Who will go to hell for haveing sex before marrage?

Will I go to hell for haveing sex before marrage.pls help.I really need your answers!yes no maybe so

Answer #1

god sent his jesus to die on the cross for our sins so that we may sin and not be condemned for them so no you would not go to hell for it but you don’t seem to know much about it so read the bible and mayb talk 2 someone at your church thy can really help you out even if you feel like thy wouldnt understand thy do because they were just like you when thy were your age so just ask and even if you just talk 2 god about it he can help you in so many ways its amazing how much love he has for us

Answer #2

Of course not! As long as you believe in god and have asked him into your heart he will forgive you for anything.

Answer #3

It depends on what you believe. If you believe that you should be married before sex then yes if not then no. It depends on what YOU not other people think.

Answer #4

NOPE… God is very forgiving so just ask Him and you will be fine. Just ignore the people who say you are going hell because you are having pre-marital nookies (sex)…No-one is perfect so God understands if we slip up… If nooky = going to hell, then I have already booked my advanced ticket on the bus heading towards the hot, red gates with Satan waiting for me. ;)

You’ll be alright mate., don’t stress. :)

Answer #5

Well sex outside of marriage (weather it is before or after marriage) is a sin according to the Bible. You need to look at what the Bible says about “Adultery” and “Fornication” for this.

All sinners will go to Hell because sinners cannot enter Heaven.

But if you have committed sin you can repent and ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness and He will forgive us that sin.

Repent means to accept that what you had committed is wrong and deciding that you will never commit it again.

Note: God will forgive our sins ONLY if we repent and ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness is not automatically given just because God is a loving God.

Answer #6

Of course not. Anyone who believes that’s true is crazy

Answer #7

im confused, carter marie, how is it against the 10 commandments?

In fact, can someone please tell me the exact part of the bible where it says premarital sex is wrong? Maybe im not looking hard enough or maybe I have the wrong translation because all I can find in mine is “obstain form sexual immorality” which is not exactly the same thing. Which may just be im somehow not finding this part, im interested to know

Answer #8

But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to BURN.(1 corinthians 7:9) It says in the bible that you will, but dont worry, you just ask Jesus for forgiveness and he will forgive you.

Answer #9

Forkidzbrah, you are aware there are many people who do not follow God and with your explanation to Ifeelcrazy will only intense religious debate on this site.

From what I read of your explanation above, you are implying God is one step ahead of us, He knows what we are going to do even before we do it. To believers this concept is awesome but to unbelievers it is very hard to understand or accept and there are times I myself (I love God there is no doubt about this whatsoever), but there are times I have asked God why He knowingly let’s human beings sin, eg: people killing people, adults touching kids, parents taking their children’s lives, are some example but there are many more.

If God knows before hand someone is going to do these terrible acts (sins), why does He not prevent these actions from happening? Instead of letting it happen and then allow the murders, molesters to repent on their death bed and their horrible actions are all forgiven?

I think that is what Ifeelcrazy is trying to say, but if misread her answer, I’m sure she will clarify this futher. :)

Answer #10

it says in the bible that it is considered a sin but thats crazy I dont think god will send you to hell for being horny or will he?

Answer #11

Do you personally seperate yourself from a relationship with God with these actions? This is the real question. The only seperation from God (which I believe IS the definition of hell.) is the seperation we create. There is no reality apart from God except by our own doing. God does not seperate himself from us. That would be impossible, because he is us. remember the story of creation? (God thinks and himself, becomes the things he thinks about) Anything that came after God has to be of God so this must mean that God cannot seperate from himself.

We seperate ourselves from God.

If I believed I would go to hell or be seperate from God for having pre-marital sex than I would already be there. because I have done way worse than that. (according to the laws of man.) God given natural instincts can become troublesome. God knows this. he made us right? Do you think he made us with all of this sexual drive and then tells us “dont use it” That is like building a swimming pool for your kids and then telling them not to swim even if its a hundred degrees outside! I dont have a God like that.

Here is the test:  Am I harming anyone with this behavior? Am I hurting any of Gods kids with this? Am I hurting myself ?  God knows my heart. Am I being true to myself?

thanks for sharing.

Answer #12

There are a lot of laws listed in the Bible you’re not supposed to break, with a punishment for each. The law says if you have sex before marriage you’re supposed to get married or else the boy pays the girl’s father some money (parents took care of unwed daughters back then). Heaven involves repentance to change and do what’s right and forgiveness for past wrongs, not never doing something wrong in your life. Check out the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John for more information, and really the whole Bible in general.

Answer #13

According to the New Testament, fornicators (which is what you’re referring to) will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Of course, it’s just a book. Neither hell nor god even exist.

Answer #14

I can’t answer for are Maker but from my understanding being that I’m a Light Bearer Marriage is very sacred and your suppose to be in Love before Marriage then Marriage come’s then Sex:Are Maker frowns on Sex unless it’s proper,look at the World today and look at all the Deceases and corruption Sex has caused,don’t get mixed up in it please,Pray and ask for help aswell and don’t go to your Friend’s for help aswell,good luck,Robert.

Answer #15

Okay, I had sex on monday night for the very first time and im 14. But, me and this guy have been in love for the past 4 years and we really mean a lot to each other. Now, my whole family is religious, and I grew up in a catholic background where they dont believe in sex before marriage and they also don’t believe in condoms or birthcontrol. I believe in heaven and hell, but I don’t believe that God would ever judge his child like that. He is a healer and a forgiver. But I don’t want forgiven. I feel that having sex with my boyfriend was the right thing to do. And deep down I know that God still loves me and that I still have a place in his kingdom. So don’t be afraid.

Answer #16

Well, like everyone else pretty much said, it depends on what you believe.

But why would anyone who believes in anything have sex before they’re married? What happens if you become pregnant or get a disease? You need to be responsible about these things. Just saying. :D

Answer #17

I don’t know what religion you are but in mine (Methodist) we belive god will forgive you for anything you do as long as you admit you did something wrong and understand it because he loves you. So just pray for forgivness and your good:) anyone trash on this advice I’m reporting you

Answer #18

it is against the 10 comandments. but the bible says whoever belives in god will not die but have eternal life so if you belive in god then I dont think so.

Answer #19

its in the bible. its a mortal sin which you commeted knowing you would go to hell…I will because I had sex before marriage. although you can go confess you sins to your church and they will forgive you. that what I did, my parents didnt make me I did it because I knew it was the right thing to do.

Answer #20

well it depends have you already been married if not then probablysoo…im not too sure but if you belive in god enough ask him or look in the bible :)) hope that helps lotss

Answer #21

ifeelcrazy, you have to remeber in the bible, the commandments were in the old testimate. The new testimate is God’s new laws and commandments. The thing is God allows us to do these acts not because he wants to send us to hell but to see that as humans we are not and will never be as perfect as he is. He also lets these go because he wants us to not forget that we are sinners in his eyes and that no one is pure. As well, It’s also what freefromself said. It’s our own fault that we seperate our selves from god. In a way it is good to feel bad for the mistakes we make because it atleast assures ourselves that we still know whats right and whats not. Hope that helps.

Answer #22

it is against the 10 comandments

As far as I am aware no where in the 10 commandments does it say, thou shall not have pre-marital sex.

Oh and it doesn’t matter whether it is a sin or not, I’m sure if your god allows murderers into his fantasy heaven land, then he’ll allow you in. Surely enjoying yourself before you are allowed to can’t be worse than taking someone’s life.

Answer #23

god loves you and will forgive you for whatever you do.

Answer #24

If you go to hell, then you’re going to be in the company of a WHOLE lot of others…


Answer #25

No way.

Answer #26


Answer #27

Fruitylicious - God allows these bads things to happen because We made a choice. Free will. it is described in genisis. God is a loving God. He does not get in the way of our will, His love is evident just the same. He does the best he can with what we give him. To quote a book called “The Shack” “His love weaves through the fabric of human will creating a beautiful tapestry” and if you are leaning towards the teachings of Christ remember it is through Christ that we may have this relationship with God the father. The pearly gates. Pearls are the only gems created through intense suffering and eventually - death. . .hmmm? So Christ = pearly gates, or the way to a relationship with God/heaven.

tinkertot95 - the fact that you are refering to it as “sex “ and not “making love” tells me that you are probably just experimenting and you are a little young. Do not try to grow up too quickly. :)

Answer #28

ifeelcrazy, you have to remeber in the bible, the commandments were in the old testimate. The new testimate is God’s new laws and commandments.

So why is the old testament in you bible and why do you Christians (and the majority do) always quote from it to prove that someone else is wrong in terms of your god’s rules? This is a old an flawed argument. Point is ALL of you use it in your religion to defend yourself about what you believe, so why now all of a sudden isn’t it god’s rules anymore?

The thing is God allows us to do these acts not because he wants to send us to hell but to see that as humans we are not and will never be as perfect as he is.

But doesn’t he know that human’s aren’t as perfect as him already? Why doesn’t he have to SEE it over and over again by testing people? He sure sounds bored to me.

God allows these bads things to happen because We made a choice. Free will.

Wait a minute, god is omnipotent (all-knowing) right? Claims so in the bible. AND he is almighty, so why does god make someone knowing that they won’t choose him (he has to know that they won’t if he is all-knowing) and then sends them to hell for using THEIR free will for not choosing him. He sounds bloody arrogant and immature. Really now, I think that the guy is bored.

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