Why does my little sister do this?

My little sister and I share a room. One night I walked after a bath and I was naked. I didn't knowshe was in there. So she looks at me and says ooo your private I want to touch it. I was like WTF! Everyday since then she has been like Aubree let me see your private or your boobs even when we are in public. Why does she do this she's 6 by the way.

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Don't get mad at her over it, shes only 6 and is curious. If you yell at her, she may grow up with insecurities about human bodies.

Next time she does it, just say to her 'no, this is my body, you cannot touch it, do you understand?' when talking to kids you have to give them a statement, and an explanation. In this case, you are telling her she cannot touch you because it is your body. then you ask her if she understands.

Maybe you could talk to your mom or dad about this. If she starts saying it in public too often, you need to have a serious talk with her because it could raise suspicions in public lol.

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She's just curious about it. She doesn't have pubic hair, nor boobs. It's new to her and she wants to see it. My neighbor's two year old is always trying to touch my boobs. I just tell her. 'Those are my boobies, you're not allowed to touch those.' Tell your little sister the same, and that she'll have her own one day to look at.

Also, when you're sharing a room with a little girl, you shouldn't walk around naked. It's her room too.

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I am only guessing but she is probally just being curious. she will grow out of it. but what you can do is talk to your parents about it if they don't know. try talking to her alone,say something to her like..."look lil sis. what you saw was an accident and im sorry you had to see me naked. but it is not ok to talk about it in public or touch other peoples private parts." good luck and if this goes on for a long period of time I'd say go get her tested by a professional psychiatrist,there may even be something else that caused her to behave like that.

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ok one creepppyyy 2 that child has issues and 3 shes probably just doing it to creep you out and tick you off

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Wow that is strange...if I were you I would have a long nice talk about it with her so she nos it's bad and so she doesn't do it to other girls at her school or what ever because that would not be good

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My lil sis does the same and when she does I just give her a threat like you cant go do this or mom sayed that!!

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