Why do all parents hate screamo?

My parents say screamo sounds like the devil and I try to tell them it is good excersise music. But all they say is devil worship and devil this and that help ???…

Answer #1

I am a Parent, and before you turn me off just listem a minute. I am 52, and when I was growing up, Buddy holly, the Beatles, Elton John and the likes wher singing the devil’s music according to our parents. of course Ozzy Osborn really was. no argument there. The point is, when you guys become parents, you will hate your kids music too. Kids do this to annoy their parents. I don’t like screamo or black metal or what ever you guys call it, and neither do your parents. We can’t keep you from listening to it because you will find a way anyway, and I do understand that. Let me remind you of one thing though, you are here because of them, and probably because of the music you hate. Have some respect for them, for they are the reason you exist in the first place. Don’t make them listen to your music if they don’t like it. Remember you will be parents some day too, and no matter how determined you are not to be them, you will be them some day, and you will have rebelious tennagers too. It’s God’s way of getting even.

Answer #2

my dad thinks its horrible music, but he’s okay with it. I like screamo, but I think metal is waaay better. listen to Metallica instead. xD

Answer #3

okay heres something screamo suckz!!! I play guitar and hate it! crap singing takez no skil guitar is badd drums are crapp screamo is just badd and should have nvr started …listen to thrash metal!!!

Answer #4

the main reason why parents hate screamo is that that isn’t what they grew up in. they grew up with the Beatles, AC/DC, Van halen etc… we are growing up in the newer style of rock. no matter how much you try to convince most parents won’t accept it. but what they don’t see well hear I guess is how talented those vocalists are, especially the ones who sing and scream very well

Answer #5

okay so. definitions need to be placed on screamo. screaming is a difficult vocal style for anyone, I can guarantee that, and depending on the band, the drums can vary from insane to easy. metal is the easiest definition of what I love and parents hate. you have to understand though that musical taste varies by generation. all of us who love heavy music with screaming and double bass and breakdowns and all the good shit, the generation below us will most likely hate it and be into something we detest. thats just how it works I suppose.

Answer #6

my mom hates screamo too everytime its on she yells at me and tells me shes gonna break my speakers if I leave it on theres nothing I can do to show her its good cause it just makes her angry just keep your screamo to yourself I guess?

Answer #7

not all parents hate it and its usually has nothing to do with the devil but try to understand that back in there day music had nothing to do with screaming so much that you couldnt hear the lyrics screamo is a new sgenre of music that most older people either arnt familiar with or dont like because its just people screaming, its not everyones cup of tea

Answer #8

Uhmm… try showing them the less heavier screamo, like flyleaf - cassie Maybe that will work, otherwise they’ll never really understand. Parents are so set in their music, screamo is kind of like a shock for them.

Answer #9

My mom hates it too…she says it makes her want to kill someone…but I love it. I think it’s because they have ‘good intentions’ maybe I don’t know but I think thats why

Answer #10

Screamo is trash. You want to hear some devil music listen to some metal. Start pumping iron to Cannibal Corpse, they’ll be begging you to put the screamo back on. Or who knows? Maybe they might like it. O.o

Answer #11

I know what you mean, I had a first band practice and my dad was like, he sounds so angry, it just sounds like he’s growling and so on and so on. parents never think about or even try to listen for the lyrics. they automatically like here the screams and decide they don’t like it.

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