Why do people take such pride in putting down others online?

People can be so rude online. a lot of it is usually directed toward your spelling and grammer. If you make one simple mistake while typing. Your whole message suddenly means nothing and you get slandered for bad spelling. I will admit I don’t have the best typing skills on the net, but do I seriously need to get called on it every second? This even applies if you are to slow at typing. People get impatent and start making fun. What’s the deal? Everyone types differently. Is there some kind of standard typing speed? Are we all automatically suppost to type every single world perfectly without any spelling errors? I just don’t like the fact that people make such a big fuss over such small things. As long as you understand the message then it’s ok.

Answer #1

I really hate caps and when PeoPle Spell LikE thiS…

im no uber speller but guess what… I dont care ;)

Answer #2

@mikeh: Here we go again…

Answer #3

‘’Grammar,’’ not ‘’grammer.’’

Answer #4


Answer #5

@ichibanarky: I believe that type of language is called Leet or L33t lol. I agree though it’s extremely annoying.

Answer #6

It drives me up a wall when people type with their stupid spelling errors as if it’s cool or something. Yes it ticks me off and yes I’m going to tell you. This goes mainly for friends that I talk to online, for people who type like that on sites like this, I generally just ignore their questions. If you can’t be bothered to try writing something out properly, then I can’t be bothered to read it.

Answer #7

I understand exactly what you mean by that, I’m a fast typer, and people are always making fun of me if I miss type on word, they are like “Well if you weren’t typing so fast then maybe you could spell it right. personally, when people do that, I just say, “If you got a problem with the way I make mistakes or type, then stop talking to me.” I know its blunt, but eventually people will stop doing it. You just got to show that you don’t want to put up with it anymore, and that everyone has a certain way they type. I hope this helps

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Answer #8

The only time I’ve ever called people out on there speling or seen other people been called out was when the speling was completely attrocious. Yes, people make mistykes. Yes, obviosly one speling error isnt the end of the world, my own speling is terible, but I am actually awair of this and I use spell check. If every other word is mispelled, yes, it is possible to garner meaning, however it is frustrating and it is dificult to take anything the person has sed seriosly.

And for those who will completely miss the point, look up the meaning of irony.

Answer #9

I don’t have any problem with general spelling errors or typos - not everyone has a perfect grasp of the English language, or has impeccable typing skill (me included).

I do, however, think that tyyping liik diis iz annoiing and maakes peeplz luk stoopid.

SaMe GoEs WiT DiS…

and us1n6 numb3r5 1n573@d 0f l3773r5.

Answer #10

@0kai0: I know what your saying. I hate that people make certain spelling errors on purpose as well, but I’m not talking about the people who do it because they want to. I’m talking about people who mean to type properly but maybe by accident let one or two missed letters or wrong letters through. It happenes to the best of us. We shouldn’t get called on it every single time. If it looks like the person was trying to type properly then just let it slide the first few times.

Answer #11

@techjacket- I have no problem with that kind of spelling error, anyone who calls you out on things like that persistently is just a dick.

Answer #12

there are some words my body wont let me spell right like…antidististablishmentarisim :P but I dsont think I spell things wrong on perspous unless im in a really big rush but I get really peeved at people who just ignore the comment for a tiny little typo

Answer #13

I don’t mind if someone types slow or make one or two spelling errors, not all of use are good with grammar (me included) and many users don’t even have English as a first language, however

when someone


Typ3s l1k3 th3is

or Waaannt meee tooo pleeassse heeelp them

I get seriously annoyed.

Also there is a SPELLCHECKER for a reason, that is why your words get the red lines underneath it, it should be used.

I mean if I can type a coherent sentence with English as a second language I don’t get why others can’t do it as well.

Answer #14


Yes your right. There is a spellchecker. But don’t forget. On some computers and/or websites the spellchecker won’t show you the errors.

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