Why does precum taste better than cum?

I love giving guys head but why does precum taste so good in every guy but cum so different

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Precum is made separately from sperm. Precum is produced by man’s bulbourethral glands. The main bulbourethral gland is the prostate, and there are also few smaller glands that are situated in the body of the penis. They produce clear liquid that is similar to other mucous excretion of the body, the main difference is the different contents of proteins and increased concentration of sugars like fructose. Precum’s main purpose is cleaning the urethra from any bacteria or the leftovers of urine, also precum is a lubricant that is used for lubrication of the glans and foreskin during the intercourse. Depending on the person precum may or may not contain small amounts of spermatozoids, the chances of pregnancy are small but, since in theory, only one sperm is enough to get a woman pregnant there’s still a chance that the pregnancy will happen. It would be the safest to use condoms during the entire duration of the sexual intercourse.


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depends on what the guy eats and drinks

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Mostly it's a matter of there being a lot more c*m than precum. With precum you are also tasting the guys pen*s.

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because cum has more proteins

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