Why do I cut myself?


Answer #1

When I was a teenager I used to heat up paper clips bent into shapes on the gas stove and brand myself - for fun - just to see if I could take it. The smell (like a burnt insect) was worse than the pain.

I don’t think all kids cut themselves because they are depressed. They just do it because they are teenagers exploring all corners of their soul - some dark, some bright, some empty.

Maybe if each time they cut themselves - they could use their blood and paint a picture - whatever their fancy - it would be healing and be a life long art piece they could have hidden in their attic to be revealed to future cutters who are troubled.

Unfortunately my burnt brandings are still visible on my hand and look kinda stupid now in my 50s

Answer #2

hun I went thru the same thing once you start it becomes a habit but you got to remember that life is hard an that you dont have to hurt from the outside to get rid of what hurts inside hun if this is bothering you then start writing start talking to some one get out more maybe when you feel this then just start running till the feeling goes away are just go sumwhere qieut are listen to music when you feel this is gunna press oever u

Answer #3

im 16 years old male, for the past 3 years I’ve been experimenting with drugs and as I consequence I became depressed , I cut myself for the first time about 2 months ago and ever since if I get depressed I feel like I want to cut myself, I hate it when im normal and say I wont do it no more but when im on that level its all I can think to do …after just sort time I’ve been doing it I’ve cut all my arms and legs and burnt my chest and neck im now doin counselling to release sadness in a different way all I can say to everyone is yer self harming may help at the time but not being able to walk around topless in the hot whether or having to roll your sleeve down because someones staring its horrible I felt a failure to being a man through cuttin myself dont do it

Answer #4

wow… I thought I would search google today to maybe get some answers for the reasons I would cut and then the next day wonder why. life is tough, people are tougher. people have no regard sometimes for you, or others in general. I wish I never started… and now drinking just makes it so much work. First year uni is supposed to be fun not painful. but im running out of ideas on how to cover up the scars, I tried cover-up and it seems that it cannot even mask the scars. I just cut my leg 15 times last night in one sitting and have no idea how im going to cover it… I have basetball every week and now im lost for what I can do to hide it. I wonder if subconsiously I do it in spots that are hard to hide but I barely beleieve this because im always hiding them. these scars are beautiful in some mannor but I wish I could wipe them away, being sad shouldnt remain with you forever but cutting always reminds you of the occasion you self mutalated, I mean for me I can look at every one and remember why, I dont know why I have become such a massochist now, its so bad that when I cut I smile or laugh. I dont know whats wrong with me, after last night I feel like I realy need to figure this out, if anyone knows how to cover up scars or has any input on this…it would be apriciated. also I dont even know how often people come on this maybe I posted to late.

Answer #5

cutting is a way to release stress a better way to do it is writing,doing anything musical,or just talking to someone you should stop NOW because if your not already, you will get addicted (it is a mood stabilizer) and then I dont even want to tell you what can happen anyway good luck:)

Answer #6

Can I give you some advice that might seem weird?

Start doing karate.

It helps for the anger and the self control.

If you are intrested send me a fun mail.

and I wil give you my sensei`s number. We Practice in bellville.

Answer #7

I also cut myself. I am 16. I think I’m crazy and I’m suicidal. Its not good. I see people who appear so filled with life, hapiness, and when I look back at myself all I see is an abyss. Dark. Daunting and hollow. I started when there was a piece of broken glass on my floor. I picked it up and slit my skin. It felt so good and before I knew it, I couldn’t stop. I lied to cover up what I had done. Now I can’t stop. I cut myself to feel something. I cut myself because I’m unhappy. I even sometimes cut myself to make myself sad, thinking that I don’t deserve to be happy. I can’t tell anyone. This is the first time I’ve admitted it to myself. Thankyou for reading.

Answer #8

you need to be careful. i cut myself many times in the past and you need to realize that your not just hurting yourself, your hurting every person that cares about you whether they know you or not. i know its hard to control, and that sometimes when you feel like youve hit rock bottom and nothing could ever get better, cutting seems like the only way to feel alive again. i know what its like to feel like you have no control over anything that happens in your life, and it fucking sucks. but you have to remember that everything happens for a reason and that although sometimes you may feel as though youve hit an all tiem low, things at this point can only get better. cutting makes you feel like all the emotional pain that your dealing with goes away, and that dealing with the physical feeling of cutting is easier to handle than the emotional pain of life. but it only makes you feel good for so long, then you get the want to cut more and more often, until it becomes an addiction. a barrier that no one can break but you. when i cut, i told my best friend. she tried talking to me, and begged me to tell her when i felt as though i needed to cut, but then i got left with the guilt of dumping my problems on someone else. no one, and i mean no one, ever wants to deal with the feeling of guilt. its one of the worst feelings in the world, because then you feel like youve let everyone whos ever believed in you down because you couldnt deal with it yourself. then there you are back at square one, with the feeling of no control. ive been throughh this time and time again. but even when you feel like your by yourself and that no one will understand, your never alone. theres a difference between being by yourself and being alone. no matter what you think, youll always have someone that loves you, and someone that will be there to understand you. even if they cant relate to you and what you do, go to someone you trust. like a friend that you know will be there for you, who will listen to you. sometimes talking to the people that you love is more helpful than any other method. but please, ive learned my lesson from cutting and its not worth it. not only do you inflict more pain upon yourself, but your left with horrible reminders. the scars. and the one thing you never want to have to do is make up stories about how you got scars on your wrists, or thighs. then you feel like your living a lie.and its a terrible feeling. so take it from me, a girl of experience, cutting isnt a way out.

Answer #9

its ok to be angry but cutting yourself is one of the worst ways to deal with it. you could tak it out on a pillow or something soft so you dont hurt yourself, but still let out all the anger. cutting yourself usually drives people away cuz its kinda gross and it leaves hideious scars. anyways, please stop slitting your wrists.

Answer #10

I’m 14, and used to cut myself a lot because I have a lot of self hate.. I still do sometimes, if im really upset.

But I have ugly scars allover my hands, arms, and wrists. Some have been there for like 2 years and havent faded at all much.

I still hate the way I am, but I’m slowly stopping cutting. It’s taken a while, but whenever I feel I need to, I draw on my arms with a red pen. I dunno…it works for me.

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Answer #12

You cut yourself because you think that it makes you feel better (mentally), you want to feel the pain inside on the outside. I cut myself too, and i can’t stop. It’s not a good thing at all! Why? ;

  1. It doesn’t solve the problem
  2. It leaves scars on your body
  3. You do NOT want to look back at those scars, and remember the times that made you feel this way. The only way you can stop is by talking to people when you feel you want to do it. Even if it is the tiniest reason that makes you want to do it, you should talk to that person and tell them how you feel, and exactly what is on your mind. Speak to a friend or family that you feel close to, and someone you can open up to about everything, surely someone you can trust! If not, then it is best to get professional advice/help to help you stop self harming. (I’m still figuring out what i want to do).
Answer #13

I know how you feel… just let one friend know and that will make it easier on you…if your friend really cares about you and wants you to stop..just think about how they’ll ask you every morning “did you do that thing again?” it doesn’t work all the time but sometimes the peer pressure helps you fight the urge to cut… I also used to slap myself and am trying to quit…

Answer #14

I have the same problem only im 14 and I also do it because I get angry and I also do it for other reasons that maybe you do it for like I do it when I feel like I cant take it anymore or im too stressed or my parents make me feel so bad sometimes I feel like it is the only way out of my pain is too feel it on the outside. But I too know that it is badd and seriously harmful and I cant stop either and I really wish that I could. And also if theres any chance of you stopping before you get too addicted I would really advise to stop before you turn to another thing like I did that made me feel the same way to get the pain out that is even worse. If you ever want to talk funmail me sometime. I wish you the best of luck!!!

Answer #15

I used to cut. I stopped after about a year. I realised that it was not helping and all I was really doing is giving myself dreadful scars. Those scars will be there for the rest of your life and when you have a child they will be able to see those scars. What will they think of you then? I tried a different method to stop myself from cutting. I was given a plank of wood and a hammer. Everytime that I felt the need to cut I would bang nails into into the plank. It took a while for me to get used to the idea but eventually I kicked the bad habbit of cutting.

Answer #16

My friend and I were talking about why I do it last night, and she told me its my way of expressing myself. I hat it but its true. However, I know I need to stop. I’m trying and if I can do it, you can to. But I know its hard to stop, and extremly addictive. But hey, try it out with me eh?

Answer #17

I have been having the same problem, at first they were really small, now there big gouges and its getting addicting. My frineds ask me all the time whats that cut from and I haev to make up stories and lie, I think there starting to relize that I cut and I dont want that. I used to slap my self also, I did it so much one time I got a bruse near my temple. I think what we need to relize is that its just making things worse, sometimes I feel like no one cares but they do. Soemtimes I think they wont listen, but if you just listen to then they will. I hope I can stop and I hope you can too.

Answer #18

I’v been cutting since I was 13 :/ and now I’m 15 I can’t help it I can’t cope with the stress and the depression I tried stoping but I can’t ever since my mom found out about it I was sent to a mental hospital for 4 day’s and that didn’t do anything except for me getting the urge to cut more and more everyday,I stoped for about a year so she think’s I stop for good but the truth is I really havent :/ and I feel guilty cause she say’s she’s proud of me for not self harming anymore so I’m sinking more and more in to a black hole ]: I don’t even know what to do..and the wort part about it is she bring’s it up to everyone in my family my lil brother alway’s says something about me cutting..

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