Why do blacks hate whites so much?

it seems like if you walk down the street and if a black person see’s you thet’ll mumble ‘Cracker” or something raccist if its ok for them to do that whats so bad about being raccist back to them?

Answer #1

they don’t any more because maritn l king jr

Answer #2

What a lot of people don’t seem to remember is that oppression did not end after slavery. In the era following slavery which known as reconstruction blacks were lynched, denied the right to live in certain area’s, couldn’t own land in many places, couldn’t vote, had crosses burned outside their homes when they weren’t wanted in a certain area, were raped and murdered without prosecution. This went on for roughly 100 years before the civil rights movement. The civil right movement happened just 50 years ago. Thats not a long time ago folks. There are still black people alive who lived through a time when blacks where not allowed to vote among other civil liberties. On top of all of this oppression still continues through more subtle forms in virtually every aspect of American culture. One example is economic oppression via employment discrimination. I’ve working for companies in which is was a well known fact that minorities don’t get promotions, either because of racism or nepotism(the bosses always give the promotion to their buddies who happen to be white regardless of qualification or experience.)

Answer #3

To understand why slavery happened you need to actually read in Genesis where Noah blessed his 3 sons. . . . those blessing are wrapped around the history of the world

Answer #4

dbame- you are correct. But at the time that I was writing my response I was in the process of helping my kids with their homework and getting ready for the new school term. I did not have the luxury of reading over my work; time is scarce when you have children. Do not assume that because I am a professor that I do not make spelling mistakes.It happens!!!

Answer #5

dbame- based on your comments I trust that you are educated, so I would like you to answer the question that I have posted, regarding my students.

Answer #6

Well macy it seems you might have run in to mike77. i doubt if you are a lawyer to be so young and have time to come on and spue hate. mike77 you are the reason why this hate stays around. I do not like people like you and I am black.

Answer #7

Why did slavery happen in the first place? Does anyone really know? I mean it is kinda odd how something like that would just happen. But yeah does anyone know?

Answer #8

Yeah I think everyone is equal and it should of been back then too. I don’t get why slavery happened really. I mean what if it were the other way around? I don’t know. But I think everyone is Gods children and always have been.

Answer #9

Yeah but I don’t know…

Answer #10

U said the person mumbled ‘Cracker’. Maybe he/she was havin a bad day or someting… im sure he/ she didnt mean it or anything…

Answer #11

I think a lot of black families give white families a mean steryotype because of what whites have done in the past, however many white people are not like that anymore. I think that many black families who believe in these steryotypes will not be able to forgive white people for what whites did a very long time ago. ~kate

Answer #12

It’s not ok to be racist at all. And if you be racist back to them, it’ll just go on and on and on. Sorry, you get the point.


Answer #13

Blacks do not hate whites because of their skin color. Part of this issue of blacks against whites and vise-versa, is because of the US government and how they treated blacks years ago. The media plays a big role in how blacks are portrayed negatively and stereotypically. Many people don’t realize that there were many laws created to work against blacks and to keep whites above all. What some of you non-black people should know is that slavery itself is not the cause of this hate issue between blacks and whites. How long ago did slavery end? Now do some research on Jim Crow Law ( enforced 1876-1965 ). My grandfather who was born in the mid 30’s, and still alive today, wasn’t alive during the days of slavery but was alive when the Jim Crow Law existed. He shared many stories with me about growing as a black boy. If you were black and not allowed to join public schools, public restaurants, transportation, etc., based on your skin color, would that be enough to make you hate whites? This was long after slavery. Many people comment about blacks should not hate whites because slavery was so long ago, but the fact is, white people are in a privileged position because of slavery. Without being black, you could never truly know what it’s like being black in america. In our schools, history is mentioned but never deeply examined as it should be. I am black, and I don’t hate whites because of skin color. Why do whites hate blacks so much, other than skin color.

Answer #14

iwuvtyler, It’s not that blacks hate whites, it’s that those particular blacks you passed and insulted you may indeed be racist, racism derives from ignorance in my opinion, I hate to say it but your question is derived from such possibly because you’re not too familiar with a non-racist, friendly black guy like myself =) but anyway those racist blacks dislike you because of racial stereotypes and ignorance, please don’t let this get to your head, the reason i don’t hate hate whites is because i associate with blacks and whites and have come to realize the stereotypes are false or just that you’re not bad people, personally i have a lot of Black, Italian and caucasian and jewish friends, there are plenty stereotypes about each group, most of which i’ve found to be false which is why i find myself not to racist towards any of the groups. If a black person passes you on the street and says a racial slur under their breath know that it’s because they’re unfamiliar with your race…

Answer #15

first and foremost for those of you who wrote and said something along the line of “its not happening anymore”, do your researh cause your wrong. Examine the melting pot theory, and how it states that blacks can never be considered equal in socitey. Also take the time to read about Quid Pro Quo, and how the federal government uses this program to inflitrate black politics. Also to add to this “modern racism” take the time to learn about optional ethnicity and how its only afforded to whites according to the national census. Just to insight your mind learn about the tuskegee project and how it is still affecting african americans till this day. There is a lot more factual eveidence in regards to race relations in the united states. But based on the commments some of you guys have made I truly do not think you are half capabale of understanding. All I am saying to the white people on this blog do not be fooled by white privilege and propaganda. To the blacks on this blog just do your research there is a lot more going on with race relations then just slavery and jim crow. But in response to the topic of this blog, not all black hate whites. But the ones that do have been taught that whites are the enemy and that whites can only do wrong by them.Truly it is something that has been instilled in the minds of many black since the end of slavery. You must understand that blacks are forced to live at the bottom of the totem pole hear in the United States. For those of you who beleive that it is just that easy for an African- American to move up in this society, your worng just try being one. Blacks are only hurting themseleves because whites are forcibly giving them the weapons. I really wish that more of you new more about history. Also you cannot compare the plights of one race in this country to another because all did not suffer the same history.

Answer #16

@ my school they did this thing where we had an assembly for the whole school about racism and that kind of stuff. It was so sad and horrible but yet very interesting and important. They showed us a presentation. I felt so bad because there was a story about a young black male that was being teased at his school by 2 white males around his age just a little older. Than I guess the stupid white kids decided to MURDER him. So they did. And do you know how? Well they beatened him and then while he was clinging to life they tied a rope around his neck and dragged him with their truck. That was so horrible. I looked around at other kids’ faces and they were like OMG. It was so horrible to hear. They told several other cases just like that vise versa and everything. They even told a few about blacks attacking/murdering whites. Either way it was so sad and suprising at the same time. But I think it was good for our school to listen and learn about that. It’s a serious thing and should be taken seriously, especially murder.

Another man came to our school to! He was german but he was telling about the Holocaust. It was the best presentation ever. It was really long but I loved it. It was very sad but very very initeresting to learn about. He told the story through a jewish families point of view.A lot of parts were hard to listen to but I did, because I wanted to know what happened. He said that we (the students) could write him an essay about what we thought. And he read some that he had gotten form the past from other schools. About the same subject and presentation. Some kids told him that he was disgusting and he should be killed! Just because he stuck up for the jews! He read a few that said he was such a cool person and did a wonderful presentation also. But I couldn’t believe how horrid some of the things kids said to him. One kid said that he was a dirty pig and he was watching him. Like a threat. But I wish he would come back to our school again. It was the best and I loved it so much I would even make my butt sit on the hard bleachers for three hours all over again. Lol. But anyways I just wanted to share those stories.

Answer #17

it’s not ok for the blacks to do that and it’s also not right for white people to do that either.Blacks probably do that because there are probably still some who don’t like white people because of what happened back then especially with the KKK.

Answer #18

people are people. there’s differences in this world when it comes to just about everything: sexuality, race, religion, creed, etc. when you have so much diversity it’s only natural for people to disagree with eachother because it’s naive to believe that we can live in a world where everyone gets along and accepts each difference and person as they are, however ideal that may be. not all african american hate white people and vice versa. some people have that racial intolerance because it’s just how they were brought up, or they went through an eperience and percieved one thought and kept that thought and turned it into a stereotype for that kind of person involved.

no matter what the case is, prejudice isn’t acceptable. it’s close-minded and arrogant, and it takes out a huge amount of people that are potentially great influences on your life. humans are humans, and it’s stupid to assume that just because one type of person practices something or has a certain color of skin that it makes them inferior or better than anyone else in the world. everyone has downfalls and everyone has something they’re better at than most people, and instead of penalizing or idolizing people for those things we should embrace them and deal with them as creatures with minds capable of seeing beyond “i’m better than you”.

slavery is a sad and embarrassing part of history, and it shouldn’t be forgotten. however, it shouldn’t be the basis by which people in the generations since then establish their perceptions of other people before they know them. every race and breed of people have been subject to slavery of some sort at one point in time or another and there’s still slavery happening in other parts of the world for reasons other than being black or white. people should accept the past and work towards a better future. the more we cling to these things, the more were regress and i think even without having slavery now we’re more racist as a whole than ever before. its a superiority complex and it’s stupid.

Answer #19

So if a African American says cracker to me it isn’t racist. Its the same is if I called you a and word. Its a double standard.

Answer #20

Good comments collegeprofessor - though you should consider using spellcheck once in a while if you are really a college professor.

Answer #21

Yeah, that’s true, but sometimes history is boring. Anyways. Yeah… i am a door knob!! lol! No body can really answer why the were slaves, they said they were inferior, macy don’t u remember in freedom writers when she is talking about how blacks and jews were inferior and that people said they shouldn’t exhist, that part of the reason, idk.

Answer #22

Well, Macy if you were listening in our history class this year, it’s… well… even history doesn’t expain it well, my mom said they tried to make slaves out of the native americans and that didn’t happen so that is why they made blacks slaves. I really don’t know though.

Answer #23

Well for one, I think it is because they are just plain out being rascist. It isn’t okay for them to act like that. They probably do that because of how whites treat people in the past, when blacks were slaves. But they shouldn’t do that now, no body is doing anything to them now.

Answer #24

Blacks hate whites because of the n-word being used against them…but then they think it’s okay to use ‘cracker’ against whites. Just pure BS.

Answer #25

Yeah I got kids too, but I was a spelling guru all through school. Also in my job in the USAF they really look over my report writing well. I’m just a stickler though for spelling.

Answer #26

Okay she gets the picture… you don’t have to act like an x”mandycats” Jeez

Answer #27

that seems to be kind of a stereotypical statement. sure racism still exists today one form is not more acceptable than the other. they are both hateful and signs of sheer ignorance. hate stems from ignorance. someone mumbling cracker or anyother term of racism is obviously ignorant. they should actually talk to some “colorless pigs” before labeling them as savage racists.

mike77, you p*ss me off. you are not a lawyer, if you were you would speak with education in your words. the reason racism stays around does not lie in one race or the other. it lies in hateful ignorant people such as yourself.

closed minded people are tiring im glad I was brought up in a place of many ethnicities and ideas. I am brasilian, cape verdean and irish. people truly need to keep their eyes and minds open to other people.

Answer #28

um ladydon07 …the native americans were made slaves but most were just killed and others were moved to reservations…is your mother native american? does she know the history of the trail of tears? and does she know that when the spanish missionaries came from spain that the native americans from south america all the way up to washington were made slaves and were forced to build all the churches and missions up the coast…so when you hear about the spanish building the missions thats a load of crap…as for the blacks… in the area im from we dont have any problems with them or that kind of racisim and I have allot of black friends…slaves are proffit thats what started it all theres money in slaves tribes fighting in africa would capture there enemies and sell them to slave buyers at the docks for money and food…

Answer #29

well I’m black and I don’t hate whites. it isn’t okay for anyone to exhibit racial intolerance for any reason. the reality is that some people are ignorant and can only make judgements about others based on apperance or sterotypical beliefs rather than an experience with that individual and it’s sad. but just because someone is being a pig (black or white) doesn’t mean you should return the favor. you can’t fight prejudice with hate.

HEY MARCY people will never get over slavery it’s an part of history that should never be forgotten so that future generations can ensure that it won’t happen again. inorder for one to “move on” they have to have somewhere to move from. the future doesnt exist without the present and past. so encourage other to learn about the past and take an active roll in making positive changes.

Answer #30

There’s a lot of sh*t about blacks being enslaved by whites and such, but just a little fact… Who was the first race of people enslaved by white people? Anyone? (For those who don’t know) It was other white people. But anyways it’s pretty much that same thing. Personally I think the order of who whites enslaved is kind of nice to blacks since it went kind of whites, asians, hispanics, blacks.(In that order)

Answer #31

Wow Jena 6 how about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Channon_Christian_and_Christopher_Newsom_Murder

I like how the poster failed to mention that one of those kids already had 4 arrests. Blacks hate white people because they are to stupid to rise above using race as an excuse. Nothing amazes me more than black people crying racism when Asian people succeed in the US and have the language barrier to overcome. Its not the color of the skin but the stupidity of the culture. Try these 3 easy steps 1. Stop having 80% of your children out of wedlock 2. Stop making the leading cause of death among blacks other black people. 3. Stay in school and get off the government dole. If they do that maybe they would stop being so racist towards whites.

Answer #32

It’s MACY not Marcy, but yeah I agree with you too.

Answer #33

Racism is a two way road some people are ad some aren’t, One of the Most racist people I’ve ever seen is know thru out the country for blowing the racism horn and not even knowing they themself are a racist hypocrit. . . Personally I hate everyone the same. . . . That’s a way of saying I hate no one. I recognize differances in us all but find they all work together if we let them.

Answer #34

whites are racist… no need to explain… so much history shows it… to those whites that think were racist for no reason its kinda funny you don’t know your own history… of course whites or racist… I don’t know what you call it but there is a name for whites trying to keep blacks out of political power… very few blacks make it in, but the numbers are increasing… I’d say every 20 or so years racism lessons… so maybe by the year 3008 it will be gone

Answer #35

I don’t hate whites I distrust them and I mean all of them. I’ll converse with them and have socialized with them but I know that underneath that jovial exterior lies a conniving, cut throat , greedy individual who does not have my best interest at heart. Now don’t get me wrong, I know some blacks for whom I feel the same way. These blacks are so happy that they can drive a mercedes and live luxuriously that they won’t help a family member much less an outsider. They are enslaved and don’t know it.The real question should be “Why do blacks hate blacks”?

Answer #36

Probably because of what happened in the past. But not all african americans hate white people. Some just think that white people are automatically “bad” people because whites made black people be slaves. AND that is not right at all. But they should understand that, that was then and this is now. There are still racist people today which I personally don’t understand. I think everyone should just get over it and get along.

Answer #37

See you don’t know either doorknob. Lol. Because you were too busy talkin to me in History! Lol.

Answer #38

its not an answer.


The Jena 6 is a group of young men in Jena, Louisiana, that are being charged for a heinous crime in which the charges are way out of control. The controversy began when one of the young men back in September of 2006 asked an administrator if he could sit under the shade of a tree that was “reserved” for the white students. The administrator replied by telling the young man to sit where he liked, so he did. The next day when everyone returned to the school, there where 3 nooses painted in school colors hanging from the tree. The school principal found the 3 white students that did it, and passed it off as a “youthful prank”. They were suspended for 3 days.

The black students decided to call for a sit in under this “tree”. The police were called and so was the District Attorney Reed Walters. He had an assembly in the school, where he made such a statement to the black student body, “I can end your lives with the stroke of a pen”. No future action was taken after that.

A few months later at a party in the town, a couple black boys were beaten up by a group of young white males. There were no charges brought upon the teens. A few weeks later a white male pulled a gun on 3 black young men. The gun was taken away by the black young men and they went to the police to let them know what happened. The three young men were charged with theft if an armed weapon. No charges were brought upon the male who pulled the gun on them.

In December 2006, in the halls of the Jena high school, a young white male was taunting and picking at one of the young men that were beaten up at the party. The white male was then “jumped” by some black students. The six black students were charged with attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy. They face up to 100 years in prison without parole. The Jena Six, as they have come to be known, range in age from 15 to 17 years old.

In July 2007, an all-white jury took less than two days to convict 17 year-old Mychal Bell, the first of the Jena Six to go on trial. He was convicted of aggravated battery and conspiracy charges and now faces up to 22 years in prison. Some of the men were unable to make bail. So they sit in jail and await court dates. The bail ranges from $70,000 to $183,000.

After Tenisha Wilkerson read this on the site DemocracyNow.org, she knew it was time to take a stand. She is organizing a committee by the name of Midwest Committee for the Jena 6. They will be having a peaceful rally on Sunday, September 9th 2007 at 9am. They will march from NBC 5 studios to ABC 7 studios in Chicago, Illinois. There is no media coverage on this issue that is going on. Media attention is strongly needed. The rally will end at city hall.

We are calling for all aldermen, congressmen, media stations, press, & anyone who wants to stand for the rights of these six young men, to come out on September 9th 2007 and stand for justice.

To learn more about the Midwest Committee for the Jena 6, please email MCJena6@gmail.com. For more information on the Jena 6, please log on to DemocarcyNow.com, or NAACP.com.

Answer #39


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