Why don't people 'rate' advice more?

It’s always good to know if advise has been usefull, or not, so why does anyone hardly ever rate it? I mean, it’s not only the person who submitted the question that can rate it, is it?

Answer #1

Simply a Rose to brighten your day,

    And maybe lessen the cares in your way;
    And also, too, to help you to know,
    That in knowing you, many others grow!

  I used to rate answers if they were good or if they were bad. Since the change where we can only rate one answer period, I rarely rate answers because there’s always a chance that there will be more answers coming and a better one may end up being posted.

I usually view the questions the same day they are posted, so I only rate a good answer if I see that it actually answers the question extremely well and usually so well that I can’t find anything to add.

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Answer #2

that’s fine, I understand that. and normally your ‘adivce’ would be appreciated. however, I would NEVER be so bold as be critical about another without provocation…or request. I believe I did neither.

and surely, if you had ‘my best interest at heart’ with the effort it took, you’d have sent me a private message saying ‘hey sootica, your spellings poop…you need to learn to spell this right!’ I’d have been like ta’!

but you decided to publicly comment, and I wan’t the only one who picked up on certain errors…

p.s; I wouldn’t go to the ‘editior’. why? because I like this site, it’s interesting… I don’t doubt for one moment that everyone is entitled to an opinion…and I don’t want to be kicked of for spelling a word wrong…and defending myself…and I think most people would get that I meant ‘advice’ from ‘advise’ I know one is and ones to do, but hey…

and FYI; I’m dyslexic…and I have to work very hard not to make errors…plus, although I am quick I have to check over everything I type, hence why I said word didn’t pick it up. so don’t be so rude in the future…I thought I was doing OK and I work hard enough… academic stuff doesn’t come easy for me, but I really try to work at it. but cheers for picking what I do, do to shreds…

Answer #3

no actually I spelt it correct in the title, I changed the title… also katwoman I cant be bothered to change all her spelling mistakes, it would never end!

Answer #4

tou-shay (I have no idea how it’s spelt, but) LMAO!

and I don’t know, I’ve rated stuff I didn’t ask, because I thought it was useful (with one L lol) to me…

Answer #5

I think that only the person who asked the question should be able to rate it and that they should only rate one answer. I never rate anyone elses questions and I never rate ‘no’ to answers.

Also, Ty, if you want to correct sooitca’s spelling. Usefull is actually, spelled useful.

Answer #6

no, anyone can rate answers. but unfortunately each user can only rate one answer per thread. before we could all rate three answers per thread. :[

Answer #7

it’s advice not advise… “Advice” is the noun, “advise” the verb. When Ann advises people, she gives them advice.

and I usually only rate something if I think it’s really good or really bad, especially now that we can only rate one piece of advice!

Answer #8

back to the original topic lol..

and only one rate? oh my god! what happends if theres two really good pieces?

I know! I used to rate 2 or three answers on a question if they were helpful. especially if it was one of those looong threads with like 70 answers. I hate that we can only rate one. because the little question thing says “do you find this answer helpful?” and there can definitely be more than one answer that’s helpful to the question.

Answer #9

and just because I am dyslexic, it doesn’t mean I’m thick. some people excel in academic, some in practical. I do in practical and have learnt a lot through it, but academically I have to really work at it. it goes in fine, and I understand it fine, it’s just articulating it that can pose a problem…

Answer #10

ok, so you can go round changing people’s titles? hows that right? yet it’s permitted for people to ask how to starve themselves to death?

just don’t understand what right you have to change someones title question, yes you’re an ‘advisor’, but maybe I want it spelt that way, or does being an advisor give you the right to dictate how people think things should be done?

don’t mean to sound 4rsy…and no doubt you will ‘lock’ or ‘delete’ this question, but I’ve has seen some sketchy comments by previous ‘advisors’.

your ‘correction’ seemed unnecassary, considering it was a simple, legitimate question. and since you were so quick to critises others spelling, it was only natural that someone would , naturally, correct you…

Answer #11

I only change around titles when there are spelling mistakes or when the question isnt clear from the title. If you have an issue with it I suggest you talk to editor about it. Advisors are allowed their opinions. We arent restricted by our title to give our thoughts on any subject. Unless we’re breaking the rules or being abusive we’re allowed to view our thoughts… And again, I am allowed my opinion. Your use of advise instead of advice has been quite consistent… It isnt a one time spelling mistake…

and no we delete anything related to self harm…

Answer #12

thank you for the spelling ‘advice’! not!…all the spelling errors on here, and you point that out! alrighty then! some might call that petty!! I spelt it correct in the title, but hey, gusse I’m not perfect, unlike ty…and incidentally, I value content above spelling…that’s what ‘words’ for!

and only one rate? oh my god! what happends if theres two really good pieces?

Answer #13

oh my god, why does every1 feel the need to correct eachothers spelling?

were here to advise not too critasise on peoples spelling!

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