Why am i bleeding while getting fingered, can i b prego!?

So me and my boy had sex five months ago, and I've been getting my normal period all five months, I got no signs of pregnancy, no sickness but gained like five pounds but I can suck tummy in all the way so I look like a stick, but my boyfriend fingered me and I started bleeding, than I got my period two days later, than he did it again and it bleed again! Could it be cause he fingers me when his fingers are dry ? Or do you think prego, but I did use condom :s so someone pls tell me your opponion!

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I was pregnant when I had my period for 3 month !! and while sex I used to bleed too which made me go for a blood pregnancy test because z normal one was negative but z bleedin was still on while fingering or normal sex .. and BOOOM I was pregnant !! =)

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My opion is to just go get a pregnecy test.. its not that hard.

You could be or you could not be everyone is different

a condom is not 100%

and some women get their periods all through the pregnancy, and some women have no signs. so just get a test to be sure

Can i get pregnant if my boyfriend had a drop of sperm on his finger and he fingered me with it?

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