Why do people hate miley cyrus

Why do many people hate miley ,why I like her shes cute and gorgeuse and a very good singer I dont care if you dont like her, look its obvious she is nice and in my school every girl loves her and in my school the girls trade me hannah montana stickers and jonas bro stickers so help yourself or hate her for the rest of your life.

Answer #1

-bad singer

-bad actress

-shes a slut

-she cant be acting like a normal teenager if she wants to be an actress for a childrens tv show, and she doesnt get that

what more is there to say?

Answer #2

It’s all jeaslousy. People hate what they can’t be. Miley is cute and talented, and has mega bucks. People just wish they could have all that.

Answer #3

She’s not a good singer.. <.<

Answer #4

she wouldt be famous if her dad wasnt billy ray cyrus. because she isnt anything special when it comes to singing tallent.

Answer #5

I like her I meen all the products she has are just a lttle ridiculos..

Answer #6

I love miley a lot because shes cooolll.

Answer #7

I agree with that arcticwolf

Answer #8

because she lide bout her life and she is so spoiled

Answer #9

because its normal to hate something/someone im sure you hate something/someone when there’s something that people love, people will hate it too that and. and theirs nothing wrong with that that and she dress like a 20 year old , this way before she turned 16 she had a 20 year old boyfriend at the age of 15 there a photo of her being racist towards Chinese people part of her jewellery line contained more lead than the legal limit and could have killed children (though that wasn’t her fault, just the crap company that made it) those half naked photos of her being leaked, that she took those pictures from when she posed for vanity fair half naked then apologised for it being provocative even though she though it was a good idea and really, her boobs hang out of most of her clothes even before she was 16 she’s been wearing clothes that little girls shouldn’t be wearing all that and in my opinion she’s a disgusting role model for young children teenagers, not so bad but a disgusting role model for YOUNG children though what she’s become is mostly the medias fault also because shes been wearing rediculouse hair extensions and all the layers of make-up and fake tan that also arnt neccessary and arnt what little children should be looking at

Answer #10

Seriously, I’m not sure. I really like Miley Cyrus. To me, she has a rocking voice, awesome acting skills, and can really dance well. I know that many people seem to hate her, but I think it’s over jealousy. I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t want to make 6 million dollars a year? Miley knows not everyone is a fan of hers, and she can accept that. I know she might act immature or took inappropriate pictures, but I can assure you that she didn’t anonymously send them to Google or something. Just because her life is so public that she can’t help it doesn’t mean that we should hate her. I think that half the time, paparazzis either go way too overboard and find things that weren’t meant to be publicized, or they twist the stories a lot.

Either way, she earned everything right now. Left her family and friends at Tennessee, is one of the most hated celebrities of America, and has no private life, but Miley lives through that everyday and lives her dream.

Anyone who says Miley doesn’t deserve her fame is really messed up. Trying to live like a celebrity for a day is like having your life projected into the sky for the whole world to see. Not very pleasant. So give Miley a break. She’s living her dream and being a normal teen.

Miley rocks. :)

Answer #11

I dont know maybe I like her but maybe because of her voice in the tv or her face her clothes I love her so ask people and tell them why do people hate miley cyrus.

Answer #12

…you’ll see what a great role model she is for kids!

Funny. You say that, but you don’t give a single valid reason WHY.

Answer #13

I don’t hate her personally.

I hate anyone whose popularity has been blown out of proportion.

It’s ridiculous paying $4,500 dollars for tickets to a god damn 15 year old’s concert.

I wouldn’t pay that much to see the Beatles come back to life.

Answer #14

if you dont care.. why would make this question annonumous? obviously you do. just like you, I have my own opinion of her I think shes annoying and if she wants to be on the disney channel and have young kids look up to her well then she should start acting like a role model instead of following in brittney spear’s foot steps.

Answer #15

That’s just how life is, not everyone is going to like someone. I don’t mind Miley, I think she’s a cute girl who a lot of people underestimate. It’s part of being a celebrity though, we all make mistakes but when you’re a celebrity the whole world is watching. A lot of people say stupid things about her, it’s just their opinion, it’s hard not to assume most of them are just jealous.

Answer #16

Miley Cyrus is the latest teen sensation from Disney. They last two were Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. All three are young, attractive, and talented but it is marketing that made them superstars.

I don’t dislike any of them but there are kids out there who are more talented and will never have 1% of the success these young women have achieved.

I just hope Ms. Cyrus can keep her life together instead of falling apart like Ms. Spears did.

Answer #17

I’m NOT jealous but she’s just so annoying. I like her sometimes, lol

Answer #18

She’s an OK person,nothing’s wrong with her.

Answer #19

I love miley! Have any of you seen her recent live chat on ustream? Well you should watch it and you’ll see what a great role model she is for kids! I think she has a great voice and why do you think she earned so much? Because of her adoring fans that love her and come to her concerts. She is one of the most famous teenagers in America!

Answer #20

from a singer’s point of view I dont like her because of the way her voice sounds.. it sounds like she is straining it and if she isn’t careful she will lose it.. she sounds fine singing her songs on the cd but live she is terrible and when she sang with taylor swift she butchered the song.. ya she is pretty but I think she is going down the path of lindsay lohan

Answer #21

Its a matter of opinion for God’s sake.I don’t like her a lot(my opinion)Im sure you hate some celebrities too.Guys may like her because he’s pretty and all but some hate her guts and some are indifferent to her.Opinion

Answer #22

I dont hate her I love her!! I agree with some guys on here.. Many people hate her because her life is close to being perfect, and afcourse, everyone want that… She is:

  • young
  • gorgeous
  • has pretty voice
  • rich
  • celebrity
  • successful

This all is very close to a perfect life (not saying that she hasnt got any problems, cause everyone has) but on a that young age, she has the life that every teenage girl would dream of.

Answer #23

I dont hate her..

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