Why does everyone play Sims?

I don’t get why people want to play a game that pretends to be real life, when they could just be in real life. Why does everyone play Sims?

Answer #1

Sims is so fun. It allows you to look at carers and learn how to control your life. Its actually really good and quite educational but in a fun way. It is not boring. x

Answer #2

sims is a way to see the way what life and the outcome the way you couldnt have your real life I guess…its just a lot of fun

Answer #3

Its fun, you get to do about everything you can in normal life.

Answer #4

You get to live the life you do not get to live in real life!

Answer #5

Good question acually i think they just do it because they lie to thered parent s and they say there doing homework and then they go play sims becuase u can do homework on it and they just get out of homework to play a dumb game. would u rather do ur homework or plat sims? me answer SIMS! (even though its stupid) lol!

Answer #6

Sims is fun because there’s kind of a god complex to it-if you want to destroy someone, you can. Plus, if you’re a chicken in real life (like me) you can live out some dreams in the game. Sims is just plain fun!

Answer #7

Because it allows them to live a life that they’d not do in reality…eg, some people behave differently in such games, their morales change, they take risks, etc. However, in real life, they’d never dream of doing such things - too much potential for negative consequence.

In a game though, they can just start over or hit the reset button.

Answer #8

The sims is a good game for people that wanna play simulation games,well so is tycoon games but the sims is mostly you can create people and play god on them you could either destroy there homes,don’t pay there bills so they lose everything,flirt with your neighbors,have sex with strangers(woohoo),buy funiture for there homes,make your sims kill them selfs you can all so mod the game to give them cars or new funiture or hair styles etc the point is the game is a fun game for people that like the simulation genre of games.

Answer #9

i don’t have a clue what’s so fun about it. all u do is choose options for ur sims to do one word BORING

Answer #10

It’s just so addictive.

Answer #11

because you can controll the way their life go. and you can make whatever you want happen. good bad?

Answer #12

because there are no real-world consequences no matter what you do. and its really fun and you can do stuff you can never do in real life.

Answer #13

Well, you get to make new people, create new lives, you could make an adult and then give them a todler to see the change in mood and everything. It feels like a fun responsobility to be in controll of someone elses life… try it and I promise you will like it!

Answer #14

cause the game is much better than real life I mean in real life you cant always choose to do a lot of stuff and on the sims your life is run a cirten way that keeps it kindove perfict and if your a kid you get the fill to actually have a job and pluse no kid wants to get up and go outside so they might as well live there life on the game and on the couch or bed

Answer #15

Its Because Sims…Just Has Stuff Real Life Wouldnt .. Like The Cow Plant.. The Checker Playing Chicken(Only On ps2?) Wear Wolfs. Zombies. Pleaing To Death. Its Just Like Ask Why Do People Play Second Life. Its Plain Fun.

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