Why doesn't anyone care?

I’m getting pretty fed up with this country and all. I don’t like how it’s working. I just hate being able to voice my opinion and have it not get listened to. I hate knowing that everyone has the same opinion about how this entire country is messed up and backwards and no one does anything about it. No one really speaks out. No one does anything. They just sit. And wait. And complain. One voice can’t get it done no matter how much people think it can. I was led to believe in grade school that even the minorities could get things done, and they could, in the 60’s, but not now. Not again I believe.

There are so many lies out there, so many half-truths, so many cover ups that it's sickening.  September 11th's "plane" crash into the Pentagon was a fake.  There was no plane at all.  The towers were rigged with explosives, the main columns were cut deliberately.  You can see it in the photographs.  It was all just a rouse to get us in the war.  Much like the explosion of the cruise ship that got us into World War 2 by the Germans.  The Germans warned people in the United States through newspapers.  The cruise ship was sent into Irish waters full aware that it was controlled by the German naval ships and you boats.  The same thing happened in Vietnam with the bombing of the U.S. Naval destroyer.  A fake.
I used to love this country, though not the government.  Never the government.  But now, after not hearing anyone get pissed off, after not hearing anyone get angry, it really doesn't seem worth it.
The Patriot Act was enabled to give us the hope that terrorists would be found within this country.  But that's not what it's there for.  The Patriot Act actually takes away our freedoms.  There is no more Bill of Rights.  That act declares that our phone lines can be tapped, our conversations listened to, our property searched and seized for any reason or no reason.  We can be put on trial not in front of our peers, placed aside in a prison where we will await our unfair and lengthy trial.
Bush would rather spend 190 billion dollars on the war in Iraq rather than 35 billion over the course of 5 years on health care for the poor and destitute.
This "war on terrorism" will never end by their means.  Who are terrorists?  Where are the terrorists?  Not only do we live in a country which does everything that a terroristic government would, but so does the society for supporting it.  War on terror will never stop because terrorism will never stop.  That thought of terror puts fear into the hearts and minds of millions.  Get the terrorists and we will win.  But we can't win, because there are no more terrorists.  The only ones left are ourselves.  This nation.
There is no more Declaration of Independence.  We have never declared our independence.  We are strung along by the rope that binds us to this land, these laws, and these lies.
The Bill of Rights is a complete farse.  It's there to make us look good face to face.  But deep down we're still chained.  Shackled to one another by those with the power.  Not Bush, not Cheney.  But the ones with the true power, those who control the money system.  Those who control the White House, the Senate, the House, the Judiciary.
Money is the key to it all.  But, it's not our money.  It's not the "Legal Tender" that's printed on the sheets of green paper.  Those are worthless since "Worth 1 dollar of Gold" had been replaced decades ago.
Needless to say, I hate this country.  I hate this government.  Oh so do I wish it to end.  Oh so do I wish those tales of the forefathers actually held some dignity.
But no more do they now.  Now they hold only facts of long ago, written into every textbook about the triumph those few had over a tyrannical society thousands of miles away.
So who will be those select few?  Who are the ones that will stand up and fight against the tyrannical society that is within our borders of "Freedom?"
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The borders are open - since you hate it and have bought into all the America-bashing, you are free to leave and find a better one - will not be easy - I however, choose to stay in the greatest nation the world has ever known - no, I say again, no nation is perfect nor is there one which has more to offer…I wish you the best !!

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jkwix21 - Thank you for your service sir - don’t buy into the lies and negatives of the bashers - the great majority of Americans are behind you and thankful for your contribution to our freedom - God bless you !!

Answer #3

When you:

  1. get a job
  2. make enough to ‘set up elsewhere’
  3. acquire more clothing Then it won’t be ‘quite hard’ See - it is possible with effort - borders are still open outbound, if desired. I wish you every happiness abroad - I chose to work on change ‘from within’…Take care !!

But, when you don’t have any money whatsoever, when you can’t get a good job to afford to move with more than just the clothes on your back and 100 American dollars in your wallet

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The good news is…as part of a democracy, we can all work together, to make the country better. I do what I can - participate in polls, send messages to congress, etc. I’m more personally involved, now, in the political process than I ever was in the past. And I have been for more than a year.

The reason I’m more active? The list of things you said you’re fed up with :) When things were “OK” I had no need to pay as much attention, to push for change, to try to help other people see what we as a country were doing was wrong.

Now, I feel differently. If you’re not happy, do what I do, and thousands others do: act. Do something. Reach out. Even participating, here, helps to spread the message. If you believe something is wrong, suggest an alternative.

300 million people will never agree on everything, but, through education & outreach, at least enough of us can agree to do the right thing, and make things better.

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To edit my previous statement above, I love the idea behind the country. Yes, this country could flourish, but so could a totalitarian government, it all depends on who runs it, how they run it, and what they do to the people. I find nothing wrong with speaking out against the Government, I find nothing wrong with speaking out against the injustices that have been put upon us all. I find nothing wrong with saying the Constitution needs to be re-written to include ALL PEOPLE, not just men. I find nothing wrong with giving people information about the amount of our rights that are being taken from us. On the subject of open borders; yes, they are open, mostly. And I would love to leave. I would love to go to Canada, Europe, or Japan. But, when you don’t have any money whatsoever, when you can’t get a good job to afford to move with more than just the clothes on your back and 100 American dollars in your wallet, it is quite hard. I find that Canada is one of the best nations out there. Free health care, free education. What more can I say? We as a people (that’s people as in the entirety of the world) have a right to be educated and healthy. We should not have to pay for it. We should not have to pay to learn at a basic level, we should not have to pay to get our bones mended, our cancer treated, our eyes fixed, our handicaps helped. Universal health care should be a right that all people should have. Universal education should be a right that all people should have. And speaking as such, there are many countries that offer free education, that offer free health care. They do so under socialism, and socialism is a much better type of economic system than that of capitalism. In any case, I respect all of your opinions on this nation and of me. I wrote that and this in hopes that some people would think about what is going on around them, think about the rights that are being taken away from them. Think about the wrongs that have been brought against us, think about the right things that we should be able to have, the right things that we should be doing on a daily basis.

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i am an american soldier stationed a half a world away from my 1 yr old son and pregnant wife. I may not always agree with what the president says or sends us. It doesn’t matter how many other coutries general public dislikes us. its the freedom, freedom of choice, religion, and speech. if you were in some other countries, you would be found and shot for saying the things that you just wrote about. but what is great about america is that you can write that, have your personal opinion, and not be shot for it. It is my duty as a soldier to defend your right to say that. how much of good of example would i be setting for my children if i don’t do what im doing? If i do die in the combat zone, i want my kids knowing their daddy died doing what he believed in. and that i felt so strongly about what im doing that i would die for its cause.

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One of thing I like about this country is something called, ah, freedom of speech. Where I came from, you can’t openly bash the government and expect to live. You can’t say anything private over the phone, you can’t write blogs to exchange complaints. The government is more than corrupted. Every donation we receive as a nation goes mostly into the officials’ pockets. For kicks and giggles, they make victims of natural disaster pay for the food other countries have generously donated. The food often goes stale in the storage room while those victims starve.

I don’t think this country is perfect, but it still has one of the best governing systems in the world. Or maybe I’m just over that idealistic phase.

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As someone has said… the borders are open. If you don’t like this country, you can always leave. Three times out of five you would be back, though.

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this coutry f*cking sucks. we have to get a permit to get a gun but the constitution says we have the right to bear arms. and its illegal to say “i want to kill the president of the united states”, very illegal the fbi will be at your door in hours. but its not illegal to say we have a group that meets under the iffle tower that meets at midnight.

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Its like this, and always has been-the Rich are happy with their lot, so don’t complain. The poor are either unhappy with their lot (or they are christians) but dont have the time or the means with which to complain. The answer is simple; Most religion was invented to subdue the masses - so become a ‘God fearing’ Christian and wait for heaven in the afterlife!

Sorry- I dont have a better answer, but I hope do find some thing to make your life feel worth-while :-)

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I love this country. Question- what country do you want to live in? Everyone is not getting pissed off by thpse things because most of what you are saying is a load of BS. Sorry.

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NOT ME! I’M NEVER GOING BACK TO THE US!! I currently reside in the UK. I think I’ll stay here ;D

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