Why do girls sit on your lap?

Why do girls sit on your lap. I dont mind it or anything, I enjoy it when a pretty girl sits on leg, just wanna know if there is anymore to this than just finding a place to sit? XD

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lol thx yall nailed me into a wall on this 1. your right im a sophmore in high school.

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if its the same girl who gradually gets used to sitting on your leg does it mean she likes you or what?

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girls think its sexy sometimes but sometimes they just think its part of being in a relationship. My guy loves when I sit on his lap.

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if a girl is sitting on your lap, shes most likely flirting with you on some level...and because you asked the question I assume you're in the middle school range or early high school maybe. if a certain girl is coming up and she sits on your lap a lot, that probably means she likes you. If you like her too, I'd suggest talking to her a little bit. get to know her interests and hang out with her when you can, you never know, maybe she'll end up being your girllfriend?

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probably makes them feel that their closer to you. thats why they sit on my lap. either that or their closer for a cuddle haha.
if its the same girl most of the time then that sounds like that shes flirting with you. if it goes for another month or so then ask her out man! yeah pal! GO FOR IT

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