Why Do People Hate Anorexics ?


Just Wondering Why People Dont Like Anerxics?


Answer #1

I dont think it’s the fact that people dont like anorexics, I thinks it’s just that they dont realise what danger they are putting themselves through, and no matter what we say to help them, they throw it back in our face because it doesn’t go through to them because they are so eager to acheive what they want.

Answer #2

I don’t think it’s hatiing them I think it’s the thought of you purposelly not eating

Answer #3

you know what I was readin some of these post and it got me upset. anorexia is a mental disease in my mine. it is not childish and and an anorexic person does not choose to be. they may try and get help but it may not work. it is hard to have to go thru everyday feeling like you are fat when your not. they may be skin and bones but in the mirror they do see themselves as fat. it is not there fault it is there minds playing a game on them. but they cant get out of it. I know this because I am dealing with anorexia/bulimia for the past year and it is not fun. everyone tell me im not fat but I cant help but feeling like it. its a disease and if you hate someone with anorexia then you are not in your right mind. help them, take care of them, even if they dont want you to.

Answer #4

I think the people who dislike anorexics have quite a childish mind tbh. They obviously don’t know much about the disease and should look it up before saying anything about them/to them and looking stupid. Anorexia is a mental illness. Most anorexics don’t do it to loose weight, they have problems. Lots of them do it because they want attention, etc. There are many reasons why they would stop eating. When you see them really boney, a lot of them wouldn’t have wanted to get to that point. They may have started off wanting to loose weight and then totally lost their appetite and cannot eat properly. You can’t say that they all think they’re better than themselves because they’re thin, or that they willingly harm themselves, etc, because that is total stereotyping. Yeah, that may be true for a small handful of them, but definitely not all. There are the stupid little girls who go around boasting about not eating to look ‘cool’, but that is just insulting those who do have the disease.

Answer #5

People don’t HATE anorexics (I’m sure your title will get changed but thats what it says right now). I personally feel sorry for them, but usually its a self choice. People aren’t educated enough about anorexic and go and become part of the disease. Anorexia is so, so serious and people don’t realize. People have this image in their head that if they become anorexic they are just going to be skinny and thats all, their problems are going to be solved but thats not it at all. Its just not worth it, if people want to lose weight there are much better alternatives that don’t make them look like a skeleton. On FunAdvice we lock anorexia question because it is considered self harm and we want to prevent as much anorexia as possible. We care here, we do, and we don’t want people getting advice on how to become anorexic. So, I guess I can see why some people really do dis-like anorexics, basically because it is a personal choice to start. People are always asking how to become anoreixc and stuff like its nothing. Education about anorexia (and bulumia) needs to be out there, because obviously people don’t know enough about it. Because if they did, they wouldn’t want to become it.

Answer #6

Well here’s what I have to say. I don’t hate anorexics, I just don’t like the fact that they are so unhappy with themselves to actually want to physically hurt themselves and that is never good. It’s bad for your health, and it makes you look sickly so what’s the point? To lose weight faster? There are plenty of healthy ways to do that.

Answer #7

An anorexic is suffering from a disease (eating disorder) - for me not disliked or hated - sometimes genuine concern and care is misinterperted by the person - we are to all certainly love the person…Take care !!

Answer #8

anorexics act like they deserve adoration because they think so highly of themselves for being thin and for being able to go w/out eating. they look down on people who eat normally. I hate them because they’re stuck up witches, not because they’re thin and gross or willingly harming themselves.

Answer #9

I dont think its that people dont like them but the fact that people dont understand them and they fear hwat they dont understand

and I think it angers people because to be like that you choose to its not a disease unless you put choose to stop eating,,, and I think that discusts people

Answer #10

first its not healthy second they looks ugly soory cz its the fact .just dont be faaat and dont be thin… in the middle is just fine…

Answer #11

because they have a poor self image so they try to lose weight but it gets out of control and make loosing weight number one on their list

Answer #12

people dont like anorexics for the facts that they can control themselves,are thinner than others and that the know how to become thin. Why do you think people dont hate ather mentally ill people.because those disorders have no benefits

Answer #13

I dont think people hate them, they’re just concerned that people will start with anorexic behaviors and it’s not healthy…

also people do not usually choose to become anorexic (yes despite the barrage of questions on how to become anorexic) the majority of anorexics do not choose it… the people who ask these questions are into it to lose weight… they are not into it to become anorexic… anorexics have a serious problem, they cannot see themselves the way they truly are, and are never happy with the way they look no matter how skinny (who makes this choice voluntarily?)

Answer #14

I don’t think people hate them, I just think people think they LOOK gross. Anorexia is a disease in which the person believes they’re fat even though they’re clearly just skin and bones. Its hard for other people to understand why they can’t just eat! Its definitely annoying because there are people in parts of the world that are starving because they have no food but the truth is some anorexics don’t look any different than them but they have all the food in the world! Its all about being thankful for what you have, and not overdoing your weight loss, and realizing that you have a problem and get help.

Answer #15

Because anorexia is a habit for the simple minded, one that is not created by circumstances but rather by choice. To even suggest that anorexia is a disease makes me laugh, a disease is cancer, a disease is Parkinson’s.

But in the words of the great and late George Carlin.

“Some middle class or rich bih…” “I don’t want to eat… Argghhh.” “Fk ya. Dont eat, what do I give a s**t?” As far as I am concerned anorexia is natural selection at its best…

Answer #16

People don’t HATE them. They don’t “dislike” them either. They just think they’re weird and loopy. Actually, I agree very much with Weezy. People shouldn’t judge anorexics. Seventy years ago people dicriminated gay and lesbian people. Now it’s not concidered unusual. A skinny wannabee girl should have the right the practice her own belief. Actual anorexics worship anorexia so much like a religion. Where’s the religion freedom?

Answer #17

because there judgmental .. there stupid naive and close minded people are free to be whoever they want anas bulimics gays lesbians , suicidals the question is whos life is it anyway ? and then if a girl wants to be skiinny why cant she practice her own believes and let people hate her because there only making her stronger ,,, so people out there before labeling people , and pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean said by the great bob marley ,.

Answer #18

I guess people don’t understand anorexics and judge them. although I don’t think there’s many people who “hate” anorexics.

Answer #19

People hate anorexics because they think it is because they’re superficial or jealous of how skinny they are.

Answer #20

its not really them being anerxics its what they do to be anerexic

Answer #21

I hate anorexics because of people like annii

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