Why am i always horny

I am ALWAYS horny,
im only 13 so I dont have any toys,
I finger my self but I dont feel any pleasure at all :(
I watch in videos when girls finger them selfs they moan and get all crazy plus they cum,
I can never cum!

I need help please say "oh then maybe you should have sex.." no im too young for anything sexual like that

please help

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Porn is whack. It's the biggest lie, and shouldn't be used as a good example for this. It's bad for both male and females, because the females want to be as loud and as crazy as the girl in the video, and the guy wants his girl to be like the girl in the video, its not right. Those screams? 99.9% of the time it's fake! Ever seen those shows on showtime where it's like softcore porn and you can totally tell they arent having sex? Yeah, well in porno you see on the comp they ARE having sex, but those screams are only half of what they are actually enjoying. They do it for the fans, not for themself. You will never have a screaming orgasm like that in your life unless you force yourself to be loud, which means your faking your loudness right there. I hate to break it to ya but porn is epic fail =/

Everyone gets horny once in a while. I like putting minty stuff down there, it feels nice with the cold/hot feeling.

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well I found some good info on the oxygen network they used to show re-runs of talk sex hosted by sue Johann son and no just sticking your finger into your va JJ will not give you much pleasure for most women it is all about the clitoris rubbing it in a light circular motion with your finger gives a great sensation also try rubbing your nipples gently with a moist finger until they are erect and perky it works for me and as far as porn films they are just meant to get you horny not to educate you have to teach yourself it should be about you and what you enjoy not what some actress thinks explore and enjoy :)

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wheeww! good I thought I was the only one who was horny all the time. I want sex but its hard to find some hot bi girls at my school :(

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just follow your instincts girl

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same I am always horny and want sex but because im young I carnt and I carnt get hot of a sex doll lol

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Try not to get any of your information regarding human sexuality from porn films. Those movies do not represent reality. To believe those movies, every woman on the planet loves anal, getting facials, and every man on the planet has a 9-inch dong and shaved balls. They exist to titillate and arouse, which means the women tend to, ah, invest more into their performance than they otherwise would.

You're at that magical stage in human development where hormones are telling you SEEK SEX AT ANY COST but lack of experience is preventing you from finding a way to alleviate it. The only real solution is more experience. No one can tell you exactly how to orgasm as every body reacts to stimulation in different ways. Keep experimenting with different things, and try not to let one person's experiences lock you into trying one thing and one thing only.

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Rub your clitoris at the same time as your fingering yourself..or just rub your clit..eventually you will have a orgasm and 'mikeh' is right,
Porn movies dont 'represent reality'..most girls in porn movies are actually faking it.

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just as everyone else said porn doesnt show you anything real! you cant learn from it or use for anything beacause its so fake in everyway! porn can even ruin an "actors" life many years after they have stopped! if you want to know anything about masturbation the best thing you can do is either to ask your parents (not really a good idea unless you got some REALLY OPEN parents... and it would probably just feel really wrong to talk about "that kinda stuff" with your parents. or asking some other adult person but still its not really that of a good idea as most adults dont really understand teens the way the want to be understood. so the best thing to do is probably what you've already done.. asking on a teen community site like this one and asking.

now to the actual answer... the reason that you dont enjoy it that much may be beacause when you have watched porn you get some wrong expectations of how female masturbation should be (long nails and instant deep fingering). when its actually more about pleasure. but it could also be beacause you are too young. if your body isnt mature enough it may be the reason for you not enjoying it that much. so depending on how mature your body is and how long you think it will take before you will have sex with someone (for gods sake don't rush it!) you should wait abit to see what happens :)

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Some females get their pleasure much more from stimulating their clitoris, rather than fingering themselves in the vagina. And that's absolutely fine, and normal, if that's the way your body works. Over time, as you age and start to experience sex, you will learn what your body likes best. There's a good chance that your body just hasn't matured to that level yet. Don't jump into it too soon. Masturbation is a safe way to experiment, so stick with that for a while. In fact, some women enjoy masturbation even more than sex, it all depends on how you are wired.

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First lets address the porn... STOP BAGGING ON PORN, you have NO idea what your talking about. I am a PORN actor and have been for years. Porn is entertainment and we DO over act for the visual stimulation of the viewer. If we acted like you do at home, your sex would put us all to sleep. Keep watching porn, thats what its for!! And NO, it does wreck anyone.. man you people have absolutly NO IDEA what the heck you talking about. If you want to know what its like to be a porn star... ASK a porn star!!!

As for you body and masterbation, thedoc was the best answer in my book. Explore you body find what works for you. I have seen so many things to turn people on. you need to find yours.. give it time, you'll get it. And if you like watching porn.. go for it!
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