What do you wear with your volleyball spandex?

I play volleyball. & I was wondering, which is better?:
1 Wearing regular underwear? (I do!)
2 Wearing a thong?
3 Wearing nothing at all?

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ANSWER #1 of 6

I play vball and I wear a g-string or a thong

ANSWER #2 of 6

I play volleyball tew,I usually wear a thong with the shorts just because the panty line looks gross soo I'd go with the thong pikk watever feels more comfy..

What do girls wear...?

ANSWER #3 of 6

I wear boy shorts...but really, just go with what you can perform in best. don't worry about a vpl out on the court. who cares?!?

ANSWER #4 of 6

I wear a thong.
or nothing.
it really doesnt matter
its whats more comfortable for you.
I dont like wearing like normal underwear because I dont like the panty line.

ANSWER #5 of 6

defiently wear something!
I would go with a thong. I wear them with legings.

ANSWER #6 of 6

when I play I wear either a g-string or mostly nothing its whatever is most comfortable with you

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