Why does my ballet teacher hate me?

My ballet teacher has always ignored me in class but it has gotten worse in the last year. She now openly pulls faces at me if she does not like the way I am doing an exercise, but does not help me correct it. She talks to the other mums, giving advice for their daughters during class , and helps the other students all the time - stopping the music when they have done something wrong, helping them and holding their leg/arm whatever to show them how it must be done. She never looks at me. I am probably self taught -and have done well in the lower levels. Now that I am in the vocational levels I am finding it really depressing as I can not manage - I need a teacher to help me and she ignores me. It is as if I am not in the class. I cry before class, during class ( she seems not to see) and after class and am beginning to hate being in her class. We live in a small town so no other teacher. I have done well in exams and competitions as my mum tries to help me at home and I work hard, very hard as ballet is my passion, but she has slowly killed it and I feel as if I have nothing left - despite apparently having natural talent for dance. Some one said she may be jealous as she never managed to do well and had wrong body type for classical ballet whereas I have the right ‘type’. It is as if she wants to destroy me. She never has a kind word to say to me and I go to class , smiling, and I work so hard - my mum says she can not understand it - she must be insane to be able to treat some one so badly and so openly - she obviously does not want to teach me

Answer #1

Your teacher probably sees something in you but doesnt want you to succeed for some reason. there is always gonna be a time in your life when you meet people like her. You just have to be strong and not let one person mess up your dream…Not everyone you meet is gonna like you. Just focus on the good side of things when theres a situation that has to deal with quiting. If you really love ballet dont quit. It seems to me you dont really need a teacher. However if you do, you didnt come this far for nothing, if you keep going you’ll be surprised what good things happen that you never thought will.

PLEASE dont let one person mess you up! Dancing is a way of expressing yourself and letting loose. Its important especially if you’re shy, keep things 2 yourself and/or care what everyone thinks about you. When you’re misrable its o.k 2 leave but dont quit.

Answer #2

OK my literature teacher hates my freakin guts but the reason is is im too smart lol. he hates me because I get all the questions right and ace all da tests so maybe your teacher hates you because your too good

Answer #3

Here in Portugal and even foreigners hate me and malign me because I am entirely home-educated but lack quite a bit of education in some fields nonetheless because my father got blind, stopped teaching me and did not provide for further studies, it is the same with you and your teacher: just tell her if you are religious “In the name of God who created us both, you will be accursed if you do not want to teach me because you resent that I am better built than you, and have taught myself till now, it is not right that you do not want to teach me for this reason” or if you are not religious say “So you want to sabotage me deliberately because I am born better-shaped than you and am self-taught, is this what you are employed for?” and you can complain even better in writing to her superior.

Answer #4

Well, I opinion is to quit. If you love doin ballet, you shouldnt be havin a miserable time in class. Another thing to do is ask her simple questions. maybe just tell her you like something on her, and ask where she got it. Then maybe she’ll start liking you. Good Luck!!!

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