Do white people still hate blacks?

My older sister, preah, asked this question a very long whle ago, It got so many answers we couldn’t read them all. Before word goes, In my honest expression; I don’t care if there is a great percentage of whites that do hate African Americans. Nevertheless, I’m undergoing a study so I need all caucasians, asians, or any ethnicities to answer this question directly; How do you feel about Afican Americans? Be honest, in your mind state, what’s your opinion on Afican Americans. Are they loud…? Ghetto…? What stereotypes do you put them under, if any.

Answer #1

I personely like afican americans I think there nice people [some]

Answer #2

I don’t give a damn about what color you are or who you are…I hate the fact that people are always going on a bout race this and race that.

I live in a country that is predominantly black so I don’t have anything against anyone and I don’t know any black Americans.

What however pisses me of is that over here tables are turning…if you’re a white man you better leave the country because you won’t get a job here…so much for equality and trying to eliminate racism…

Answer #3

Your questions are leading and full of stereotypes. Know that like caucasians, African Americans are diverse in regards to income, religion, education, and politics. The problem with SOME caucasians is that they put all African Americans in a box.

Caucasians are looked at as individuals, while African Americans are not. We are as diverse as diverse can be. Don’t use the media (news and rap videos) to pigeonhole African Americans. You probably will never see the upper-middle, the upper, and the wealthy classes represented on television. Word to the wise…

Answer #4

I am white, and I do have a black friend, so I am not against African Americans I may not like some of the things they do like “Listen to loud annoying music, do stupid things…” but what am I saying not only African Americans do that also ‘Us” white people listed to loud annoying music and do really stupid things…so I really believe everyone is “equal” like God would have wanted us to view it.

Good luck with your report. =)

Answer #5

I am a black man from South Africa and down here racism is very much alive. White people still have deep rooted hatred against black people, I suppose I don’t blame them because it is very difficult to change what you have been taught over the years, I also know a lot of blacks who are racist as well and still hold grudges against white people.

That being said I would not be doing justice if I didn’t mention the open minded black and white people who are committed to a none racial South Africa. For those who have not been to South Africa you have to come and see what a beautiful country this is. I plan to visit the US during 2010 and lean how Americans live.

Answer #6

Well this I can say…Im a white blue eyed american crackker honkey male that spent three years living in Senegal west africa as a Peace Corps volunteer and for the first time in my life I meet black people that didnt hold a grudge against me due to the fact that I had pale skin.That was a wonderful experience indeed!I say this because my fellow american compatriots who are of african origin hold such a deep hatred towards me and still think that I am a white devil!

Answer #7

You can be black,brown,white,yellow,gray or,like,even all the colours of the rainbow.But its not the skin or the race that should matter-its your upbringing and personality that should be counted.Who wants a foul mouthed white or a selfish black??(Just examples)

Answer #8

Well I always say im not white im Irish (actually from the island) I dont like to be tought of as white because the whites people are talking about are american where irish is a different race , and I have no problem with any race , and I especially love black women.

Answer #9

im black and I think there are all different kinds of people period I was rasied in a town where there is nothing but whites and some blks so I didnt grow up GHETTO or whatever people want to say but I did learn that there are GHETTO LOUD WHITES MEXICANS ect..I was tought to not see color and thts why I have a mixed son..its sad but there is still people who hate Blks…I LOVE WHO I AM AND I WUDNT CHANGE IT FOR THE WORLD..ITS NOT ABOUT THE SKIN COLOR ITS HOW your RAISED…GOODLUCK WITH your REPORT..

Answer #10

Some hate and some dislike. 50% of my family is Italian. All of them say the same thing, Not one race is “ghetto” not one race is “poor” not one race is “lazy and working off of the system” . I bet 95% of people who are racist towards a certain race, have that particular race in their ancestry. Racist people today are just morons and now its more of a color thing. a lot of people don’t know that many “African slaves” from 1600s-1800s went straight to South America, Central America, and the West indies never mind the amount that went to Europe also.

Answer #11

I read a book a few years ago… Albion’s Seed. The topic of the book pertained to the various folkways of the different British settlements in colonial America. Four basic groups were examined… New England Puritans… Mid-Atlantic Quakers… Coastal South Cavaliers and Interior South Rednecks. The author was a product of the Virginia moneyed class with a German surname…Stephen Hackett Fischer or something like that. I am by and large the product of Rednecks. When I thumbed through to the section of the folkways of my antecedents I was infuriated. Never a meaner sort of people had ever had the disgrace of being described in ink. Without a redeeming virtue my people were the scourge of the infant nation… according to Fischer. Fischer’s position in the book was that originating folkways in Britain contributed to the continuation of those folkways in America. One inconsistency was the fact that all the groups in the New World were populated by people setting sail from all over the British Isles. I concluded that his attitude was more to do with current perception of these groups rather than any real difference in people… and without any desire to see those folkways from the environmental and social necessities that mandated them.

Cultural ways are products of different factors… and from an outside observer have to be evaluated only by a difference and not giving a value to the folkways. All this being said… a few differences I have noticed:

Black parents are more lackadaisical in child rearing… they depend more on the community than whites.

Black males lack father figures and their male bonds are established with brother figures in a much higher percentage.

Black people are family oriented and are suspicious of outsiders.

Black people are carefree… or deal with stress better.

These are what I see as different from my own folkways.

Answer #12

Let me preface this ; As a black man, practicing universal principles, I was taught that its the content of a man’s character, not the color of his skin that really matters.

I think I was well-trained my my teachers and mentors. I dont give a f— who hates me, love me, hate me…but just get out of my way so I can do my job. Your hate is irrelevant.

I have white friends (best bud is Italian), Asian co-workers, Hispanic friends. yes, we use racial slurs and joke against each other, but I would trust these people with my daughter’s life, as they know I would battle anyone who would go against them. We just dont take it that serious…Thats how it is here in South Philadelphia…We hang out, drink, fight other people, hell, even fight each other…lol…real knuckleheads, but there is a true love and respect between us all.

I actually believe as a man travels, gets out amoung the other races…the less race-conscious he becomes.
Also I believe the more education a person has, the less racist he/she becomes.

It’s sad we are still having this conversation, but America is race-conscious.

I think we need to update the thinking, because I really dont think there is a “pure” race in America anymore. Everybody’s got some black, white, hispanic or asian mixed in them.

So we should just teach mutual love and respect and try to break the mold of race-centered conditioning…we are HUMAN… and just love and enjoy this present moment.

All in all, its still a beautiful world…Peace.

Answer #13

I think that we should look past the color of skin and foucs on what’s on the inside not out and that we should not call each other named that are hurt ful and just all get along but we will never get along with each other unless we can look past the out side so tell your friends to not juged the out but the person on the inside

Answer #14

I have no problem with any race, because like why shood I? and plus where I live there are more black and hispanic people than white people. so I am fine with everyone, a lot of my frends are black.

Answer #15

im white and some of my best friends are african american. some of the most famous and influential people today are black. heck african americans have almost taken over professional sports not being racist im just saying they are very good atheltes. now our president is an african american and frankly when he won that election I was extremely proud of my country at the moment.

Answer #16

Let me explain something to you: Please no one take this offensively.

I’m from an almost all white community - 90 pecent white. There is only 1 neighboorhood in my town that has African American people in it. The KKK is very active and very big in my community as well. Me along with my friends were brought up to believe that Racism was normal and something that everyone believed in. I was taught at a very young age - that blacks were dirty, poor, abused the system, uneducated, ghetto, and so on. As a young child - I just believed the who told me these things - because there were not black people around for me to find the truth out.

Although, as a grown woman who ventured out past her town and realized how the world really works and how people really are - I am in no way a racist to this day.

Answer #17

I am Black Person from Fiji :-) I always wondered if America is still a racist country towards Blacks and other minorities but looking at this thread, I was surprised to see so many White folks are not in any way racist. It is very nice to know looking from outside America. I guess there are few people who are racist and stereotype for everyone else which is sad. We in Fiji have many races. Fijians, Indians, Muslims, Islanders, Europeans so we were taught to live together in peace with each other. I have friends from all races :-) Happy World

Answer #18

trafficoneman plain and simple you are daft

Answer #19

While I may know a lot of black people (grew up in Africa, kinda inevitable), but very few of them are american (like maybe 2). So I dont know if that counts, but I dont have an issue with anyone…

Answer #20

I am white, I am very anti racist… I think it is SO wrong when any one person is against anyone because of the color of their skin.

Answer #21

I do not hate a single person because of the color of their skin.

I do not like the “ghetto” culture, or gangsters, and although these have large proportions of people with darker skin, there are whites in there too.

I think it is more important to judge people by their character, and their individuality. Not in a collectivist way.

Answer #22

I think that the black america needs a change to stop the hate of every race of where we came from. I am a anti- racist and I respected all races. but if someone disrespected me because of my race then they have a problem. I am not that person who going to let someone disrespect me because of the color of my skin. this all hate of white hating blacks needs to stop before it turns worse. thank you.

Answer #23

NO, they really hate themselves.

This topic ALWAYS frustrates me!!!

I hate racism with a passion. What makes anyone think that another race is inferior to theirs? I don’t get it. When you listen and talk to children, they are so free and pure in their hearts, but all that changes when their corrupted parents rob them of that purity; Conditioning their little minds to hate,(black people). And THEIR parents taught them that, and their parents taught THEM, and so on. When is this gonna end? The sad thing is, no one ask WHY. Why do we hate blacks SO much? WHY??? What do you gain from it? It doesn’t make whites more superior. If you think of it, if you WERE superior, there would be no need to hate anyone. Your body and mind won’t heat up like a furnace everytime you see a black person. The only one that’s superior is God, if you believe in him. We as the human race is NOT in control. If you look at the sky, you don’t know where it starts or ends, you can’t look directly into the sun no more than 3 secounds without getting a headache or affected vision. Do they hate blacks because they fight back? Why should they bow or humble themselves before you? You didn’t put them here. You are a mere mortal just like they are. Just like blacks, when you die and your body goes to the grave and your spirit leaves you, you don’t remember you once lived. Some white folks want to be so much in control, but who is? God! The one that put the blacks here. That’s who you’re in the battle with, not blacks. The racist white folks don’t even believe in God. They can’t grasp the notion that something is superior to them. You can’t believe in God, because you can’t fathom God. You can’t see the air that you breathe. If you were superior with all that hate, wouldn’t you have the power to wipe out the entire black race? And if you could, along with all other races, who will you be superior over then? Each other, right? You find it hard to believe in God because you can’t fathom beyond what you can see. The most powerful thing is faith, which is believing in things that you can’t see and being certain of the things that you hope for. Get to the crux of your matter. Blacks isn’t really the problem, it’s you! Stop trying to be in control so much and be still! Humble yourself and take your place as man (A mortal)!!!

To all man kind: Like a dog that returns to its vomitt, so is the man who repeats his folly.

Answer #24

@ Matthewf316 Have you ever studied statistics and how they come about?…just asking. As one writer on this forum pointed out, too many people put all blacks in a box and see all of them as one instead of individuals. It is easy for you to blame others and not see what is inside of yourself. I live in a city that is mostly white and the poor people here have the SAME issues and behavior that you have labeled as “black” behavior. Behavior has to do with socioeconomics and environment. Yes, there are still many issues in the African American community but it is the same across the board. I see so many whites who abuse the system, exactly what you say blacks do. You can hate as much as you want, for nothing that anyone says will change your mind if that is what you have decided for yourself. Please know that YOUR hate eats YOUR happiness. It’s your emotion and it bothers YOU. Also know that if you get into a bad accident and you were hanging on to your life by a thin thread, it could be a black doctor, nurse, or physician assistant that saves your life and genuinely care if you live or die…it could even be just a random person that is certified in CPR. Wouldn’t it be ashame if one of them looked at you the way you are now looking at them.

Hate is never the answer. I know that it is engrained in this society but look how far blacks have come in the last 50 years. 50 years ago they were still being beaten by police just for being black. 55 years ago Rosa Parks was arrested for just sitting in the front of a bus. You might think that blacks just whine about racism but just by what you are saying proves that it is alive and well. 50+ years ago blacks could not get jobs because of the color of their skin. You may say that time is past but if you know anything about psychology you would know it takes a lot of time to reverse conditioning.

Answer #25

Based on current violent crime statistics I think the world would be a much better place without blacks. I am tired of my taxes going to the benefit of black women that didn’t use birth control and refuse to work as the are impregnated by multiple and worthless black men who don’t stick around to take care of their children. I am tired of white people being forced by society to keep their mouths shut about what’s staring everyone in the face but that for some reason, everyone is too scared to say. scholarships and job preference given to blacks for what…being black? How does that make sense? What happened to the idea of the best qualified person getting these? I live in an upscale neighborhood that has seen its property values plummet and the violence sky rocket as more and more blacks move in. I was not raised racist and I do not consider myself racist.I am frustrated and I would just like things to be fair and for people to be held accountable for their actions or lack thereof. As long as they aren’t, I will remain very upset and will have a very difficult time being around, trusting, or liking black people. I am certain there are many good black people out there but there are FAR too many really really horrible and ignorant black people out there to make me ever want to make the effort to get to know any black people any better then I already do. In summary, I do not like the majority of blacks.

Answer #26

I am a balck 12 year old girl, and I don’t understand why people are so rascit, why can the whites and other people treat us the way they want to be treated, it just makes me made and sad.I LOVE WHITE people THAT RNT RASCIT you ROCK YO. AND KU KLUX KLAN you SUCK, GO DIE AND I MEAN IT FRIM THE HEART YO you TREAT US LIKE WERE ANIMALS AND PROPERTY 2 U. REALITY CHECK WE AINT. any way in social stides I seen this movie called earnest greene its very gud and sad so check it out people ♥. im doing AN ESSAY ON MARTIN LUTHER KING 2M♦╘☻

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