Why am i scared to tackle somebody in football?

Ok, I've been playing foorball forever. Since 6. I played my freshman year and now I've been training for my 2nd. Im also a lineback. Why do I feel kinda scared when im about to tackel someone. Or during hitting drills

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First, read here:

Next...remember, you're a naturalbadass...if your handle here wasn't some kind of way to makeup for personal insecurity, you'll do fine.

If it was...then, odds are you're tons smaller than the other guys. If you're not, then you have nothing to worry about, if you hit them harder than they hit you, they lose, you win. Very simple physics.

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I was small too playing football. I got run over a lot. but if you keep getting back up you have a strong heart. overtime hitting drills work. lifting weights like crazy. my sophomore year I got moved to linebacker because of my work ethic. let the others fear you. take a hit and give a hit. wrapup and dont let go. in most part smile when you take a hit or give one. never show your scared or weak.

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It's intimidating. It's suppose to be. That's why football is so popular, because only the tough do it. To get over your fear, you just have to do what it takes to get over any fear. Face it over and over.

You have to not worry too much about getting hurt or about hurting the other guy. If you're going to play the sport, you will get hurt, and you will hurt others. If that's a problem for you, switch to soccer, basketball or baseball.

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Perhaps you do not have enough confidence in yourself and your abilities, as well as some knowledge in the field of football, or rather attack. In my opinion, you should study the information in this area and watch sports matches. This you can do on this site as it has videos on sports.

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Be brave. It will pass away. I used to play at college but because of the trauma had to quit. Simply do it. And I am sure you will overcome this feeling. I am not playing any more but bet through and it is very exciting

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Football is a lot of work. This is a hardy game. I like playing football. My favorite team is Rial. I follow the matches . I try not to miss watching the game. When players get injured on the field, it hurts me very much. Maybe you have a sense of fear of pain?

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Your fear is pretty funny. It's a little silly. In sports, football will never be doubted or afraid of their actions! Only then can you win! Only then can you beat! This is the slogan of the winners, this is what should motivate us all to new achievements! No fear ever!

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