Why do black people stare at white people?

I am white and live in a partly black neighborhood. Everytime I go outside and the nighbors are out I will wave/say hey and they just stare at me and say nothing…and continue to stare until I am gone. I havn’t done anything to them. Why do they do this?

Answer #1

shaneek .. I agree not all blk people are like that..mostly the ghetto people trying to act hardcore are the ones who like to stare or they are just grumpy or having a bad day like any other white or hispanic person. White people also stare and then in your face they start making comments. and when they do that what are the black people supose to do complain they cant complain they are use to it. And all I can say is that I am Hispanic and majority of all blk people are the most nicest and sweetest people its just mostly all white Adults and hispanic Adults . just wont take the time to get to know them and give them the oportunity to show who and How they really are. they still have that racial crap in their head and some parents try to Brain wash their children to be the same way But I can only say to you is like I said on my other advise to you is be nice, say hi, be yourself. and who cares if they are 10, 20, 60 100, years old 1 day introduce your self and break the ice. then you will see how things will change.

Answer #2

hey im black im the friendliest of them all but I admit I do stare at white people,then again I stare at everybody I just like to compare people to others or myself. thats all. I stare at a lot of girs or boys when I see something different. whether its eyes hair lips body whatever. the reason I act like I wasnt looking is because I dont want to people to think im crary or interested and get the wrong reason lol well thats my answer but if im trying to get someones attention I stare and turn my head when that person looks lol

Answer #3

I think that’s a pretty general statement, seeing as there are some people from every race who may have a “staring problem”.

Whatever the reason, I’m sure they mean no offense, so just continue with what you’re doing and perhaps they’ll eventually warm up to you.

Answer #4

um… thats not all black people… Im black and im very friendly… Maybe you just live in an unfriendly neighbor hood… they’re probly not used to people being friendly… stop being being so friendly for a while and see how they respond…

Answer #5

you don’t have to know why they do that. they may have their reasons that we’ll never know till you find it out yourself. but what I can say is, they’re still meant to be respected. as long as nothing’s been done bad to you, then just throw a smile and continue on what you’re doin..

throwin a smile on a person may brighten up both your day, so just keep smilin.. (:

Answer #6

heeyaa, I agree that most black people do stare and I have not got a clue why but the only reason I think that they do this is because for ages it was the other way around and I think they still think that we dislike them.I think they that they think its us stareing at them not the other way around.The only thing I can say is dont take it personally x x x

Answer #7

Not all black people are like that and some black people go through the same thing you go through in their neighbourhood…Its just life some things will change while others wont…u also gotta recognize the fact that we went through the same things years ago so forgive us, if some of us cant forgive nor forget. BTW im black and I dont just stare I wave and say hello too so maybe your neighbors are just not friendly…

Answer #8

well if you live in an mostly all black neighborhood and you guys are the only white people maybe thats why. they might find it strange that you guys moved to a black neighborhood. Just keep being nice and friendly and maybe soon they will come along there is no harm in staring. unless they are looking for trouble. just be careful and dont pay them no mind just be yourself.

Answer #9

its called ‘sharking’ and its mainly to intimidate someone..

Answer #10

as a black female who has plenty friends of a variety of cultural backgrounds, I don’t stare at nobody. lol however if somebody said hi to me who I didnt know I would most like wave and stare at them whilst thinking do I know them and if so how? why don’t I rememeber who they are? lol

but on a serious note, I don’t often see black people staring too tough because they are used to being judged on a daily basis just by entering a shop. if anything I always find myself being watched, stared at, and sometimes even FOLLOWED by some white, indian, and chinese people, especially if I enter a shop…and thats not even me exaggerating. lol

either way, like somebody else said you have those of every race who are very vigilant, but if your showing yourself to be a friendly person who is not looking for trouble, then no one shall harm you ;-)

Answer #11

Thats funny. I’m african american and I always believed white people (mainly women) to be the worst at staring. They all seem to be so interested in how I’m living your life, even if I’m just walking past. Not discreet at all. I can understand if you’re of another ethnicity and you’re walking through a neighborhood primarily populated by a different race. They’re staring at you because you’re different. But I attend OSU, plenty of cultures here. Sometimes if I turn my head really fast and catch a white girl trying to turn her attention from me in time, I’ll simply wave at her and walk away. I mean she might as well have started a conversation with me instead of awkwardly gazing at me. I’m not going to do a trick..

Answer #12

It’s simple, it’s because you are white and in a black area, I would say they are being Racist, if it was the other way around it would be considered Racist and you would be able to file a complaint of Racial intimidation to the police in which you WOULD be arrested. And it worries me how black people then complain that they are Judged? or have no rights! It is the oppostite way round white people have no rights so just remember that ther are trying to intimidate you in a racist way. Don’t move put up with it and wind them up back I would.

I would have some good fun ;)

Answer #13

yea I get that all the time, I’ll be walking down the street or on the bus and people look yea but for some reason black people seem to just stare. intimidation? I have no idea but me and my friends (mostly Asian and indian) tend to avoid areas where there are a lot of black people because they tend to do it most when their in groups I noticed. I notice white people do it the least.

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