Why cant I master my toetouch?

Okay so these last couple of days have been really ruff. I want to be a cheerleader. I love performing in front of people (im a singer/ actor ) and im always at every game in the crowd cheering my butt off. So I’ve been in training and the first time you start something you always think its going to be easier than what it really is. Its hard. Cheering is so hard. Im so frustrated. Every time I do something its wrong…I just want to cry. So my questions are: ANY CHEERLEADERS OUT THERE, CAN YOU GIVE ME SOME MOTIVATION? & WHAT ARE SOME TIPS FOR MASTERING YOUR TOE TOUCH

Answer #1

Okaye ,, I’m 14 I’ve been cheering sincee kindergarten . I love it and it’s my passion . For some people it just comes naturally but practice always does good ! Have you learned a routine you have to do for tryout ? Make sure you get that PERFECT because remember you’re up against a bunch of girls wiff the same dream/goal . My toe toiches are really high . To get like this try doing the splits on the side of your couch or wall . sit on the floor and Spread your legs as far as you can and touch your feet to the surface. SLOWLY put your arms behind you and push yourself close to the surface ,, spreading your legs out further and further , do this as much as you can . It will hurt but it helps a lot . Push yourself to the limit . Do not stop . When it hurts REALLY bad don’t stop . Just sit there or lay back for a while and get used to it then move more . When you’re done ,, stand up and repeat the process . You’ll find you can go further everytime ! Don’t do this in jeans if you want them to rip! Sofie shorts are great ! After you do this 3-4 tomes stand up and try a toetouch . PLEASE tell me you know the right counts !? No matter how high you can go ,, KEEP YOUR LEGS STRAIGHT and DO NOT BEND YOUR KNEES !!! Keep your arms straight out and in a t shape . Don’t reach for your toes !! If your toetouches get so high they start to hit your hands to the side .. Put your arms down in a downward touchdown between your legs . Good luck ,, hope I helped . You can write back if you have anymore questions . I guess I’ll check in a bit . Oh ,, and do you have any tumbling ? Do NOT try this for te first time on your own … Have a spot then do it (:

Answer #2

What really helps get better height and power on your toe touch is muscle! The more muscle you have in your legs the easier it will be to get that perfect toetouch, so do lunges and squats and wall sits and it will make a big difference along with working on your flexibilty and always remember that when you jump your knees should be facing the ceiling and not right in front of you and that will make them look a lot better :) good luck I hoped I helped a little :)

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