Why are my converse so hard to put on?

Okay so just a few weeks ago I got these black studded converse and they're my exact size. They fit me very well but for some reason they are very difficult to put on. It's hard to describe. It really gets on my nerves how hard it is to put on and it gets me mad and I really like these shoes too and I like wearing them. I was just wondering, has anyone else had a pair of converse that was kind of hard to put on too or is it just me? Is there something I can do that can help me put it on more easily?

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Converse are basically two flaps of canvas held together with string. That is to say, if you unlace them far enough, they practically fall apart. If you're having trouble getting Converse on, you aren't unlacing them far enough.

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^-^ it could be because you need to loosen up the laces or they're just not broken in yet

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