Why do people tease people with a disability

My mom works with phiscally disability people and I love them there so kind and warm hearted why do they get teased they are not any less human then we are.

Answer #1

because all people wanna do watever they can to bring themselves up so they can think they’re leaders in this world. I’ve always been different but have never had a disability. I’ve always been made fun of but then I found my niche. I started karate 4 years ago and it was great. I made a lot of friends and am a leader now. I never worry about what others think and live for what I feel is right. just ignore them. and if it turns physical seek an adult’s help. I make it my mission in life to b friends w those who are made fun of and b friends w them no matter what others think. so just remember that you are who you are and just because theres mean people duznt mean you have 2 deal w it. when your teased you can do what I do. I turn straight 2 them and say “so when does this teasing end because I have better things 2 do than just sit here listening to you make insults at me that dont bother me” and then just turn and walk away. and also help those who are being teased. ud want someone 2 help you when your being teased right?

Answer #2

I just wish they got put in there shoes for a da and see how it feels to get laughed at and let them walk around and talk for the day =-]

Answer #3

I am no expert. You probably have to turn to psychology if you want a scientific rational explanation. Psychology was once defined as the study of human behaviour, now I think it is defined as the study of human cognition? I think it has many meanings and people debate over it. Here are some conjectures on factors and reasons..

I just want to say first that I am like you in that I do not approve of their behaviour. I am simply stating what I think motivates these other people. Well they can get away with it and people like to see sometimes what they can get away with. They might feel themselves to be inferior so they tease somebody else to make themselves feel superior. People are afraid of what isn’t “normal”. Its true that we tend to look for normal things and shun things that aren’t “normal” A guy doesn’t want to wear skirts usually. You’re a girl and you wear your hair long like most girls. It keeps us safe trying to be “normal”. Criminal behaviour is not normal behavoir. That is one “positive” effect of it at the same time it makes us afraid of new cultures and people who are a little different than us. Also it just might be that their sense of humor might be a little twisted. There are some disabled people who might tease other disabled people or even just normal people who actually just meant to be funny and make others laugh. Maybe their actually trying to make light of the situation? I don’t approve of it or atleast they should be more cautious on just who to reveal that kind of sense of humor, get to know the person first and see if that is their kind of sense of humor too.

Answer #4

HI and you can email you like okay I am a single mother of a 16 year old handicapped daughter born with downes syndrome at birth ignorant that’s all some people I havent seen anyone when I am around or with my daughter make fun of her but I know some probably do at school you are to be blessed that you are normal okay not only making fun of those with disabilities or handicapps but anything do you know something could happen to you today God forbid and you become handicapped like lose a leg or arm so you need to stop okay immature like some said on here you cannot tell my daughteris handicapped by looking at her. She has trismony 21 downe’s syndrome the milder form I do not dress her old fashion like most mothers with children with this handicapp I told my niece she walks like she is handicapped she said no she was flatfooted maybe so so they are igorant all to it I would love to take some people to a nursing home I ws trained and worked at that nursing home after I completed my cna nurses training.

Would you laugh then when you see different things take you on the dementia ward bet you would wake up see some so out of there minds sad some who wont to run or see I once saw a 27 year old girl messed up from a bad car accident no joke teachers should plan field trips to a nursing home now the younger children I dont know they may not some be able to take it not that everybody is bad off but those in high school and middle school or worse yet the va hospital and see those veterans this may sound harsh but you got to scare some people you hear me so like I said on here I am bashful 2 think but my email is wvtbstt@aol .com email me okay

Answer #5

I think you are actually asking the question why do “normal” people hate disabled people. I think normal people do not realize, are not aware, are not conscious that at the core of their normality is disablity. In a way we are all disabled in some way. All normal people have to use equipment such as shoes to walk. The normal people’s use of an equipment such as shoes, telescope and guns is more accepted socially, politically, etc. The disabled person has to use not just any equipment but a “special” equipment. We all have somethings that we find a little more difficult to do than what our peers find to be easy. We all develop differently. Some normal people do not play sports at all because they feel they’re not good at any of them. Some feel their only good at one sports so they’ll just play that. There are people who look young for their age. They try to enter a dance club and they have to present their ID. And as adults we have to pursue one career while sarificing another due to specialization. You can take classes in art but you might also like philosophy. But maybe you can’t afford to take philosophy for now. So you sacrifice that, you are not able to develop your faculties in that direction. This then can be costly for you to be a productive citizen. But I think its a cost that is judged to be socially and politically acceptable…sadly.

Also contrast normal people(abled people) with what I guess can be called superabled people. I mean like those basketball players that glide on the air making a slam dunk. A normal person can not do that. But put him in the middle of the NBA game with all people like those and others who have developed their skill and he’d feel totally left out.

There is a movie about a man who longs to not only be accepted but also be like a normal person but he was so badly deformed. It is called Elephant Man. I suggest also that you read the book with a whole chapter as an essay on the movie. The book is called The Impossible David Lynch by Todd McGowan.

There is also a movie showing a series of interviews of contemporary philosophers. It is called The Examined Life. There is a book of the same title edited by Astra Taylor which is basically a transcript of the movie. In the movie/book there is one episode/chapter where Judith Butler talks with Sunaura Taylor(who is in a wheel chair) and their topic is very much on disablity. At one point they talk of a young man who was killed solely for his “feminine” gait.

It is nice that you think about this question. Ask your friends. Go to higher education institutions such as universities and see what sociology(the study of groups of people), psychology, philosophy etc can tell you. I’m sure by the time you get there they’d have many developments not here today.

Answer #6

Because some people are gits.

Answer #7

But I hate it, its simply wrong were all human

Answer #8

Because human instinct is to fear difference- so instead of just being scared of them, we put them down, to make sure they are as different from us as they can be.

I have paralyzed vocal chords and when I was younger I always got made fun of for being mute- and now I get made fun of the way my voice sounds- and it’s for the simple fact that I’m different.

Answer #9

You’ve got some pretty good answers right there but I’d have to say the reason we do tease, is because were human, if that makes sense.

Answer #10

I know what you mean. There normally really lovely people that are just really unfortunate that they have a disbility. a lot of the people in my year laugh at things like that and I really find that its not funny. There just really immature and in sensitive people.

Answer #11

I just want to say thank you to you and your mom I have cp mrand im autistic im glad that there are still people in the world who see us like people instead monsters I dont like it either yeah I cry a lot but not around anyone if I can cause I get made fun of to much alredy. thank you for being so nice and undurstandeing

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