Why do people type like dis?

I find it very frustrating when people type all crazy! Like dis and that and because. Oh and like when some put instead of KNOW they put NO. UGH, there is more just can’t think of the rest.

OR WHEN SOME type LIKE this. TO ME it is A LITTLE BIT hard TO READ WHEN people DO THAT!!!

Just so everyone knows I am NOT trying to offend anyone, just honestly curious :)

Answer #1

For the Most Brief Reason, Slang is an Abbreviation that most find easily usable in a hurried world filled with Text Messages and Time Frames.. But for a More Founded Reason, REad on.. Enlighten Yourself and be open to others views, Tollerance is The Best Quality You Can Have! Understand that people are individuals who Crave feeling “Special” in some way.. Who are YOU to think that we must all be the SAME! What are the 15 reasons people use slang according to British lexicographer Eric Partridge? In Chapter 2 of his early work, Slang: Today and Yesterday (New York: Macmillan, 1934), British lexicographer Eric Partridge (1894-1979) writes that people use slang for any of at least 15 reasons:

In sheer high spirits, by the young in heart as well as by the young in years; ‘just for the fun of the thing’; in playfulness or waggishness. As an exercise either in wit and ingenuity or in humor. (The motive behind this is usually self-display or snobbishness, emulation or responsiveness, delight in virtuosity). To be ‘different’, to be novel. To be picturesque (either positively or - as in the wish to avoid insipidity - negatively). To be unmistakably arresting, even startling. To escape from clichés, or to be brief and concise. (Actuated by impatience with existing terms.) To enrich the language. (This deliberateness is rare save among the well-educated, Cockneys forming the most notable exception; it is literary rather than spontaneous.) To lend an air of solidity, concreteness, to the abstract; of earthiness to the idealistic; of immediacy and appositeness to the remote. (In the cultured, the effort is usually premeditated, while in the uncultured it is almost always unconscious when it is not rather subconscious.)

To lesson the sting of, or on the other hand to give additional point to, a refusal, a rejection, a recantation;

To reduce, perhaps also to disperse, the solemnity, the pomposity, the excessive seriousness of a conversation (or of a piece of writing);

To soften the tragedy, to lighten or to ‘prettify’ the inevitability of death or madness, or to mask the ugliness or the pity of profound turpitude (e.g. treachery, ingratitude); and/or thus to enable the speaker or his auditor or both to endure, to ‘carry on’. To speak or write down to an inferior, or to amuse a superior public; or merely to be on a colloquial level with either one’s audience or one’s subject matter. For ease of social intercourse. (Not to be confused or merged with the preceding.) To induce either friendliness or intimacy of a deep or a durable kind. (Same remark.) To show that one belongs to a certain school, trade, or profession, artistic or intellectual set, or social class; in brief, to be ‘in the swim’ or to establish contact. Hence, to show or prove that someone is not ‘in the swim’. To be secret - not understood by those around one. (Children, students, lovers, members of political secret societies, and criminals in or out of prison, innocent persons in prison, are the chief exponents.) For more information, see the most recent edition of his work, A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English (London: Routledge, 2002).

is 90, the most common score. The median (middle) score is 84.

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Answer #2

This is very confusing to me. How can people type all these nonsense numbers? Is it just some codes? I’m just curious.

Answer #3

p30pl3 7alk lik3 di5 b3cuz i7 are fa57ur and u535 l35 l3t3r5 and mak35 i7 hardur 2 r33d and iz phun 2 u53. Don’t ask for a translation.

Answer #4


“leet chat is when you use numbers instead of letters” ‘l337 ch47 15 wh3n j00 u53 num|3325 1n5734d 0f 1377325’

–I’m a gamer dork.. what can I say? lol

Answer #5

Just goes to show she has nothing better to do with her time.

She can go through life being a b17ch ( haha ), no skin off my back.

Answer #6

I guess people type like itt because its unique its freshh its what they want it makes them stand outt from modern societyy and schooll its what their usedd too

Answer #7

lol…you and I both. I’m an english major, so it freaking drives me CRAZY! lol. I don’t mind the occasional “lol” or “btw” but come on…the whole message cannot lok like that. ugh.

Answer #8

because 4 sum reason dey thnk its da kewlest thing and da world!

I’m with ya… I can’t stand that crap.

Throw ‘em off next time… type in “leet-chat”

“l337 ch47 15 wh3n j00 u53 num|3325 1n5734d 0f 1377325”

Answer #9


Answer #10

I’m so with you - its incredibly annoying and seems pointless. t4lk1ng l1k3 th15 15 4nn0y1ng t00

Answer #11

y0 d@wG ii H@t3 Th@t ShiiiZniiiT 2 S0n .

There, just so I proved that every one could type like that if they wanted to appear uneducated. So stop that shhit now, it does not in any way shape, or form, make you special. This is just when people believe that it looks cooler or makes them more “gangster”. The real gangsters don’t have time to sit on they’re fancy little mac’s(point) and figure out 137 different ways to type one sentence. The only thing your proving to any one is that your truly gay. When some one friend requests me, and starts typing like that,

y0 m@Mii yU l00kiiiN m@dD GUd!~ or omfgzzz111111one

I mark them as SPAM.

This is an uneducated way to communicate, and some one needs to take a stand against it?

Answer #12

I hate it too its really just a faze though by shortening words and typing in both capslock and undercase when there older ther not going to type like that when you send your boss and e-mail you certainly dont type like that everyone is entitled to there own opinion but the way that a lot of people type is rediculouse whatever happened to plain old ennglish capslock makes people think there yelling at them and typing in both looks extreemly childish …but theyll all grow out of it when they get older

Answer #13

why do you care? I think it’s 37908704 times more annoying when people spend too much time worrying about what other people choose to do. and you ARE being offensive. you come off like you think you’re better then other people just because you type properly. it doesn’t make you better. this site is for asking questions, not for posting your little rants about how annoying you think others are. people type differently, get over it. damn. grow up.

Answer #14

well some people dont feel like looking 4 the buttons and I do type like that opps my bad

Answer #15

It rilly dsnt boder mii!! I do it all da timee…

Answer #16

834(|_|53 |7’5 1337!

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