Would hate me if i did the following?

Would you hate me if I diod all of the following chorus select chorus band honors band student council newspaper cross country basketball scorekeeper internal basketball yearbook track the morning announce ossaconally track volunteered youth group leaders and the ymca girls scouts and thats it I know thats a lot I was wondering if you would hate me if I did alll those bc there is a rumor going around my school that people hate me bc of that

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NO I would think you are extremely efficient and admire it THESE ARE BAD ENVIOUS PEOPLE do not let it get you down keep your spirits up! I am a woman of 32 and all around Santarém, Portugal evil, ignorant and stupid women murmur against me, I get molested to the extent it even disturbs me when I think or want to relax, they hate me because I am very self-sufficient and some of them who work with the social security had lied and claimed my father did not have enough means to be medically resuscitated when he had and that is what money is for and with that they caused disaster. They even campaign to the point about this that a veterinary clinic wanted to save me money when I ordered laboratory tests to check for poison in a very dear dog of mine which died with all the symptoms, I have to keep phoning the veterinarian to ask if the bills have arrived to make sure he does it, he does not want to admit there was poison so as to have no witness responsibility, but I do not even know who has done this, a backward Asian shop girl whom I try to encourage as she is unhappy, keeps gaping at me and wondering if what I spend of my own would belong to some relative of mine. My mother was divorced from my father so I do not know how she figures this out.

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They are just jealous that you are talented at all that... Don't worry what they think, it would be awesome if I could do that many activities but I can't!

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theyre just jealous!!! do what you want to do, its good that your so involved with different activits!!!
Just be sure its not too much to handle, dont overload yourself with activities.

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well that is stupid, why would anyone hate you because of that? I hate rumors! they are so fake and stupid and pointless. no one should hate anyone over doing stuff like that. that makes me mad!

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