aren’t real and a lot of girls don’t realize that. Some girls think models just wake up and look perfect, but the reality is that models have a lot of people that work on them to make them look the way they do, even after all that, airbrushing plays a huge part. Girls see females in magazines and are like “wow I want to look like that” meanwhile the girls in the magazines have been edited on the computer to look sometimes half their size. And when a girl hears shes ugly once, she will probley think she is for a long time. Words do hurt a lot, no matter who its coming from. Even if a girl hears “your beautiful” all the time then one day someone says “your ugly” its like the whole ‘ugly’ part of it takes over everything. Its a big problem but theres really nothing that we can do about it unforuntly. I think media needs to take it down a notch though becauase little girls commit suicide over things like this while is absolutly horrifying. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #7

so you can feel better about yourself. O_O

Answer #8


Answer #9

I blame BARBIE!!!

Answer #10

yea I know I dont wear make-up at all and my boyfriend thinks I still look cute im srry but I think makeup is for slutty wh#res who are ashame the way they look

Answer #11

I completely agree with brtremblay. I dont get why girls feel the need to look a certain way to get a guy… if a guys so shallow to not like you and be attracted to you for the way you are then he’s not worth it. I personally am not attracted to the girls that wear a pound of makeup and take an hour to get ready just to go to class or the store or something.. Id rather have a girl that can roll outta bed, throw her hair up, put on some sweats and still be cute as hell. and to me, half of being cute is the girls personality

Answer #12

Guys dont acknowledge natural beauty anymore. If I see 2 girlsl; 1 with no make-up on, a nice curvy shape (not fat though just an average size) and who thinks shes beautiul the way she is. And the other with all most a pound of make-up on her face, super skinny, really expensive clothes, & the ‘tude that she shouldnt go into public unless she looks like that then I would tell the naturally beautiful girl how nice she looks

Answer #13

Well I think females care so much about the looks well maybe it could have to to with attracting the opposite sex to be the ideal woman the attention from the males.. Have to look perfect I do wear make up but I think you shouldn’t care about your looks to much I sometimes think you should show your real self other than hiding it all the time. Then see how things go from there.

Answer #14

becasue of the media and because of most men

Answer #15

so they can looked better then other girls. they can get more of the boys. lol

Answer #16

You guys shouldn’t be talking. I’ve heard sooo many questions that are like, “Why do girls care so much about looks?” and “Girls shouldn’t worry about their weight”

GUYS made us this way. Tell me guys, say you were walking down the hall, you see a sexy, tall, really tan skinny girl with huge boobs in a spagetti strap tank, a miniskirt, and heels. But she’s a b*tch and you have heard what people have said about her.

Then, you see an extremely overweight girl, who’s short and really ugly, but she’s the nicest person in the world, and you’ve heard that from everyone. Which would you choose?

Look at the media today, you see gorgeous models on just about every commercial and in every magizine, and size 0 girls on disney channel. Look at the dolls little girls play with, bratz and barbie dolls, influencing girls from the very beginning.

C’mon guys, if you want a girl who doesn’t care about looks or weight, you’re probably expecting a girl who has a large metabolism, and has naturally big boobs, and a size two. News flash guys : those chances are SLIM TO NONE.

I’m lucky, I was born tall, blonde and blue eyed, naturally red lips and perfect color to my cheeks. But I still think I’m not pretty enough to actually put my picture on funadvice.

(And does that explain why I have no picture of myself?)

I hope I answered your question.


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