My dance teacher hates me, what can I do?

I am doing dance competitions, but my mum and step dad are separating and I have gotten really side tracted, when I stuffed up my first dance my dance teacher had a go at me and at a practice this morning she constantly critisized me and told me all the things I did wrong and nothing I did right, I have been dancing since I was 3 and she has managed to put me off it, she then called my mum after reducing me to tears and excused herself by saying that I had been back chatting (I stated twice on seperate occasions that we were running extremely late 15-20 minutes) my mother already has enough pressure without my teacher going off at her, and now my dance teacher literally hates my guts, what can I do?

Answer #1

I feel your pain! I do hip hop dance competitions and my teacher absolutely hates me! she singled me out in front of the whole class and just started yelling at me!

Answer #2

You could apologize (I know- what for???) and tell her that things are a bit rough at home at the moment. And continue dancing and ignore her as best you can when possible.

Please continue dancing. Find a new teacher if you wish. But don’t give up just because of one instructor who is mean. Best of luck, xx.

Answer #3

I think, if it gets really bad you could change dance schools, p.s sorry about you mom and step father!

Answer #4

I suppose it depends on how you look at the situation. From my point of view teachers try their best to help you realize what you need to improve on. Now I don’t really know if this teacher hates you or not, but if she’s giving you feedback on things, try to take it positively and work on it. Ask her questions, if you need to. Apologize for talking back. Try to see if this is a situation where you guys can work on it.

If you can’t work it out at all, I suppose the only options are for you to try different teachers or different schools. I definitely think you should try to make it work, though.

Take care.

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