Why does he get sick?

I have a perfect little boy!! He is 10 wks old.. Absolutly beautiful I tell ya.. I breast feed and he has trouble keeping the milk down.. I took him to the dr for it because it worries me that he eats soo often then he pukes it back up.. Its not just spit up either its puke. They think it may be acid reflux and gave him medicine for it.. Needless to say it doesnt help.. I wonder if his lil muscle that keeps his food down has not formed all the way yet. I dont know what to do for him. Yesterday he was puking and it came out my nose. I got really scared that he would drown or choke or something. I feed him upright so that hes not laying hoping that will help. It doesnt. I burp him like ever 4 minutes.. Has anyone else had this problem with there new born? Any advice? Please dont tell me Im a bad mom.. Im very sensitive about this..

Answer #1

I doubt he is sick. Its probably just reflux or something.

Hold him upright while feeding him.

Burp him often.

Leave him upright after feeding for 30-45 minutes.

You might want to talk to his doctor about adding a LITTLE rice cereal to his food if he takes a bottle.

If it continues he might need some kind of medication. The above helped my son who was born premature. I think his system just wasnt developed enough. He did have projectile vomitting too. But my nephew, who was born full term and weighed more than 9 and a half pounds, had horrible reflux. To the point he was choking and spitting up a lot. He had to go on medication.

Otherwise, dont sweat it. You are doing a great job and you obviously care a lot about your child.

Answer #2

Of course you’re not a bad mom! :) It would be a good idea to bring him to the doctor and have him checked out. A lot of babies have that problem, and your baby’s doctor will know what to do about it. Good luck!

Answer #3

Fortunately, I’ve never had to deal with that particular situation, but I have had 3 children and I know how terrifying it is when they’re sick.

Keep bringing him back to the doctor until they figure out what’s wrong - don’t be afraid to be assertive…it’s your child and he deserves the best care possible.

Answer #4

Please stop typing in all caps. It is difficult to read and is the text equivalent to screaming. It really does not take that much effort to press Shift at the beginning of each sentence, and in the process, you avoid angering everyone who does not like being yelled at. Much obliged…

Answer #5

Sounds like acid reflux. When I worked at the daycare, I worked with the infants and saw this quite a lot. He may just be getting too much milk at once. You could try to use a pump and then buy the special bottles that they make for helping slow down the consumption of the milk, that has helped some infants (not all but some). See if that helps. Try holding him for a while after he eats so he doesn’t get really active or something right after eating. That will allow the milk to seetle a little more too. If that doesn’t help, go see a new dr. A different opinion will help you feel more confident in that decision. Keep in mind that it just might stay like that bc there may be nothing else to do…but I’d go get a second opinion…

And you are obviously a good mother bc you are trying to help. You are seeking help however you know how. That is all you can do. I wish you the best, and hope this helps.

Answer #6

~~ It could be Pyloric Stenosis. (not real serious) It effects the first born males the most. The reason for that is still unknown. But don’t get worried because it’s actually rather common. The symptoms begin with spitting up then it progresses to projectile vomiting. It can be detected simply by the dr examining his stomach then doing a few other easy tests, usually an ultra sound. Pyloric Stenosis is narrowing (stenosis) of the opening from the stomach to the intestines, due to enlargement (hypertrophy) of the muscle surrounding this opening (the pylorus, meaning “gate”), which spasms when the stomach empties. This develops during the first few weeks of life. Honey you’re obviously a good mom and you care enough to have taken him to the dr when he needed to go. You just hang in there.. and call the dr again and continue taking him untill they resolve this!! My grandson had this that’s the only way I even knew of it.. I’m not saying that this is what your baby has..but now you’re educated on another possibilitiy. ~many blessing~~

Answer #7

Take him to different doctors to get different opinions. Try holding him upright a lot. If he just randomly vomits, keep him in a little slanted chair so he’s not all the way down but not all the way upright so he can sleep. Keep burping him regularly. At night before bed gently rub his stomach in curcular motions. This should help. ~Hope your baby is healthy!~Wish you luck~U are a great mom!!~~~

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