Who thinks schools should incorporate ''effort'' as a grade?

I’ve been wondering, do you guys think schools should make ‘’effort’’ as a part of their grading system? I’m curious because this can possibly affect some students. Specifically the ones that don’t really participate that much but still get high grades.

Do you guys think that this would be something good to add to school grading systems or should the system be left alone? Also, on a side note, how would you measure the students efforts in class? I find this to be the tricky part, measuring the ‘’effort’’ of the student.

Thanks in advance!

Answer #1

well since you want to know what WE think here’s what I think: honestly, in the big, bad, mean, tuff world out there, you might- only once in a while be praised how much you tried but this big, bad, world wants and thrive for results.

for an example: if you took your final exam, and you tried the hardest that you can, and you still failed, then you probably didnt study hard enough.no teacher is going to be sitting next to you and reading your mind how hard you worked on it eeven tho you still FAILED!… so I think incorporating “effort” is nonsense,but I HIGHLY recommand it to the special education kids because they cant do as well as someone average kids. so I most DEF recommand it to them. Other than that, honestly, its just another excuse to not FULLY do our best and to slack off, I mean really; like studying for a test and stuff. well here is my long, thoughful, recommanded, opinion on your subject.!:]

Answer #2

My school does incoporate effort into our grades, but they equally messure effort with actual skill and knowledge. For some shy people it helps them come out of their box, and those who like to talk to get better grades.

Answer #3

I’ve actually been thinking that lately!! lol, lately I’ve been studying my @ss off to graduate on time next year, cause I have a lot to already make up.. and literally, my teachers hate me and fail me… :( !I work SOOO hard, if they did actually make effort as a grade, I’d be passing! :) …

Answer #4

Also, forgot to mention : What about people who are naturally gifted and do well in school with little preparation or studying? That’s how I was – I rarely cracked open a book and had my Masters by 23. School is just something I excelled at. I’d listen in class and not study and get awesome grades. Would that mean I’d “Fail” the “effort” grade?

Answer #5

They sometimes do. With classes like math, it is very hard to measure the effort of someone. However, years back when I took a dance class I was able to get a good grade mainly because of effort (I have no rhythm).

Answer #6

I TOTALLY agree. . I think now the people wiht F’s would deserve it and the peopple that try would at least PASS!!! ttooottaaalllyyy AGREE!!

Answer #7

I think they do that already. Getting a grade just for turning in homework seems ridiculous. Homework is something you do so you can learn the material. Then you show that on the tests/exams/papers/projects. I think they already hand out too many random grades for no good reason. It’s college and we have grades for attendance (I’m sorry, if I miss every class but the exams and I get straight As, why should I be penalized for the ability to study on my own?), participation, homework etc etc…

Answer #8

Ah well that’s exactly why people are skeptical about allowing that as a grade, it acts like a ‘’safety net’’ for students that have a hard time passing their classes. Sure I would like to see that as part of the grading system but ‘’effort’’ is a bit vague. A student can simply raise their hands and ask to go to the bathroom and would that count as effort?

Teachers like to see grades as a reflection of what students know and incorporating ‘’effort’’ into it wouldn’t show that. I’m not too sure what to think so I would like some more feedback!

Answer #9

I actually think no, just because it’s not feasible in the real world.

Example: One job I had, I was given a lot of tasks and minimal instruction /training (and no formal training on the subject). I did the best I could, but the results were crap. Worked my butt off, but accomplished nothing. And eventually, lost my health insurance and a bonus I previously had, because of my failure to produce results adequate to my boss’s liking.

Effort should be something EVERYONE does, at school, in relationships, at work. It’s automatic. Not something “wow” enough to deserve praise for doing so – especially in school, which is supposed to prepare you for the real world. And the real world cares about results – not how much you tried.

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