Why does my right wrist sweat sometimes?

For as long as I can remember my right wrist has been prone to sweat at random and id really like to know why. I dont know anyone else with the same problem, and everyone else thinks its very strange, my boyfriend and my family are the only ones who dont question me about it. So if anyone might know the answer please let me know. My left wrist doesnt sweat, its just the right one... Just curious as to why.

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maybe you should ask a doctor. something serious could be happening or its just something that happens

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I'd like to know myself! I have the same challenge but it's in my left wrist. It will randomly sweat then ache then sweat some more, my hand stays dry, and so does my arm. Only the wrist sweats...can't explain it and haven't found an answer on the internet.

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Yes! Thankyou for just askin that question. If you ever found out why, let me know. I have the same problem and always thought I was the only one. Im healthy, active, I don't even sweat a lot. Just sometimes... My wrist gets all clammy and sweaty. Is not a big deal , it's just strange. I make people touch it so they believe me, haha.

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Its so weird.... me too except its my left wrist.... seriously what is it it has been bugging me for years!!!!

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