Why does everyone hate miley cyrus?

Why does everyone hate miley cyrus?

Answer #1

Slam her if you like bit she’s a person just like you - strengths and weaknesses - obviously very talented, putting millions in the bank - appears to be a good person at Heart.

Answer #2

just like what puppetmaster2750 here is saying she is sooo stupid and id feel stupid putting pics of me on the internet especially on the internet so yeah lol

Answer #3

first like a year ago I luved her but now I like hate her

Answer #4

I know I dont.. most people are jealous though

Answer #5

Maybe they dont hate,they dont lke?

Answer #6

because shes a SLUT who got phil of the future cancelled!!!

Answer #7

no she’s not. She got bullied at school and stuff when she wasnt famous. For me, she’s very talented. And, her dad didnt even put her in the Hannah Montana, it was her skills. You guys stop being so fucking jealous of her! if you guys want to be like her you could, but dont hate her because she has a role of hannah. It’s just a damn role. If she was REALLY a slut then hollywood wouldnt have allowed her to be in it already. Are you guys stupid or what? She’s got feelings. What would you do if you were her, and everyone’s talking crap about you thats not even true. Get a life for god sakes.

Answer #8

oh yeha and im not jelous, I personaly think im way more pretty and talented than her and dated nick jonas apprently??? eewww im dating a hot guy right now lol

I do genuinly think she has no talent shes only famous because her daddy was, he has the talent not her

Answer #9

I don’t like her cause she’s got a bit big headed, like loves herself..

Answer #10

Well, for a while my niece hated her. All because she heard a rumour that Miley Cyrus was a l*sbian. Lol. I couldn’t tell if it was true or not though.

Answer #11

I loved phil of the future and it sometimes on disney XD but they are old episodes

Answer #12

I don’t hate her because I don’t really “know” her so I can’t judge, but I don’t like her music… I’d have to say that other people don’t like her because of some of the things she has done. She at one point said she was a christian, and then did those nude or something pictures, and some people say she is the next Brittany Spears… But then agian she is a celebrity and humans have a way of using their fame for more than entertainment… Sometimes just to attack somebody… But hey they did become famous of their own free will… =)

Answer #13

its because its not fair she has I think like 7 other sisters and she steals the spotlight for them too because shes daddys little favriote, shes quite an arrogant girl and shes a disney made charactor if you will and disney stars are quite… well loved or hated I perosnaly dont like her, I find no appeal in her she jsut doesnt seem like a nice girl also her sisters shud get more publicity

basicly shes a brat

Answer #14

I dont hate Miley Cyrus. I actually think she’s very talented, she has a big voice and a big heart…:)

Answer #15

I think many teenage girls are jealous of her fame and fortune and wish they could be like her. She’s pretty, has millions of dollars, and dated nick jonas. I know im jealous of her but I dont hate her for it. I dont like her music though.

Answer #16

it funny how people say all this bad stuff about her like she can’t sing or act but she’s still putting mad$$$ in the bank.

Answer #17

yeah her brothers the lead singer of metro station[good band chem em out!! ASAP] lol and her dad’s a famous country singer now shes just following in their footsteps

but mostly she has a bad name b/c she took topless photos for a magazine and put pics of her and her friends in their underwear on the internet [sleazy ahem ahem*] lol but a lot of it is jealousy but she isnt that great

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Answer #19

she doesn’t know what it means to be a true musician such as Sublime or Dispatch, plus her music is just horrible, lol

Answer #20

isant the only reason shes famous cause her rich dad or sumin?? x

Answer #21

rickyullmanandlinkinpark4life ^^^

Yeah!! I used to love “Phil of the Future”, but ever since Hannah Montanna came on, they got rid of it! :(

Answer #22

Miley cyrus there is nothing wrong with her I dont want to judge anybodys feelings but like this is just my opinion she is really nice and just because she took racy photos doesnt mean you should hate her vanessa hudgens took wya worse photo’s with drake bell and everybody still loves her. :) leave her alone.

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