Why does my vagina smell bad after sex even though i used a condom?

Okay after having sex with my partner, the next day my vagina has a terrible fishy smell and discharge comes out as well. People say it is because of the semen, but me and my partner use a condom so the semen doesnt go inside me. Is it still Bacterial Vaginosis since we are using a condom?

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It can still be bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis isn't usually an STD. It is because of an ph imbalance in your vagina. You can get it from a variety of things, including being to clean.

What type of condom have you used? Maybe it's the brand irritating you. I suggest speaking to your doctor to get it cleared up in any case.

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I use trojan...but I don't feel that it irritates me. Thanks for the advice =]

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Yeah it was probably the condom.

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try the shower next time>>

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