Why does my vagina smell like fish?

my vigina smells like fish? whys that and I have not had sex or done anything and it smells really bad and I am embarraced to see my boyfriend incase he can smell my vigina I was my self 2 times a day down there and it still smells and it is itch but thats only the hair and I shave my pubic hairs as well and I am 13 years old. I really want to know why does my vag smell like fish.

Answer #1

it is probably a yeast infection or a bacterial infection…what I would advise is to get that vagasil vaginal infection screaning kit,and see what the possibly could be then tell your mom, she would know what to do, DO NOT let your boyfriend go down on you any more. nor should you have, your mutch too young, I understand that it feels good, but HE could even be causing the infection, due to the fact he could have an infection causing you to have a vaginal infection…

Answer #2

Im thirteen..Mine smells like that too but only on my period and it itches sometimes down there also. I really dont think there’s anything wrong with you.But if you think it smells that bad you should buy a vaginal deoderant from a drug store, or schedule an appointment to the doctors office. hope I helped, xo angie

Answer #3

You probably have bacterial vaginosis. It just means by washing so much you messed up the natural bacteria that is suppose to be in there and you were more succeptable to infections and bacteria. Go to the doctor for antibiotics and it should go away in about a week.

Answer #4

I hope this helps… the first thing you need to do is stop washing all the time. I know it sounds crazy, and opposite of common sense, but it is the truth. Here is the reason: Your body has a natural balance of chemicals that it uses to fight off infection or anything else that might grow in your vagina.

When you constantly wash, it removes the natural defenses your body provides and opens up the area to any bacteria or fungus that wants to go live in there. That is what you are smelling, the waste products of the bacterial life-cycle. You don’t normally smell like that, it is an infecting bacteria or fungus.

This was learned by a woman (a medical doctor and research scientist) who was studying the spread of AIDS in Africa. One of the things she learned was that washing constantly, especially with a harsh soap or other cleaner will increase your chances of infection. Just let your body deal with the problem on its own.

Eat healthy and don’t eat anything with a lot of sugar, and be sure to drink plenty of water.

You can wash, but just rinse with water, or better yet saline solution because it’s more like your body fluids. You can get it cheap at the drug store in quart bottles, I think. Seeing a doctor is probably a good idea, too. Keep in mind, though that the doctor might give you antibiotics to take which might solve your problem for the short term, but if you use them too much it makes your body less able to fight off infections on its own. Good luck!

Answer #5

im not sure but my bits smell like that to and im a guy

Answer #6

I am not a girl but I was told by one if you wipe your pices upward you can get pices in your vigina and if you use that method frequently that would probally be the reason why

Answer #7

Dont shave because pubic hair protects the vagina from infections and dirt. If your boyfriend really loves you he wont take the piss…he will support you. Speak to someone who you can trust

Answer #8

TAKE IT FROM A WOMAN WHO HAS EXPERIENCED THIS AND STUDIES ABOUT HER BODY. Everyone has their opinions and some I agree with. 1, that fishy odor isn’t normal at all. 2, yeast infections usually don’t smell fishy. 3, bacteria infections and stds can cause this fishy odor. (Read up on it if im not believed) if you have never had sex, its sound like a bacteria infection. But im no doctor…you have to see what color your discharge is. Bacteria infections normally cause thin, milky discharge. But no other method beats going to your doctor and seeing what it is for sure. I woulf not try all of these things we suggest you do if you don’t even know what it is. You’d be filled with monistat, azos, miconazole, YOUGURT, douches, deodorant, and everything else. So go to a gynecologists and frequently visit one. Its not unusual for a young girl to wonder or be insecure about her smells because you are becoming more aware of your body. Now I definitely agree with not bathing too much or douching too often or at all. Showers are better. Baths allow all of the dirt from your body to enter the vagina…although a hot, bubble bath is relaxing from time to time…its not good for all the time. Its perfectly normal to want to avoid odors especially at 13, because I was the same way. But it made me educate myself and see a gynecologists to learn about what’s going on with my body. Im not going to diagnoe you and im no doctor, but just keep your vagina dry and ventilated. No fds sprays honey. They irritate it in the long run… Good luck!

Answer #9

because ya using soap wots perfumed try shower gel

Answer #10

you might have a yeast infection. I would see your doctor about it. all vaginas smell diffrent but if it has a strong musk fish smell you might have some kinda of infection. I sugest shaving, and using body washes and lotion together on a loofa and scrubbing really nice and inside it about 3 times a day, and spread your legs and do it to (:

Answer #11

I think that it has a lot to do with your PH levels. I think that everyone automatically assumes that it must be a yeast infection. But unless you are having any other symptoms that naturally go hand in hand with a yeast infection, I would assume that you have a bacterial infection or a Ph balance problem. Either way a gynecologist will be the one to help you. Eating yogurt may work, but sticking it up your va-jj is absolute sillyness. Go to a free clinic if you don’t have the money. They would be able to help you. Best Wishes

Answer #12

Well, if you shave your hair, it’s very possible that that is what is causing the itch. Shaving can be very itchy.

Also, shaving down there can actually increase your chances of getting infections, and it’s possible that you have one. The female genitalia is supposed to have some smell, but it should not be a very strong fishy smell that you have to worry about other people smelling from across the room or anything like that.

So my advice would be to see and ob-gyn to see if you have an infection. You also might want to stop shaving. If you really feel the need to remove some hair, you can try just trimming instead.

Answer #13

To sort out a yeast infection, dip a tampon in some PLAIN LIVE yogurt with a drop of lavender pure essential oil mixed in.

Use 1-2 drops of oil for each application- the exact amount of yogurt isnt really important but a teaspoonfull will dilute the oil so you dont risk being irritated by it. The yogurt should be fresh yogurt because the active acidiphilus etc that are in the live yogurt die over time after manufacture- dont use fruit or sugared yogurt- it must be palin and it must be the live kind, Live yogurt has things like acidophilus in the ingredient list. Remove and replace 3-4 times a day for 2 days. If you dont want to put a tampon in there, you can just push some in a little way with your fingers - a bit messy but wholesome and effective. Dont eat sugary food for a few days- and leave the soap alone till you are better. For the future, remember that the inside of your lady garden cleanes its self . If you clean the outer side of the 2 grooves with a mild soap, rinse it off really well.be really carefull not to let any soap get inside you. I have a half- flannel for this purpose and wash it well in boiling water so that its sterile for next time. Now you have your bottle of lavender oil (costs £ 2-£3 from Holland and Barret, tescos, evolution, Neals yard- etc), put a few drops in your bath from time to time to help keep you healthy down there!

Answer #14
  1. Bacterial Vaginosis
  2. vaginitis
  3. yeast infection

1 2 and 3 can all be caused by over washing, and not wearing cotton clothing so the bacteria stays there and grows. its most likely one of these, and you can get treated at the gynecologist for this.

Answer #15

its def something to see a med professional about if you are just 13. if you dont want your parents to know, and you dont have another adult you can trust to take you to a doc, check with your local health department about their privacy policies. it is possible they can treat you for free, and may not be able to inform anyone about it without your consent. just call them. you dont have to give them your name or number. just tell them you are calling anonymously. explain the prob and ask if you come in for treatment if they have to inform a parent? but please dont let this go unchecked. it may be a simple yeast infection, or it may be some other bacterial infection…which left untreated can lead to PID, a lot of pain, and sadly even infertility.

Answer #16

Don’t shave your pubic hair. Trim, okay. But seriously WHY do you think it’s there? Your vagina is extremely sensitive and it’s there to protect it. Don’t let a guy tell you it’s gross - does he shave? Or other girls tell you otherwise. It’s natural, so leave it. If you don’t you may wind up with ingrown hairs or other nasty stuff.

Answer #17

im almost pretty sure yeast infections dont cause a fishy odor…its called a yeast infection because not only is it an overgrowth of yeast, it smells like yeast as well!! yeast is whats used to make bread and bread has a distinct but not foul odor, do you understand? also, BV which is bacterial vaginosis doesnt normally have a foul odor either…honestly the only infections that have foul odors are STD’s or so I’ve learned…usually chlamydia and ghonnerea (sp?) see your OBGYN asap! they will give you some antibiotics and knock it out in a week or so if it is an STD.

Answer #18

I READ HALF THE ANSWERS PEOPLE TOLD YOU AND THEY ARE ALL BAD AND WRONG. it is easy. I am 25 years old and I am pregnant. all the doctor is going to do is prescribe a pill to take for a few days or prescribe Miconzazole cream. That cream can be found over the counter at any pharmacy it’s under about $15. Monastat. or even pharmacies carry their own brands of the stuff. It is all the same. I have had to use the cream twice since pregnancy causes excess fluids to flow through the vagina. DO not have sex while using it and do not let the boyfriend go down on you! seriously. it could be him that is causeing the wetness problem, the only other way it can occur (the yeast/bacteria infection) Is by washing to often.

Answer #19

Pretty much all girls will have a smell “down there”. Trust me, you’re not alone so you shouldn’t be embarressed.

Some things that can reduce the smell are:

  • eating yogurt
  • use an unscented soap to wash it
  • wear cotton underwear so that it can “breathe”
  • shaving your pubic hair


Answer #20

to riken. If you’re going to college to be a doctor, I would advise you to learn how to spell college first!

Answer #21

omg did any of these people read what you wrote??? She never said her boyfriend goes down on her and how can she have an STD she said she has NEVER had SEX… Hun its probably some type of infection and can be cured just go to a doctor dont be scared to talk to your parents about it… the longer you wait the worse it will get…

Answer #22

Ignore those who have made jokes. Their idiots.

It sounds like you have Thrush (yeast infection) is could be caused by the type of underwear you use (you should wear cotton undies as it is breathable), or antibiotics, best thing to do is talk your mum and / or go to the doctors.. A strong smell as you describe is quite unusual

Answer #23

honey you could have a bacterial infection. you dont have to have sex to get this. I have a aunt who also had this as a child she was also told she may not get to have children that it could have made her infertal, but today she has to healthy children. you need to go to the doctor as soon as possible this a pretty serious thing cause im pretty sure that one day you want children I hope that you have at least told your mom so she can help you find a gyno and go with you. I ve been told some of the reasons for this is natural but also a issue of wiping. dont wipe back to front this puts waste in your vaginal area causing infection and also wash your hands before and after.I hope this helps you and I hope take care of it soon. a doctor is your best help. ashley

Answer #24

maybe something such as bacteria, etc had gone it. you should try using Guava (or other herbal) soaps to wash, make sure you are washing properly. drink lots of water.

Answer #25

Firstly, the smell of fish emanating from your vagina is never normal. Although you may have never had sex before, you can still have a bacteria infection (#1 INFECTION IN WOMEN). It can be caused by collected moisture, the type of panties you wear, if you take baths or showers, and douching too frequently. I would recommend that you take showers instead of baths, wear cotton underwear and after your period, thoroughly clean your vulva to rid it of any additional odors that may linger. If you have never douched before, I would say douche with a medicated douche (once every three months). I take my towel and clean my vuvla. May seem gross, but it works. I would say after bathing or washing you should dry it thoroughly. Keeping your vagina dry may be hard but its necessary. The moisture only increase the bacteria and if you douche too much then you get rid of the bacteria that your vagina needs. (Doesn’t need all of it though). The truth is the woman parts are complicated as hell!

Answer #26

Don’t you people read? She has not had sex or done anything with her boyfriend so back off that crap. It’s not an STD.

There is a new product made by vagisil - it is a testing kit that can tell you if you have a yeast infection. Go buy one at CVS and take the test, it’s very simple. If you have one, buy vagisil cream and the infection should clear up in a few days.

Antibiotics don’t work for yeast infections - I’m not sure where these people above have gotten their info. In fact, when I have been given antibiotics for sinus infections in the past, they have also given me diflucan to precvent the antibiotics from CAUSING a yeast infection.

Cranberry juice is for UTI’s urinary tract infections, not yeast infections.

You are 13 so you probably don’t need to go to the gyno just yet. Hopefully you can talk to your mom or an older sister. Just know that the fish thing is a woman thing and we’ve all been there.

Good luck to you and don’t worry too much.

Answer #27

hey I have hair down there too!..it’s normal…and if your worried about your boyfriend smelling it…don’t worry it smells because of the hair..the hair makes it sweat a lot…that makes the smelly smell

 some advise...when your showering make sure you wash your vigina really good...and if your going to have sex...right before that wash it so then if he does smell it...it would smell like soap...then he will know you wash it and are a clean girl
Answer #28

lmao, ‘morthius’ comment made me giggle.

well, you certainly shouldn’t be having sex at 13 I had it at 14 and I regret that to be honest. it’s just slaggish to be having sex at that age.

and two, maybe you should wash more often and you wouldn’t smell, my boy mate said you should maybe use soap and stuff as no lad likes a smelly fanny :) - his words not mine aha.

I agree with everyones comment on here, bad and good as some made me laugh you slag :)

  • good luck anyways x
Answer #29

Well, if you’re sexually active it could be Trichamonais or something. It’s symptoms include a fishy smell and itching. If you’re not sexually active, you could have BV (Bacterial Vaginosis). Either way you need to see a doctor and let him know you’re symptoms because either one can cause other problems if left untreated. I must warn you though…there is a possibility that you won’t be able to get rid of the BV no matter what you do or the medications you take for it. Trust me, I know :-(

Answer #30

honey first of all you dont need to be having sex at age thirteen. second of all it could be a std. but lets hope not lets just hope its a yeast infection go to walmart and get some monstate it really good its cream that you put up inside of you for like seven days and if that dont work then you really do need to go see a doctor for your best interest… honey just be safe there is to much stuff out here going around. and your to young to sexually active…

Answer #31

yeah so a couple of months ago I had the same problem…and it hasnt really gone away…use vagisal cream incase its a yeast infection, thats what I had, the cream is something you can by at like cvs or rite aid…it stopz the itch and the cream has a fresh smell so you wont smell…k good luck!!!

Answer #32

Yeast infection! Common name - thrust

DONT WORRY!!! See a Doctor and they will give you a tablet to fix it.

best things to help: no sugar or very liitle sugar (yeast feed on sugar) bread is bad, vegemite is bad. tomato’s - bad

yoghurt is good lots of yoghurt - natural yooghurt is the best with plenty of good bacteria (its an imbalance of good and bad bacteria)

cranberry is also good (you can drink cranberry juice or get cranberry tablets)

inner Health plus capsules are good too!

wear cotton underwear. Do not waer tight clothes (pants). Put on a skirt - let your vagina breathe. do not wash with soaps/deoderant etc. - just let plain water run over and wash do not wipe hard- fuwill further irritate.

see a doc and they’ll give you a tablet to fix it.

Answer #33

um that sucks… you could have a bacteria infection… that really sucks… take a hot bath with detol in it… its like really good antibacteria stuff… wish you luck… that really sucks a lot…

Answer #34

maybe you contacted a std and you should go to the doctor and get it checked out cause it can be a number of things a and if you wait to long you can have complications later on in life so go to the doctor

Answer #35

I think you got a yeast infection or proabably when your on your period you drink milk, eggs, cold things like ice cream, or your barefoot while on your period. -good luck alexa

Answer #36

its thrush, a yeast infection, nothing to worry about. you need to use canestan cream for the itching and canestan tablet for the internal infection. LIVE YOGHURT does not work so don’t waste your money. its usually cause by tight fitting clothes so don’t wear tights, tight jeans etc and wear cotton only underwear. if your having sex make sure you treat your partner too.

Answer #37

I know that this doesn’t answer your whole question, but as for the smell part of it, I do have an answer. Its called ‘Sweet Spot’ its this company that manufactures a small line of womens care for their sweet spot. When you use their combination of wash and spray once daily when showering it will fix that problem. Its specially formulated with the CORRECT ph balance for that specific area. That area’s ph is different from the rest of our bodies. This cleanser is more gentle and smells refreshing but not heavily perfumated. You will notice a difference in as little as a week after straight use. I know I did. I could tell that it wasn’t dry, itchy, smelly, wet or anything else abnormal about it. I do know that it enhances the experience with your intimate partner for them as well as for you not feeling self conscious. Its not very expensive at all and it last’s you a couple of months! Another pro about this product is that you can use the wash for all over or just restricted to that one area. They even sell handy wipes you can carry with you whenever you need to restore the balance on the go. Here is their website: www.sweetspotlabs.com Hope this helps!

Answer #38

Dont worry girls, it does not sound serious and your Doc can give you something that will quickly clear it up.

Sensible thing to come on here and ask for advice but ignore the pathetic comments and jokes on here at your expense.

You may only be 13 but you are far more mature than those on here having fun about waht must be a very serious concern and worry for you.

Be strong, ignore the fools and hope that this has all been sorted out by now.

Answer #39

I am inclined to agree with a few here. not necassarily a yeast infection (like thrush), thrush tends to be quite odourless, may smell a bit metally thats all..

but you seem to definately have an infection. ab’s will sort it out. if you wash too often down there you may strip the vaginal area of all it’s natural flora which protacts it…and NEVER EVER DOUCHE! it’s a terrible thing to do! the inside of the vagina is ‘self cleaning’ in effect, hense the small discharge people get. if you do you are potentially introducing bacterias into the area.

I am sure it must be so so embarresing, but a urinary tract infection or some other infection is most likely to be the cause. just see your GP and he or she will give you something. don’t be embarressed at all…

Answer #40

can you get a yeast infection from your partner

Answer #41

It can be a Bladder infection, if you hold your pee in for a long time sometimes it slips out and if your not drinking enough water the urine tends to have alot of calcification or protein. That smell is very fishy. Drink more water, and pee when u have to.

Answer #42

It can be a Bladder infection, if you hold your pee in for a long time sometimes it slips out and if your not drinking enough water the urine tends to have alot of calcification or protein. That smell is very fishy. Drink more water, and pee when u have to.

Answer #43

I’m wondering do you have a white or thick discharge also?

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