Why does it itch? i started shaving and now my vagina itches?

I started shaving my vagina and now it itches and feels like little needles are pokking my Vajj aka vagina lol and it really is uncomfortable! is this normal? and what can I do to stop the itchyness? and will it ever go away? should I stop shaving? or what??

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its perfecly normal. when you shave till skin, the hair that grows back cuts the skin, which causes it. if you ever shave anywhere, your reaction [afer a day or 2] will be scratch, its actually to help the roots grow. you lift the skin for the hairr to grow..
OK...a little scientific , me, but true ;p [didnt even need to google it! :p!]

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well im a male but from what I know its because when you shave there are still little pointed hairs so till your hair grows again or long enough it will stop to itch and I know this because I shave my face 2

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No that is not normal you must crabs hunnie if I was you I would stop shaving and get waxed thats what I do and go to your gp .

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its really normal for it to itch! it may be your razor or your shavig cream but normally after shaving that are it will start to itch and get bumpy!

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Its a normal thing called razor burn! my bffs mom is a vagina doctor! you are probably just using a crap razor! get an olay 5 blade and always use shaving cream!

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ummm ima guy so...yea

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