Why do people put their questions as "fau" all the time?

I mean they put it as anonymous, when they’re just asking regular questions that don’t need to be secretive.

Answer #1

I think everyone’s missing the point here… She’s asking why people post their questions as fau, vs. what fau is…

Because they want privacy? Maybe the questions seem innocent to you and me, but if they’ve got friends/relatives on this site, they might not want them knowing certain things…

Answer #2

Okay… Guys, read the question… she knows who ‘fau’ is. Anyways… I’m not really sure why. I see all the time people wanting to know how. I guess they get tired of seeing them on their profile or something. I know I marked a few old questions of mine anonymous because I got the answer I needed and got tired of looking at it on my profile, lol. I know one of the users on here wanted to know how because her friend signed up and she didn’t want her to see her questions for whatever reason, which is completely okay. Some people just want to come and be able to ask whatever they want, questions they cant ask elsewhere and if someone they know signs up they don’t want them to see it. I notice a lot of ‘out there’ questions get marked as ‘fau’ real fast, I’m assuming because the user doesn’t want negative comments back… like people sending them a FunMail or whatever.

I’m sure you already know this but user “FunAdvice” is also like “fau”. Just throwing that out here.

Answer #3

wow- I guess that I never read the profile for fau before, have seen a few ‘fau’ questions that have started some pretty heated arguments, so I never looked at the profile.

Answer #4

FAU and FunAdvice are the “funadvice robots”. It’s the default username when either a user is deleted or they change their question to anonymous.

xox Sika

Answer #5

Some of them are from user’s who wanted their account deleted or users who got booted. Usually all of their stuff gets sent under the ‘fau’ or ‘funadvice’ user name depending on why the account was deleted.

Answer #6

It’s just a robot; Fun Advice User, and the other one is called FunAdvice. (I think).

Answer #7

thanks steph and angel :)

I just wondered cause some questions seemed innocent.

Answer #8

good question - I thought FAU was an actual person, my mistake, fau is the generic username for this site???

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