Who thinks its bad too use only toilet paper instead of pads?

Hi I am 13 and I got my period when I was 11..I have used only toilet paper the whole time.. I tried pads for one day but I didnt like them. I have a really light flow. My mom said its not good to use toilet paper but I do anyways

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The really small pads you can't even feel besides they actually stick to your knickers so can't come off unless you take it off. But with the toilet paper they don't stick on also they can fall apart easily because they will get damp from the blood.

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usinq toliet paper can cause you to leak throuqh your pants.like at school.and that's kind of embarrassinq.see if utlra thin pads workk.or maybe tampons.just try your different optionss.but if you don't like them just try to have a talk to your mother about birth control.in a calm wayy.

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do you not use pads because its kind of uncomfortable/hot?if that's the case, maybe you can use cloth pads, there's a brand called called luna pads available in the US and canada. I havent personally used it but it seemed okay when I read stuff about it.

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Well somebody is obviously lying about her age... *marmar99*
First you say your 11 , then you say your 14... but your profile says 1984... whats up with that ??

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Umm have you tried "light days" or really thin pads
they feel like if nothings their.
And I think maybe you should get in habit of using padsbecuase well when you first start your period its really light but as you get older your bloodflow will increase and youll bleed more. So try to get use to whereing a pad.

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its NOT good to use toilet paper
toilet paper easily comes apart, so bits of it can end up inside you
and could cause an infection or worse
also, toilet paper obviously doesnt stickto your undies, so it can easily fall out and end up on the floor behind/in front of you when you least expect it for the world to see
and you dont want that
start using pads or pantyliners if your flow is really light

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