Why are gas prices so high?

Why Are Gas Prices To High?

Here are some prices in cities:

Salt Lake City, Utah - $2.33

Charleston, South Carolina - $2.35

Houston, Texas - $2.39

Atlanta, Georgia - $2.49

Boston, Massachusetts - $2.50

St. Louis, Missouri - $2.55

Chicago, Illinois $2.64

Answer #1

GAS PRICES ARE LOW! They are like 1.85 in Florida right now. Oh! You are a year in the past…, Gas will go up to almost 5.00 before declining again.

Answer #2

Damn your lucky. In New Zealand its (give or take) $2.00 per LITRE. Thats about $8.00 a gallon right? It sucks. And I dont use regular I use premuim. So its more like $2.15 or $2.20

Answer #3

I pay an unbelieveable low amount for my gas

Email me and I’ll tell you How I do it

I don’t think It would be allowed if I posted it here

I assure you I pay less than 1940’s prices

or click on my ID then go to the URL I HAVE PLACED IN MY PROFILE

Answer #4

Good question. No body seems to know the real answer to that question. Some claim that it’s the cost of production. Some say it’s the cost to transport it. Some say that we’re using it faster than they can make it. Some say that its due to damages at the refinery from Katrina.

My guess is that the oil companies just started raising the price to see what the market could handle. At what point would we stop buying gas, or cut back on the amounts we buy. For all the complaints and crying that the oil companies have done about costs and storm damage, they still have earned quadruple their normal profits and are still bringing in truck-loads of money.

But as consumers, we’re still willing to pay for it no matter what the price.

On the bright side, we’re still paying less than they are in Europe. I was in Sweden in 1997 and gas was three dollars a liter. At the time in US money that would have been about $5.60 per gallon

Currently here are some prices in U.S. Dollars per Gallon:

Belgium 6.77 France 6.54 Germany 6.84 Italy 6.68 Netherlands 7.47 UK 7.24

Answer #5

There are actually many reasons why gas prices are high. Right now it is at over $80 a barrel! The average is $60 and the lowest OPEC will allow it to go is $50. They are blaming the high cost on the hurricane season because fuel consumption increases during emergency situations. Another reason why fuel is up because it is being consumed more world wide and the supply is decreasing. Fuel is always higher during travel seasons such as summer and holidays since the demand increases, more travelers.

Ironicly, the high gas prices are sparking a renewed interest in reasearching alternate fuels. Like all things, there are tradeoffs however. I wished I could do some reasearch or some work in this field, but I also have many interests else where.

Check out news related to fuel economics at www.wtrg.com to learn more about how market conditions are effecting fuel prices.

I do have some good news for the short term, OPEC is raising output which increases supply and drops price (supply and demand). Once hurricane season passes its peak around Sept. 30, prices should also drop.

Near Charlotte, NC, prices are holding around $2.75, but NC has one of the highest gas tax charges in the nation.

Sorry for the flood of information, but I hope that helps!

Answer #6

We’re sitting at 2.99 here in Minnesota. Lucky jerks. Basically, OPEC sucks at life and is incredibly greedy. I know I know, it’s much more complicated than that and includes the Katrina hurricane, the middle east, and so on. But, OPEC is still making money hand over fist because gas prices are so high when they don’t need to be.

Answer #7

There are many reasons for high gas prices. The one I’m most educated in is whats happening in the Middle East. The fact is that as there becomes less and less gas the countries that actually do have it are raising there prices because gas is so valuable and many people want it. The Middle East have a monopoly going and when something like that happens the prices are going to go up. After the gas is paid for there is also the transportation for it that cost money. Then once the gas gets to the stations for people to use the gas station adds its own prices so they can money off of it as well. With all these prices adding on to each other it shows why some gas prices are so high. Then at least in the United States,the government also raises prices due to the amount that its citizens are using everyday. ~Alanna

Answer #8

dude, its like 3.11 in california. be happy yours is still under 3

Answer #9

Thank You Every Body! I Only Like goran Because I Live In Belguim,’

and i was just using those because i was think of the us!

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