Gas prices soaring

What is the Gas price in your area? When do you think gas prices will hit $4.00? I stay in Baltimore and gas prices are about $3.20/gallon

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I pay an unbelieveable low amount for my gas

Email me and I'll tell you How I do it

I don't think It would be allowed if I posted it here

I assure you I pay less than 1940's prices

or click on my ID then go to the URL I HAVE PLACED IN MY PROFILE

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ya gas is 3.45 in upstate new york

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wow here in Houston Tx we have gas for $3.06 gal.

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Regular unleaded is 3.69 here and diesel is 4.09 in San Francisco

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Wow and to think I was going on about ours being $1.45 a litre in australia.

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