Why do skydivers wear helmets?

why do skydivers where helmets?

Answer #1

I’m not certain about this, but I’ve always been of the impression that wearing a helmet while parachuting is more about protecting your head in the air, rather than if you crash into the ground. For instance, if your parachute unfurls incorrectly and whacks your head, or your head gets hit by an object in mid-air, wearing a helmet will lessen the impact and improve your chances of staying conscious in the air. Which is a big thing - for instance, if you’re unconscious in the air you can’t deploy your parachute, or try and get it untangled if its got caught up, and you hurtle to the ground with a very hard landing.

Plus, as lex_icon says, they were molly-coddled by their mothers…

Answer #2

It’s because skydivers are all secretly molly-coddled by their mothers… they actually have to wear yhose helmets every time they leave the house, because mummy says so. What you don’t see is the thermal underwear their mums made them wear, along with their cliche “mum” tattoo on their bicep. Teehee… alright, back to reality.

If your parachute fails, a helmet isn’t going to save you all on its own. Yes, the helmet they are wearing is rather important in protecting the head- remember, impact to the head area can often be fatal. However, it’s not very common that people who hit the Earth at terminal velocity actually live. There have been cases though, where some skydivers have walked away with nothing but a few bruises. It depends on how you land and where you land- swap is good terrain for such a landing, as the mud and plants seem to take the impact pretty well. Landing in water, however, is not as safe as it would seem- hitting that at terminal velocity is like a high speed crash into a brick wall.

Answer #3

Skydivers wear helmets to protect the skull from injury,damage when exiting the aircraft. It CAN happen for a myriad of reasons that instead of a clean exit you go bouncing along the side of the fuselage or “ring the bell” as you part company with the transport. The helmets are also there to protect the wearer if/when a collision with another skydiver happens, and they also come in handy if you land in an unplanned area - say a forest…or the side of a building. I’m an ex-military parachutist and an avid skydiver…and have three broken helmet shells here as an advert for their use!

Answer #4

Can you control the direction of your fall? Can you almost make it? Can’t the helmet break or something? If you hit the ground with the head first, won’t your blood naturally head straight to the head? won’t your head pop out of blood or something? Won’t your eyeballs pop out? What happens if you fall to a watery surface with an arrow shape dive? Can you survive? How long does it take for bones to heal? what if vital organs are also destroyed in the process? What if you suffocate when you puke all of your insides once you hit the ground?

Answer #5

Mostly to minimize the danger of head injury on landing, that is. Evening with the use of a parachute, the speed when reaching the ground can be high. Besides, there can be high lateral velocity due to strong wind. The diver may also land on a tree, house roof, etc.

Answer #6

An excellent point. The guy who invented crash helmets for skydivers probably also invented seat belts for motorcycles. I have never heard a skydiver on the news saying “My ‘chute failed at 13 thousand feet and I fell all the way. I thought I was a goner. Lucky I was wearing my crash helmet - I just harmlessly bounced off the Earth”.

Answer #7

its probably to protect their head if their parachute DOES work but they land wrong and hit their head on something. For example, if their parachute works but they land facing to far forward and they fall forward, instead of cracking their head open on the ground the helmet protects their head. DUH!

Answer #8

Yep Viper, you’re dead on. However, you can’t argue with people who have actually survived the crash with a few bruises.

and babysmackers: Pink fluffy bunnies- attack the argument, not the person.

Answer #9

right and if there parachute is malfunctioning and they come crashing to the ground..a meer helmet isn’t gunna keep them alive. their entire body is going to be broken and sure maybe (just maybe) their head will be okay, but then they have to feel the pain of all their bones being all broken and ouch. ahhh

Answer #10

Why ask a question like that?

Why not ask why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

Or when you have your picture taken with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, does the guy inside the costume smile for the camera?

Why isn’t 11 pronounced onety one?


But I believe it would be for S.A.F.E.T.Y =]!

Answer #11

well then to answer your next question.. I doubt he smiles. he probably has a look on his face that says ‘kill me now’

or ‘just take the damn picture’

I wonder if disney characters get drug tested.

Answer #12

gracias =]].

Answer #13

In case their parachute is malfunctioning, wind could result in whiplash, security precautions, why do people wear bike helmets? There’s a reason for everything?

Answer #14

Yeah, but you’d have a large amount of internal bleeding. Or the pain would give the impression that life isn’t worth it. Or you feel that your life is complete (you just went skydiving, remember?). After an injury like that, there’s not much else to live for…

Answer #15

Also if you land on pavement and you have a bad landing again you can bash your head on the street and so it helps to keep your brains inside your head.

Answer #16

don’t you duh me!!! haha..you huys crack me up! hahaha

Answer #17

I have skydived a bunch of times and I can tell you that I needed the helmet on one of my jumps. I jumped when the winds were pretty high and when I landed instantly my chute opened on the ground and I got dragged for about a kilometer before I could collapse the chute. I was hitting my head on rocks as I was being dragged and if I didn’t have the helmet that would have hurt.

Answer #18

Skydivers are coming down at over 400 miles per hour. Even hitting a small object at that speed is very dangerous.

Answer #19

In case they land on their noddle silly!

Answer #20

That’s my next question =P

Answer #21

They wear them to keep the Bugs out of their hair. . . .

Answer #22

Well, that’s why I will never in my life go skydiving…

Answer #23

yes, a helmet could keep them alive! most broken bones heal smart one.

Answer #24

what she said about the disney guy was actually my nexyt question…way to go..

Answer #25

You wear a helmet so if your chute doesn’t open you can hear yourself screaming really clear.

Answer #26

Whats better? being dead or having broken bones. Having a helmet at least lessens the chances of dying.


Answer #27

haha that was funny pajamas!!!

Answer #28

In case they bump their head?



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