Why do cats eat the afterbirth?

I've heard that a mother cat eats the afterbirth (y'know.. the placenta) when she has babies.

Why does she do it? Is there some kind of health benefit for her?

I know.. it's a gross question. But I'd like to know.

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This is a vitamin for them its very healthy.It is just natural for them to do this.

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it's a combination of cleaning the bed and nourishment for mom so she doesnt have to leave the nest for several days, completely normal

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also to add to this, in the wild the mothers would clean up everything to make sure they did not become prey, this is a instinct and one of the reason why animals will eat there own poop and why mothers will eat the babies poop

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cats eat their own aafterbirth because it is FILLED with nutrients that help the mother keep going after birth plus the afterbirth's nutrients helps them feed their kittens :) (I know it's kinda wierd to know this but I <3 cats lol)

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LOL 91chevy...My grandad told my mom she was going to have to eat the placenta when she was pregnant with her first baby...she was scared to death she would...Maybe cave men did, but I do believe that humans eating afterbirth when out 20,000 years ago.

I think Harley hit the real answer...since even horses and cows will eat it...instinct tells them to "hide all evedence"...It also clears the bowels, and possibly does add nutrition to a brand new nursing mother in the wild...


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People can eat their placentas after giving birth. In a way you're supposed to but nowadays you don't really have to.

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My mom always told me they ate the placenta because it helped give them more energy.

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