What animal do you like most?

What kind of animal or animals do you like the most?

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tigers, wolves, cheetas, horses, and dragons
all beautifull and strong

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koalas! ;)

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I really like birds dogs cats and horses

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I like tigers:)

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I love moneys and any kind of big cat!!

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panthers...so agile and sleek...

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1. cheetah 2. horse 3. chcikens 4. deer and idk

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well i LOVE MONKEYS alot. kinda crazy i have been told. ever since i started watching the movies about Curious George im total in love with monkeys. i wonna buy three chimps and well work in the zoo feeding and looking after the monkeys. well truth is im an animal lover when it comes to animals except snakes and nasty things like that. :D <3

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